Fastway (Slowway) Couriers- HELP!

Recently ordered something of eBay seller used Fastway. Had experiences a few years ago and from Sydney to Melbourne it took 1 business day. Now people say they never received their package.
Quite worryimg because my package is still stuck I'm the Slowway Sydney depot after 5 business days.
Any advice on how long the parcel will yake. Thanks

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  • Have you tried calling Fastway and asking them?

    • CS is closed because of Covid

      • Theres your answer, they dont care

        • Call center overseas was wiped out due to covid. No ability to work from home. That's what they told me via email when my package was also heavily delayed. They even removed their phone numbers from their website at the time. That was 6 weeks ago when i had a problem.

  • 5 days isn't that long between states at the moment. I've had stuff sitting around in interstate depots for well over a week.

  • It will yake as long as it yakes. Just give it yime.

  • Fastway couriers take it slow and it'll work itself out fine
    All we need is just a little patience
    Fastway couriers make it slow and we'll come together fine
    All we need is just a little patience

  • Even in the best of times they are a terrible company to deal with - good luck you'll need it.

  • either way your covered by ebay if doesnt arrive.

    but also it was likely booked in using an agent such as sendle or transdirect. so get the seller to follow up with them and they can follow up with fastway.

    good luck

  • As a volume seller on eBay we (and most others) would never use Fastway - they have an absolutely lousy reputation for delivery on time

  • I've had a lot of stuff delivered with Fastway - never had anything go missing but it always takes a long time (2-3 business days more than parcel post to WA). Had something delivered today from Sydney which took 12 (calendar) days.

  • My experience with fastway is that they're very, very slow.

  • Had something take 2.5 weeks to travel across melb 🤣

  • lol 5 days, just chill

  • You will get it.. but if you dont atleast ebay will give ur money back.

  • Love fastways, delivery is always around 7.30am to me. Would only choose them if I could.

  • Fastway Courier are a real pain but i think it depends on the seller too. Recently bought Hand Sanitizer from Aminoz and it was delivered via Fastway at right at my doorstep amazingly fast
    In my previous experiences with Fastway, i didnt wait for too long to contact seller about the delay and they happily refunded.

  • Just check their reviews online they are pathetic at best. I had a parcel supposedly delivered and left at the front door of a 40 unit security complex it was signed for and everything. Got hold of the signature and of course it wasn’t mine but I lost the PayPal claim because it was signed and delivered.

  • With Fastway you'll be lucky if it arrives in one piece when it does show up.

  • My most recent order from Amazon US is being delivered with fastway, currently waiting just like you…

  • News flash!! There is a pandemic going on.. So more ppl are ordering online and as a result ur package isnt the only item to be delivered. Yes it may be sitting in their depot for that long do far, but there are other deliveries to be made as well. If its a critical item, u should have purchased it in person. But since it clearly isn't life critical.. There are other things in life to worry about

  • About 6 weeks ago took me approx 3 weeks to get a package from one suburb in Sydney to another suburb in Sydney via Fastway. The sender could have crawled with it on their back faster.

    Absolute nightmare of a company. And there is no one I could ring due to covid-19. The call centre in the Philippines got wiped out by covid and there are no phones in Australia (this is what I was told by them eventually via email). Unbelievable.

    Took me probably 40 emails to eventually get my package. They would just lie endlessly, saying "package is delivered", I would tell them "rubbish, I'm home due to covid-19 and no one has come to my house". Then they would reply saying "It's coming tomorrow". This went on for 3 weeks with every randomly made up response under the sun (they told me it was delivered about 10 times, then to tell me "coming this afternoon", "coming tomorrow" when I would say i don't have it. Muppets).

    I was certain the package was stolen or lost when eventually it turned up after 3 weeks.

    I honestly think they literally had/have no way of knowing where any package is and it's just random luck that they arrive at the destination. Maybe due to no call centre they had no computer system, who knows.

