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[Pre Order] Samsung 65 Inch Q80T 4K UHD HDR Smart QLED TV QA65Q80TAWXXY - $2521 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Thinking about upgrading my 13year old Samsung 46" for a 65"

Found this Samsung QLED TV for $2,521 on AppliancesOnline. The price in other stores are closer to $3000 or higher

Seems AO have some other TV Pre-Orders recently.


NOTE: The website says out of stock but you can Pre-order.

Might jump and buy …

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    Don't, at this price buy a real OLED, not a fake one

    • You reckon downsizing 10inchs and going for the BX?

      • Or go the whole hog and pick up the 65 for 3xxx

  • If you know somebody with EPP access, its $2,274.35 there

    • For a Q80T 65”? Mines showing $2624 on the Government portal

      • -1

        What government portal?

      • I'm with one of the banks

        • Out of interest which one? If you don’t want to say all good

  • +1

    If you upgrade every 13 years I'd spend a bit extra and get an OLED, unless you have bright viewing conditions. OLED never ceases to blow me away

    • Yeah, still have plasma TV and roughly around 10 years ago. I will probably won't upgrade until this old bastards dies.

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        I know your pain … my 46" panny plasma just wont die goddamit :( lol

    • Wouldn't OLED be the worst for longevity? Due to burn in?

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    Just be cautious with AO and pre-orders. I had my order pushed back 2 months from the expected delivery date the day before it was supposed to arrive. There's quite a lot of reviews on womo with a similar experience.

    I ended up getting a refund and buying at JB, they price matched and delivered the next day.

    • JB has been stepping up recently… They don't let go of any opportunity to price match.

  • I have been sitting on the fence on buying this for a while. Every time I do some research on QLED vs OLED I end up down a forum (including Ozbargain forum) rabbit hole and generally come away less decisive than I went in.
    My take away to date (please correct me if wrong):
    OLED in the right conditions is the best viewing experience. Needs to be high quality content, in a dark environment. You also need to take burn-in into account?
    QLED good all round performance even in bright environments, Samsung have good upscaling? and no burn-in issue?

    Interested to know peoples experience with this model. My viewing would be in a reasonably well lit room, Xbox games, Streaming (netflix, prime, stan) @ highest quality available. No Free-to-air tv.

    Comments above suggest buying OLED for around same price, any links? cheapest 65" OLED at JB-HI is currently 3995

    • From what i understand burn in is pretty much no longer an issue with newer OLED's (unless of course you watch news or something else with a constant image all day every day lol)

    • Can't speak about this model, however I have a Sony Z9F which is comparable. I seriously looked at the OLEDs and they are better overall, but significantly more expensive. In the end for me the extra cash to gain a small amount of picture quality wasn't worth it, I spent that on other stuff like a sound system and TV cabinet.

      Burn-in is basically a non-issue unless you have a static image (like a logo) for hours & hours every day. RTings have a number of videos on Youtube regarding that if you're interested

    • My opinion is if they're the same price get an OLED. The problem is when you're looking for a tv >65" because that's when the large price discrepancy comes into play between OLED and LCD/QLED. I want the 77" but i'm not spending 8.5k on a TV.

    • +1

      I compared the 95t & cx and couldn't see any difference. Yes I'm sure that the OLED does have better picture quality in the right conditions (like the reviews state) but to my untrained eye there was no difference.

      I went with the Samsung because I have young kids who love to pause the TV and walk away - sometimes I'll find it left on pause after they've been away from the tv for hours. I didn't need the extra stress of the posibility of burn-in in my life.

      If I didn't have kids, or they were older, I'd probably have bought the OLED.

    • +1

      If you intend to use your tv for Gaming, burn-in DOES happen. My 2018 LG OLED has various areas that are affected, and no amount of 'pixel refreshing' will fix it.

    • +5

      I have the q80t 55" and upgrading from a similar level led Samsung from 4 years ago. Wow. Pretty incredible stuff I'm in awe of the 8k (4k) YouTube vids, all ranges of content seems to play well and I continued with Samsung as I've never not been let down from them and qled as I have a bright area. I was limited by wall space otherwise would have tried to stretch to the 65 but got it for $1850 from Harvey Norman close to launch. I play Xbox One X and it is awesome, stream 4k rips through Plex (through Xbox and tv) and use YouTube, Kayo and Amazon Prime apps through the tv. Amazon Prime 4k HDR streaming is particularly good. And through Kayo I watch primarily footy, league and F1 and fast motion scenes are sensational. Could not be happier with it, I did weigh up oleds, if I had a dedicated dark theatre room and the high end equipment to deliver content to boot I may have been swayed, but for every day use I'm very happy with it.

      • That is a good enough endorsement for me, Thanks !

  • Last night I found that Billy Guyatts have the 65" Q80T for $2614 with a $150 Visa gift card. Im going to call JB today and ask for their best price then hit them with this for price match if they cant already beat it.


    • Any luck with the price match mate?

      • +1

        Absolutely none. Tried Harvey Norman, JB, Good Guys and nope. HN would at least match the $2614 but no one could offer the $150 as well. I pre-ordered from Billy Guyatts and then called their hotline. They said it should take a week or two to send me the TV.

  • JB Hi-fi price matches the Samsung EPP at $2275 for me today. Need to decide by midnight tonight to go ahead or get an OLED

    • +1

      Hey how did you get that price? My EPP shows $2624. Any chance you could send through a screenshot or something? Cheers

    • @slopshua Did you manage to get the sale? I’m keen to buy on at that price if you did

    • Yeah I'm seeing $2,624.25 on the Aust gov EPP

  • I hesitated to pull the trigger on Thursday morning (16th) for either the 65" Q95T for $3112 or the 55" Q95T for $2465 with AO online, both were showing out of stock but could order … later that night prices returned to 'normal' advertised.

  • +1

    Still uses sh#tty PWM technology especially in movie mode at 120Hz. DO NOT BUY unless you want to destroy your eyes or get headaches


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