Laptop for Home Office Use < $1000

Hi All,

My desktop just died after a good 10 years. Tried to fix it but I am giving up. Hoping I have most of my old files saved on an external.

I'm going to go for a laptop this time for the portability and I no longer play games so dont need the higher end features. I built the desktop but dont have the time or know how to pick out parts so just want an off the shelf laptop to get me going again asap.

Main uses
Work - emails, docs etc - nothing too special

Not fussed about brand as long as I get a decent warranty and will put it on 28deg to cover for price drops
15.6" would be nice but I do have a 24" monitor so will be using that most of the time.
16gb Ram
512 SSD

Budgeting about $1k

Frustrating this didnt happen prior to June 30!


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    Frustrating this didnt happen prior to June 30!

    Depreciation is calculated from the day it is purchased, not from the beginning of the financial year. Therefore, even if you purchased it a few days before 30/06, you would not be able to really claim any significant amount of depreciation anyway.

    There have been some good Lenovo deals recently. For example, is just above $1000. This is fantastic value.

  • Have you considered what you are going to use the laptop for?

    • Yep very basic stuff for home use and occasional bit of office work along with watching videos.

  • Do you have a Note 10 or 10+, or earlier compatible with Dex. I'm rocking that set up, but not doing any Word, but it is compatible with Office as there is tge App.

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    Look at Dell Vostro when they have a good sale, I got one for just over $1000 last december

    • Good tip, thanks. Was this form a Dell ebay sale? Im hoping one pops up again soon!

      • Just normal Dell website. They have sales all the time, sometime more discounts sometime less.

        • Thanks I'll note done prices on any im keen on and check every so often

          How quick was Delivery? thats what's putting me off lenovo

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