    I would never choose this company, I have had multiple problems with them in the past, but not as bad as that. Unfortunately I had no choice in the courier as it was eBay sellers who chose them.

    I just looked at their website now and see they have been bought out by an Arab company called Aramex. Hope they replace the staff in the current company and/or sort them out.

    Meanwhile, had many packages delivered by Australia Post. No issues at all. Delivered within 1-2 days every time. Every Amazon order I have placed has come in 2 days maximum (via Aust Post every time).

    • I was told by one of the drivers that Fastway are doing Logistical work, which maybe the issue with my parcels (see below)

  • I assume OP has tracking

  • My experience with Fastway, ordered something for work from eBay. Took more than 8 weeks to arrive, and this was after multiple follow ups, then they delivered half of the order and claimed that's all then later claimed it's lost in warehouse and eventually delivered the 2nd box. Absolutely horrible CS, this was at the start of the year pre COVID, this was from Melbourne to Melbourne. I literally could have walked to the seller warehouse twice for each box and come back to work and it would have taken max 2-3 days.

    Did use Officeworks mailman during the first lockdown to send a box of laptops from Melbourne to Sydney and although it was delayed it still got there very fast, 5 days from drop off to delivery.

    So looks like YMMV.

  • Fastway aka Aramex are one of the worst couriers available.

    Many issues with many orders, driver waiting out the front and driving off without attempting delivery etc.

    That said, I think they did one recent delivery that was up to scratch.

  • 28/7/2020 *********Still Waiting*********** This is from Sydney to Newcastle

    Tracking Details

    Processed at Sortation Facility
    Your parcel is being sorted for delivery. We’ll update you when your parcel is on its way to the delivery destination.
    Processed at Sortation Facility
    Your parcel is being sorted for delivery. We’ll update you when your parcel is on its way to the delivery destination.
    Consignment Information Submitted
    Your shipping information has been submitted to Aramex (formerly Fastway Couriers).

  • Merged from Yet Another Fastway (Aramex) Thread

    Seeing as Fastway has a reputation here this will probably not even come as a surprise but here goes.

    Monday I ordered some face masks off Amazon. I get told they'll be here Friday. Good turnaround time considering the current situation.

    I get emailed on Thursday they are arriving today and that's even better.

    I was home all day on Thursday but at 10:30am get an email and an Amazon notification Fastway couldn't deliver. The email provides more information about why it might have been undeliverable such as wrong address, difficulties finding address, noone home etc but none of them fit. An attempted redelivery will be made tomorrow.

    This is a straight two way street where the numbers are clearly marked and go up as expected. Every other courier has managed to find it's way here.
    There was no knock/doorbell or even a Fastway truck that stopped nearby.

    I get told they'll be in contact tomorrow (today Friday)
    Fast forward to today I checked Amazon for an update and I see they've decided to return to sender as of 6:30am without a redelivery which was suggested in the initial email. I've still got no correspondence from Fastway and probably won't until it's back to sender.

    Why bother sending a parcel in a time of vastly increased volumes yet make no attempt to deliver it and instead clog up the system by sending it back and forth?

    • Yeah a package of mine has been sitting in the Sydney DC from Tuesday, thought it would be delivered on Wednesday lol.

    • I have had several packages that have had to go all the way from Wentworthville to Penrith. This has taken 6-7 working days.

      I had a package from COVID stricken day Melbourne but this was with auspost take 3 working days.

    • For Amazon orders I found using Parcel Point is a lot easier. It won't matter it's Fastway or Auspost they use. You just wait for notification your item in that location then you go there to collect.

    • To update my post:
      - This package came from Dandenong South VIC to Northwest Sydney.
      - The nearby click and collect/parcel point recently "lost" my parcel for a week before they rang me up randomly to say it had "just come in". Could try another.
      - Amazon doesn't deliver to Parcel Lockers unfortunately so can't use that

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