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HP Core i7-10510U | 512 GB SSD | 16 GB RAM | 15.6" Laptop $1104 (Was $1599) @ Good Guys


Awesome price for the specs (may not for gaming ) . Offer ends 15 July 2020.

10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor
512 SSD
15.6 Full HD display
NVIDIA® GeForce® MX250 graphics

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  • +4

    Good price - helped a family member get one not long ago for slightly less but 8GB and 256GB.

    This is a good deal.

  • +1

    The Good Guys Discount code & Sale July 2020 | Cashback
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    • Any coupon code available ? Yes, definitely worth cashback.

      • +2

        if you use the coupon, you will not get the cashback

        Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error
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        • What is the coupon code ? Is that generic ? Thanks.

          • @WNK: dude have you used shopback ?

            • @HolyCr4p: Yep. Will check there. Thanks.

              • @WNK: tempted. is it the best laptop offer around?

                • +1

                  @amorn: I think so, In these days, for general use.

    • +2

      You only get 2.5% cashback for this. The 5.6% is only for Group A items (Top Mount Fridges, Front Load Washing Machines, Top Load Washing Machines, Bottom Mount Fridges)

  • +1

    Can get it for $1071 through Goodguys Commercial.

    • +2

      does the goodguys commercial give you cashback ? . if this is with cashback 1042

      • Oh I c. I just checked. Looks like there is no cashback on goodguys commercials

      • I thought only 2.5% cashback… 5.6% is not applied for laptop…

        check again

  • +8

    Guess it’s up to the little ticket to be that token guy in a laptop thread:
    - 45% NTSC

    Sad face here.

    Also, why are 15” laptops with these specs always cheaper than 14” and 13”?

    • +1

      The education and business sector usually prefer smaller, lighter, easier to carry laptops, so there's generally also higher demand for smaller notebooks.

      • +1

        produce more maybe?

        • +1

          I was thinking Supply demand curve, if there's a higher demand you increase the price to maximise the profits.

    • Yeah that’s so crap, considering the rest of the specs are more than enough for most.

      Surely it can’t cost much more to include a better display (even as an option)?

    • There's a trend towards 12-14 inch, portable , touch screen laptops, maybe with a pen. 15 inch is becoming legacy and a desktop replacement, but many have extra ports. People are paying a premium for USB-C too.

  • +7

    IPS or TN?

    Edit: it's SVA

    HP uses other names: SVA is short for Standard Viewing Angle and represents the TN technology

    • +4

      Wow, seriously feels like they’re trying to mislead with that, though many buyers wouldn’t know what any of those acronyms mean or why they should care.

    • +2

      HP never seem to use IPS panels in their cheaper models, paid $1100 for a laptop and it had a TN panel. I'm sticking to Dell, great customer service too.

      • +1

        But this was a $1600 laptop apparently

        • +4

          That's what HP consider "cheaper" lol. Their stuff is typically sold at a fairly higher margin than that of Lenovo, Dell or Acer (Acer build quality is atrocious tho).

    • According to techspot SVA is a definite upgrade from TN and is on par with IPS in nearly all departments. TN is still best for speed though so if anyone is intending gaming a bit then a TN screen is the go. The gtg time for this screen is 5ms if I've read it correctly.

      • That's the samsung SVA acronym. The HP one plays on that acronym but is very much different.

  • +3

    Great price. I posted this months ago after buying one myself. Awesome machine, runs good using demanding programs like photoshop alongside other programs. Not sure about gaming as I have never tried. Only drawback is the battery life is not as good as it probably could be and the battery could probably be larger, still not a dealbreaker but could be if that is a huge issue for anyone looking to purchase this.

    • Seriously considering one but was wanting good battery life. How long do you get on battery?

      • Hard to say how long exactly as I usually use it plugged in. But I do normally have it on high brightness using demanding programs but in my experience I'd suggest if you want/need good battery life to give it a miss. Possibly if you aren't using demanding programs or doing alot at once and have it on lower brightness you might get by. Hope that helps.

        • +1

          speaking of laptop battery, I almost never had experience used over 3-4 hours without plug it back to charger… this applies to any brand despite how they claimed how good they advertised their battery… probably some will be slightly better but not much if we're to compare similar price range products.

          Not sure this is only me and my setting were incorrect that run too many on the background. But have tried to get rid of any unused program.

    • -1

      Mate is the chassis plastic?

      • Outside is mostly plastic yes

    • +2

      IMHO not worth the risk spending around 900 on an unknown brand in Australia vs the one listed in the post.

    • +8

      i7-10510U [2019] vs i7-4500U [2013]

      • -5

        It's a laptop. The only people who will probably lament the lack of extra cores are the video editors, in which case, your form factor is a bigger issue.

        • +6

          Its still a 6 year old processor.

        • +4

          @Wonderfool The i7 10th Gen handles more simultaneous threads, has higher operating frequency, provides increased memory bandwidth.

          Also GeForce MX250 vs Intel HD4400.

          The Qtech laptop recommended above, is inferior in many ways. It is built on old 2013-14 hardware.
          For saving $200 over the laptop in the posted deal, i would definitely choose the HP one over it.

          • @grimwagon: Good for you, my phone is 3 years old and does everything your laptop does.

            So your point is.

            • @DisabledUser317324: @Shibbito My point is that comparing the prices for 2 laptop which are not evenly matched for specs seems a bit pointless to determine which is the better deal.

              Also not too sure what your point is, although seems a bit bizarre. For a start you don't know what laptop i own. And second i doubt any phone from 3 years ago is doing everything a laptop does.

              • @grimwagon: Then don't buy intel, plain and simple, because if you can't see those chips are the same just slightly different fabrications then honestly just buy a expensive iMac, no really.

