This was posted 1 year 11 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Kathmandu Summit Club Membership (Originally $10) - Free $20 Welcome and Birthday Award (No Purchase Required)


Just hopped onto Kathmandu and wanted to sign myself up for the summit club, I found out that it is now displaying $0 for the summit club originally $10 (NO PURCHASE REQUIRED) . If you sign up with them, you get a $20 welcome award just for signing up and also another $20 if your birthday is coming up soon. I tried it with several other accounts to see if this was targeted but it is for everyone

UPDATE - From that post that when I signed up, Just received my $20 voucher today (everyone please check your emails)

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    Summit club cost shows $0 on page (NO PURCHASE REQUIRED, JUST CLICK ADD TO CART AND CONFIRM ORDER), successfully purchased and received my $20 voucher a few days later also my $20 dollars birthday award. Vouchers can be combined to purchase anything. Minimum spend of $20 required when redeeming your voucher

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      any expire date? can be used on freight charge?

      • yes there is an expiry date, free delivery over $25

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          How long is the expiry date for the $20 welcome voucher?

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            @OCD Completionist: should be 2-4 weeks

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              @frontliners199: I had received this sign up voucher the last time. I think there is a bug in the system where if you login with your account, add something in your cart and apply the voucher and just let it sit, it just stays applied forever.
              I signed up months back and this voucher had seemingly expired. Went to purchase something with my birthday voucher and both of them came on applied when checking out. This could be a total fluke though so your mileage may vary.

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                @razdi: same, I had a voucher expired like last week, tried it and apparently it still works, but hey free stuff from Kathmandu isn't so bad after all

    • I think you'll find the $20 sign up voucher is an old thing, they don't do that anymore.

    • If you can't find anything I combined and purchased a $40 e-gift and emailed to myself, it has either a 3yr or no expiry.

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        does it still work if you can use the welcome/birthday voucher to purchase an e gift card, I used to do that a lot, but now it seems to not work anymore

    • Saying $10 for me…

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    how long it takes (few days) to get the 20 dollar welcome voucher?

    • for me it took 2-3 days

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        I was hoping for something quicker. My birthday is tomorrow :(

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          Happy birthday

        • Not any more its not. Make your Birthday for a few days time when signing up so and then you are all sorted :-)

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    I signed up to this deal last time, didn't receive any voucher.

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      Did you receive a birthday voucher? since your birthday is close to when you signed up, maybe you received that, or did you purchase anything else when you purchased your summit club, you must purchase the summit club by it self and not purchase anything 2-3 days later until you receive your welcome award

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        I did buy the membership but I didn't receive any voucher. I haven't purchased anything from Kathmandu, I find then really over priced.

        • thats really strange, because I signed up on some accounts and I got all the rewards, but definitely you will get a birthday and anniversary voucher

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    You've been scammed. Kathmandu is one of those places that never has full RRP on anything, it's always 'was this, now this' and Summit Club is no exception.
    I've bought a few things from there and 1. they are always on sale and 2. I'm always asked if I want to join summit club at no cost.

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      1. they are always on sale

      Maybe taking some notes from EB Games

    • Their script used to be offer membership for $10 then offer it for free. From memory conversion was a KPI (I could be wrong, might have been a store metric) so most assistants would discuss the potential discount to that transaction if you signed up before offering free membership.

    • Yep, about 7 years ago when his company went into administration, Snowgum's MD said this about Kathmandu:

      "Kathmandu had ‘‘perfected the art of pricing a product at an exorbitant retail price then offering it at 60 per cent off to attract buyers’’, he said.

      ‘‘The adventure wear category has traditionally maintained integrity in retail pricing, but Kathmandu has changed all that,’’ he said.

      ‘‘The Kathmandu high-low pricing model where products are constantly on 50, 60 and 70 per cent discount, all year round, has forced the whole category to follow suit.’’

      He clearly felt that most people fall for this tactic.

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        The thing is, I was looking for a puffy jacket for winter and checked out most of the major brand and the Kathmandu Heli at $100 was the best general purpose winter jacket for me.
        So despite their shady tactics, I still find some of their stuff reasonable value.

