New PC 100% CPU playing Fortnite

Just switched over to pc so I'm new to all this. I bought a prebuilt gaming pc specs are,

GPU: GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega Graphics
Memory: 8GB RAM
B450M H Ultra Durable
Monitor: ACER KG1 Series 27" 144Hz overclock to 165Hz

Is this pc good enough to run fortnite @ 144fps because right now I'm lucky to get 100fps, then my CPU shoots up to 100% and my ping spikes all over the place. All settings are on low and I cant figure out what to do. Any help would me much appreciated.


  • Does Task Manager say it's Fornite using 100% CPU? Or something else? I found this thread ( that says that it was Windows Defender trying to constantly scan the same files over and over

  • Yeah task manager says it's fortnite. If the build isn't good enough then I'm happy to upgrade what is needed but just wanted to make sure it's not hardware or something else faulty causing the issue. Thanks for your reply 👍🏽

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    Reading the requirements, for the Recommended specifications a Core i5-7300U is needed, and comparing that to your CPU yours is MUCH more powerful… So it's very unusual.

    Could be that running those higher 100+ frames results in a much higher processing load but I doubt it.

    OP, what CPU cooler are you using? Are you Case fans sufficient?
    It may be that the CPU is getting too hot and throttling?

    • Thanks for the reply, I'll have a look at those temps tomorrow and see whats going on, what's a normal or safe temp?

      • I'd say under 80°c is safe, under 70°c is better

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      Maybe the system builder forgot to put thermal paste on? Seen it happen before

      • That would make sense if so. But how stupid 😂

      • Most likely

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    I'd worry about the framerates first rather than the cpu being 100%. If frames are smooth, its fine. I'd check temperatures for cpu and gpu.

    • Thanks I'll get onto that

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    Do you maybe have your hdmi plugged into your motherboard and not the graphics card? Cause it may be using the onboard graphics on your CPU

    • I'd assume it wouldn't matter as it's the CPU load being 100% not GPU load? But could it be linked?

      Wait dw, misread the comment.

    • The shop put plugs on all those just for that exact reason, I'm using the display port btw, is that right?

      • Yeah that should be right, so long as it's plugged into the GPU

  • I'm very grateful for all your guys help btw, never new a forum could be this helpful. Cheers

  • Yea, it sounds like an airflow/heat issue with the Micro ATX motherboard.

    I take the case cover off mine and put a pedestal fan next to it.
    I have a AIO water cooler for the CPU and the air from the radiator can't pass through the case quick enough.
    Is the CPU air cooled or water cooled?

  • I think your main problem has been answered but I'll throw in my 2 cents.

    The first thing I noticed was the fact you have an AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega Graphics. That's integrated graphics.
    It's an RX Vega 8 which can only run Fortnite comfortably on the lowest settings. Even then, you should only realistically be expecting a stable 60-70. Best on 30-50. You can get higher but it depends on the rest of the system but the higher the frames the more it will struggle and that's part of your issue.

    Being iGPU on a Micro ATX board with no mention of non stock cooling, It's going to get hot fast… and the CPU will get hotter faster… etc etc. It's going to struggle. The stock wraith stealth is good. I was pushing my Ryzen 9 hard and it was as good as a Kraken, but on a CPU with integrated graphics on a Micro-ATX you're going to need better cooling and airflow.

    It's also possible, as mentioned, that the CPU isn't pasted/seated properly. Either way, you're going to need more than the stock cooling and to also lower your expectations on framerate as it's low end integrated graphics.

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      He's running on discrete graphics so the igpu wouldn't come into it as it wouldn't be utilised during gaming.
      But agree with the cooling being an issue.

    • Thanks alot for this msg really appreciate your guys help.

      Im in talks with pc shop, gona try figure something out.

  • Sounds like depending on your setting you're playing at. But i'm assuming your processor's doing the throttling
    Ultra, probably not
    Medium, yes, but if your Pc's cooled poorly then i'm afraid it won't
    Seems like intel still wipes the floor with the entry level ryzens when it comes to gaming.

    • Is Intel better then ryzen, at any level. Still learning whats what in the pc world

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      Not sure you really read those benchmarks properly. The Ryzen bettered the Intel on 17 of the 18 tests in your link.

  • DerekR - 3200G could be giving you a CPU bottleneck playing Fornite as it easily uses 4 cores. Do you have any other applications running? Also you should have dual rank memory. Memory speed is also important you didn't mention what speed memory.

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