                All I here is complaining and moaning.

        • +1

          "Wonderfool" Take a look at the different in PaasMark Scores which are highly respected in the industry. Hint,…much more than double.

          I have a nice 2 yr old Celeron QC N4100 that uses super low power and no noice/radiant cooled laptop as a traveller with similar performance.

          Gave you an up-vote just so potential buyers can get fairly informed.

    • +2

      $810 AUD + 10 percent GST at checkout roughly equates to $890 Aud

      Then you wait 20 to 41 days for Aliexpress standard shipping plus no warranty support, no chance of BIOS update and if the product is DOA you then have to ship it back to china which can be very costly — almost another hundred for international insured postage.

      Haswell-era CPU is also very inefficient compared to today's 7nm / 14nm tech, and it was also out of production ages ago. That laptop would be comprised of second hand parts (old used CPU and RAM) shoved into a no-name motherboard and rehoused into a more modern looking chassis.

      Looks new on the outside, but very old on the inside.

  • +4

    Seems to be regularly around that price on promo - see more comments here:
    Jan 2020:
    Feb 2020:

    • +3

      Thank you for pointing it. Was $1004 in February.

      I wonder why your comment was voted down for pointing out accurate historical data

  • Would this be decent for light gaming and photoshop? Realistically, I know such a laptop won’t run for example COD and that’s ok, it’s more like remastered games on steam and LoL that I’m interested in.

    I’m currently using a 2017 MacBook Pro 13 inch 2.3ghz i5, 8gb ram, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, 256gb memory. Not sure if this laptop is a decent upgrade from my Mac?

    I’ve only recently been playing LoL and from the moment I start a game until I finish playing the fans are consistently running.
    The laptop doesn’t heat up which is good, but the fans run non-stop and I low key get worried that this degrade the laptop quicker than at a normal pace. The same thing happens with Lightroom / photoshop.

    • +1

      I play GTA 5 on this laptop and it run smooth on high graphics settings. Same fans stay on all the time while playing.

  • +6

    Hp? No thanks

    • +1

      HP: Hot Pile-of-garbage.

    • -2

      I sell and support hundreds of them (along with Dells, Lenovos, etc etc) and use one. I totally disagree that they are rubbish. All brands have their pros and cons. HP for the most part are extremely reliable. Depends on the model I suppose? Tend to only buy Prosumer rather than Consumer models as they have Onsite aupport.

      • I am the same, however I'd rather sell dells and lenovo's anyday.

        The bloatware and dumb power management on HP's especially is awful.

        • +1

          Agree and wipe them immediately and reimage with a fresh decrapped Win10 image.
          Dell have an awful lot of crap in theirs as well so are equal offenders (just set one up on 5 mins ago). Lenovo are good.
          My original comment was about hardware and not bloatware which can be dealt with easily.

          • @Borg: My HP Elitebook is great, only had one problem during the last few years, SIM card not working. Great service from HP. Compared to the previous Dell it's just heaven.

            • @Repi: Good to hear and is what I am saying. HP are for the most part great and not a "Hot Pile-of-garbage" as suggested by "Rajeh".

  • Good price but still leaning towards the Ryzen….every single HP laptop I've owned is dead within a year and their support is hopeless.

  • +1

    Good specs but I would expect an IPS display in 2020

  • +1

    Not really seeing this as much of a deal, the Ryzen ones recently have been really great.

    • 45% NTSC is great? Tbf though this one is also just as bad, but we still haven't see a Ryzen one with a good display.

  • Great specs. 220 nits brightness is a deal breaker for me.

  • +7

    Pretty average spec for the price considering you can get a business grade laptop from Lenovo in the Thinkpad E14 with specs that will blow this consumer grade laptop away.

    The 10th gen i7 is a quadcore, 14nm, Comet Lake U and not 10nm Ice Lake U. It gets blown away by the mid tier AMD Ryzen 5 4500u six core.

    The screen is TN, with a only 220nits brightness, bad colour gammut and viewing angles versus other units with IPS.

    MX250 performance is similar to the Ryzen 4700u and 4800u on board graphics. The only benefit of this laptop is that it GPU has 4Gb dedicated DDR5.

    Wifi is AC and not 6, if you upgrade your router and need the latest Wi-Fi Tech you are not going to get the full benefit.

    I think the battery is only 41Wh. So it's not going to last long

    • I wouldn't really expect WiFi 6 out of a laptop that isn't the best of the best, but I agree with your other points.

      • But you can get WiFi 6 in the same price.

        This is just a bad deal. The 220nit TN display being the icing on the cake of the rest of the mediocre specs.

        $100 more gets you an X13, $100 less gets you an E14

  • So tempting. Pity I don't need one.

  • Can't find any reviews

    • Edit - disregard my comment… thought I'd found a review given this model is apparently from the 15s series (based on the model number on the product page) however the review I linked to was for a model completely different to the one in this deal.

      I'm pretty sure I looked at a similar model to this at Officeworks today, based on the photos. Has a metal lid and base, with plastic inside screen bezel and palm rest.

    • Over 100 reiews in deal link (Good guys site) ?

  • Backlit keyboard?

  • Decent specs for standard users. I wouldn't buy myself as only 4 cores. Would rather 8 for Hyper-v and Virtual machines capability. Having said that this is Win10 home and not Pro so HyperV not avail on that. As noted not a problem for most.

  • For those wondering about the graphics:

    TL;DR it's equivalent to the desktop GT 1030 (GDDR5 ver).

  • Looks like it was the same price back in Feb, but that was still the best price since the start of the year:

  • I have this laptop, its an absolute powerhouse of a machine. The downside is battery life is a bit on the shortside, so i put my laptop on battery saver the entire time which makes it last longer and theres no performance difference.

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