        • same with their foldable backpack. got one back in 2004 as both a day bag and extra check-in luggage for all those things i overspent on. has never failed or ripped on the 5+ trips it's been on. maybe the newer gens aren't as good quality as the original, but for the $15 or so i bought it for (on "sale", of course), i definitely got good value out of it.

          same with this travel pillow i'm using right now, bought for half price back in may. i fall asleep at the computer a lot and i don't have a computer chair with a head rest. i have such nice naps with this pillow lol. keeps my ears and neck warm, too.

          also love my titanium spork and cutlery set. i actually use it in place of normal cutlery, because normal cutlery is boring now :p

          however! i absolutely hated the foldable/flexible water bottle i bought once. leaked at cap so i took it back for a refund.

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    Cheers OP got mine the last time. Snagged a couple of bags for free :)

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      which bags? I might buy some of them as well

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        Think they were just some of those drawstring bags. Way overpriced for what they are really but hey free.

        • ye might get one of those for free

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    Ordered membership. No sign of $10 or $20?

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      Should arrive 2-3 days, and ensure that you did not purchase anything when you ordered your membership

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      Can take 2-3 days as per above comments

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    I didn't get any vouchers last time, but my birthday isn't for a while. Just signed up for my wife to see if she will get anything.

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      If you're really after it.. Sign up with a fake birth date. They don't verify.

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        I actually just looked into my account, I didn't have a communication method selected (it doesn't ask on sign up), so maybe that was the issue. I'll wait and see.

      • ye true, I did that and hey it worked, who wouldn't want freebies?

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          There is a limit to these things - Boozebud and Manrags are two examples of companies catching up with fake accounts eventually, I'm not welcome at either apparently.

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    Anything free in our country is welcome :)

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    are we able to stack the birthday and welcome voucher?

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      yes I was able to stack it, I got a free jacket myself from multiple accounts

      • Did you pick up in-store? I wonder they wont notice same person picking up multiple times using free vouchers.

        How do you pick it up instore if you didn't provide your real name/dob? They dont ask for Id when picking up?

        How it will be delivered to your house if you provide random address?

  • Worth it, they've sent me 7 x $20 vouchers in the past year and Ive never bought anything else apart from using the vouchers

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      On a single account or across multiple?

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        One account, but at different times of the year so no stacking for me as I just use it when I get it.

    • same happened to me as well, apparently it can be stacked, so free jacket for you

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    Upsize cashback of 15% @ Kathmandu but not eligible if gift card is used as a payment method

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    Can you stack the birthday and the welcome voucher?

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      yes you can, you can stack as many of them as you like from different accounts

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    signing up for my third account :P

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      signing up for my 50th account

      • Are there even that many Kathmandu stores in the whole country? 😆

        • probably not, the mostly sell online

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    How long should we space out the birthday?
    Like say a week from now?

    • do 8 days just to keep it safe,

      • I notice it doesnt let us pick a date after the 15/7/20
        So had to enter manually, hope the birthday voucher arrives 😊

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          Because you can't be born in the future while registering as member. Unless you have Delorean? :)

      • +1

        Did you need to put new phone number and address?
        Or can we just use the same ones as other accounts?

        • I put some fake and random address hehehe

          • @frontliners199: I assume they would mail out the card to you…. so a fake address isn’t recommended. Don’t ruin it for others

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    I signed up and didn’t get $20

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      it arrives 2-3 days after signing up, if your birthday is in 5 days you will also receive another $20 voucher

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    Do I just insert my birthday under "Account Overview", and I shall expect a 20$ birthday voucher coming? I set my bday in 6 days.

  • I've signed up to this previously (think it was last year but didn't get the $20 sign up voucher). Will give it another go. Thanks OP!

  • Any minimum spend with the voucher/s?

    • usually it's the voucher amount e.g. $20

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    Anyone else unable to complete checkout? I get stuck at the payment page with a spinning wheel and it's been going for 10 minutes now. Page doesn't appear to be frozen either, and I haven't clicked away or on anything else.

    • Tried it on a new account just now, still working perfectly fine for me

    • +1

      Same here :(

      Edit: Got through using a Chrome incognito window..

    • Same happened to me using Chrome, fired up Edge and checked out just fine.

  • Birthday in next 2days, if I sign-up now, will I still get the birthday voucher or it wait be after X days?

    • make it 3 days, I did 2 days and didn't get anything so do 3

  • So does anyoby know how many birthday, anniversary and etc vouchers we can stack in the one order?

  • Anyone know whether the codes are locked to the account that accrues them?

    • nope, I stacked 10 vouchers on 5 different accounts for one order and it worked

  • Anybody received the welcome voucher and bday voucher yet?

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      should arrive 2-3 days for the welcome award after signing up, birthday should arrive a few days later after your welcome voucher

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