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[SA] All You Can Eat Schnitzel $9.90 (Thursday Nights) @ Cudlee Creek Restaurant Tavern


Thursday Nights 6pm to 8pm

Chicken, pork and beef available.

Kids under 10 is $8

+$2 for gravies and sauces
+$4 for parmigiana

Bookings essential 8389 2319

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  • OK, TAKE ME.

  • Yes, but are they good? (On the SA scale of schnitzels)

    • +4

      what are the bets that they're just $1/2 coles schnitties

      • +1

        So just eat 20 of them.

    • +1

      They've been doing this $10 schnitzel thing for years, I went back in 2016/17? Even for $10 it was pretty bad. The chips were a better deal.

  • Depending on where one lives, it's a considerable drive to get to the restaurant from Adelaide for most people. Good for folks who live in those eastern suburbs close to that place.

    • +3

      Who would live anywhere other than the east in Adelaide?

      • +2

        Anyone that isn't a posh twat lol

      • Can say that to the West too, ain't the North and South around Elizabeth and Nourlunga the wildlands thou? West and East suburbs smell of old money. Not a bad thing, just an observation.

        • +1

          Maybe hes one of those 80 year olds from golden grove retirement area

        • West isn't that great. Only esplanade areas. The rest are really cheap suburbs in the west.

  • +16

    Tried to book under the name HOMER but they hung up.

    • +1

      they say he was he was more stomach than man.

    • bartender holding the phone calls out - 'Amanda ? Anyone ? I'm looking for Amanda Hugginkiss !'

      Homer and other inebriates at the bar chuckle …

      'why you little - if I get my hands on you I'm gonna … !' (Bart hangs up giggling)

  • Holy Schnitz ! what a deal.

  • Can someone recommend some good all you can eat places in Sydney? I can recommend star casinos harvest buffet (it's pricy but its alright for special occasions, bit fancy) and St. Andrews all you can eat Pizza Hut : ) would love to try out some other places.

    • Give Wagyu House a try, it's pretty good and not too expensive.

    • -3

      Isn't every restaurant an all you can eat?

      It's not like they cut you off after one meal.

      • +1


        boo urns

    • a few years ago when i was in Sydney i went to Brazillian Churrasco Coogee. if you like tasty meat then this is the place for you :)

      • yeah nothing says Brazil like non-juicy overcooked meat on a skewer sliced onto your plate

        I've enjoyed the feijoada - pork and beans ? and the odd Caipirinha - cane sugar alcohol

        but meat on a stick - I'd rather Mongolian Shaslick - charcoal bbq'd lamb with cumin, salt, pepper - with my beer - moah !

    • +1

      Contrabando all you can eat tacos for $25 has some good reviews

      It is on my to do list

      I guess the RSL and Star Buffets are your only options really all pretty similar and depending on how desperate and hungry you are sub standard and bit pricey for what you pay for.

      Not really 100% sure but there might be a korean bbq that does a buffet but I think it was really expensive last time I checked I can't remember what suburb though I live in Sydney also so I am always looking for good Sydney Buffets.

      If you don't mind travelling a bit far west Lawson Chinese Restaurant inside the Lawson Bowling Club has a buffet on Wednesdays 6-8pm $17 per person but it is a very small buffet like maybe less than 10 dishes total but yeah right next to the bus stop and train station.


  • +1

    Probably alright if you're starving but looks like typical buffet gruel:


    • If anyone is into food like this they’d love mining camp food.

  • -1

    how long is the drive from Dandenong?
    and can we book the 16 person cabin this thursday?

    • No, F#$& off ya Mexican.

  • Plus vote for rAdelaide and their big Weiner (schnitzel)

    • Where's the best Big Weiners thou?

      • Big W?

        • +2

          everyone's a Wiener at Big W !

  • This is a long running deal they're been doing for at least 3 years since I was there in 2017 and it was on.

    Thou its truly an out of suburbs area, not metro at all, so it will be a hike, its a very niche deal. But one worth it for the purpose of supporting the business.

  • +2

    Worst website I’ve seen all year. And I’ve made some truly terrible websites.

    • also their Whoppers and Big Macs look like terrible value for the price they charge.

      • At first I thought they automatically came with chips and I was like alright not bad but I think you need to pay an extra $3 for chips and not sure if all of them have that available addition.

    • They really need to update their website.

      Pro is it loads really fast like zero lag time to load.

  • -3

    So basically $11.90. Don't know anyone that gets a schnitzel without some sort of gravy or sauce. It's like eating a piece of bread with nothing on it.

    • Also isn’t the typical pub dudes scnitzgel slready more than you could or should eat within two hours?

    • +1

      Plain gravy seems to be included.

      • You're right on their web page it says plain gravy included. Flavoured gravy is $2 extra. Just a bad description on here saying all sauces are extra.

  • This is how people get cuddly in Cudlee Creek.

  • RIP

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