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[PC] Final Fantasy IX $15.08 (50% off) @ Humble Bundle


Half price on this amazing classic.

Replay it with a glorious remaster mod, built from the ground up: https://sites.google.com/view/moguri-mod/home

This mod really has to be seen to be believed. They’ve used AI upscaling with manual corrections to remaster all of the pre-rendered backgrounds, among many other enhancements!

No time for all the battles and inventory management? Enable cheats, built into the game! Disable random encounters, auto Lv99, auto refill HP/MP, all attacks deal 9999 damage, auto-master abilities, and enable/disable 5x speed mode as you please!

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  • Upvoted for putting that mod on my radar, cheers!

    • It's so good. Roped my girlfriend into playing FF9 with me. We've just started and it looks SO BLOODY BEAUT. It legit looks like they just came out with a brand new oldschool-style FF game. They fixed other qualms with the PC port, including low-quality sound and crappy Arial font. When you see pics of this mod next to OG PSX screenshots, the difference is insane. Closer to a remake than a remaster!

      My recommends for the Moguri Mod install are:
      -disable orchestral music
      -disable 30fps FMV (it's not really an upgrade, it's interpolated and inconsistent and looks distractingly fake)
      -disable 'widescreen' option (I think it's in the second set of options after choosing what to install).

      Cheats need to be enabled by editing the .ini file (google is super helpful here)

      If you want to go back and change any of the install options, you can simply uninstall mogury mod (remove, not modify) and then reinstall again. The uninstall takes a few minutes and appears as though it is stuck, but eventually finishes.

      • Cool. I might have to have a listen to the orchestral music myself before making that call to disable it though, can you pick and choose in installation or is it 'all or nothing'?

        • you can choose your options, but if you install and then hate it, or vice versa, you need to uninstall the mod and then reinstall. a minor hassle really, but worth noting. I just stuck with the OG music because it really amplifies the nostalgia for me.

      • Agree with all of this, but I personally loved the orchestral music, which made it more 'modern'.

    • Has anyone tried to see if this works on the XBOX PC version of FF9, which is currently on Gamepass for PC&Xbox, fun fact it saves to the cloud so you can play your save file on Xbox/PC anytime. Pretty rad bonus for households who are fighting over the TV during COVID times.

      • i think the mod specifically hooks into the steam files and they way they are structured, unfortunately. I may be wrong though.

  • Good to note it looks like the whole series is half priceon the Humble Store.

    But IX is one my favourites!

  • this IX (9) is my favourite out of 4,5,7,8,9,13,13-2

  • Does it speed up the Encounter battle queue?
    That took foreverrrr

    • you can speed up entire battle sequence using the built-in cheats, yeah. you can even disable random encounters entirely, and combine with fast-forward, allowing you to run from one end of the world map to the other in no time, with no encounters if you wish. and then later if it turns out you got too lazy and need to grind to level up, you can temporarily enable 9999damage, max hp/mp, fast-forward (and the game even has auto battle mode) so you can level up quickly and easily without having to resort to the Lv99 cheat (which is permanent once enabled).

      • you can even edit the .ini file to change how much the fast-forward mode speeds up the game. so if it's too fast or slow you can tweak it.

  • FINAL FANTASY IX has the best tunes!

  • omg, I'm not the only one that love IX over a lot of the other FF titles !

    • 9 and 7 are my faves. 8 seemed too bland and slow and serious for me, and everything from 10 onwards ditched the pre-rendered backgrounds which made the game such a visual feast (like a combo of storybook and adventure in the best possible way).

    • 9 has the highest rating of any FF game on Metacritic. Going back to a fantasy setting was definitely the right move.

      Can't wait to crack this out. Haven't played it since doing a run through of the original, since I'm in lockdown there's nothing else to do but re-live teenage nostalgia.

    • 9 is definitely my favourite.

  • Want to play XIV but doin't like paying for monthly subscription

    • The sub price is pretty competitive in the genre of AAA MMORPG, despite pretty cheap/boring early content. — But the equivalent cost of the time you'll waste playing it is invaluable, which is why I stopped.

  • Wonder if Final Fantasy series will be on pay what you want Humble Bundle in the near future..

  • 10% off with Humble Choice, so AU$13.45.

  • Are these poor ports of the console version?

    • ff9 with the moguri mod linked in the main deal is amazing. better than console by a long shot. not sure about all the other games.

  • What's controller support like? I'll probably play it on an elite series 2 xbox controller. Doesn't really matter if the paddles on the back don't work

    • The Moguri mod I linked in the deal post adds analog control support back in. I believe vibration also works. All buttons should be detected. I use a DS4 controller and it works fine.

  • Anyone know if this would run on onboard graphics on a Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i5-4570 ?

  • I know I could look into this myself, but I'll just ask seeing as someone might have the answers really quickly.

    Do any of the other FF's on PC have similar mods to this?

  • I know a lot of people love and enjoy FFIX, but sadly this wasn't one of my favourites. I wouldn't say I hate it, still finished the game but I didn't think much of it.

  • I've played hundreds of JRPGs, this is in my top 10.

  • Dam shame this game never got a remake, it's one of the most unique games that explains the concept of identity crises, and the dark arts of humanity.

    It may seem childish but if has a dark story.

    My all time favourite jrpg is ff8, but I'll never want to play it again, some memories should not be replayed on newer hardware unless it's on a phone or portable device.

    • Have a look at the Moguri Mod for ff9, it’s better than most remasters (but not a remake). Open emu on mac has an epic CRT filter. It’s amazing - actually blends the pixels in such a way that it makes them appear higher res than they actually are. What did you love about ff8? I’d love to get into it but just can’t seem to. The characters all annoy me!

      • Ff8 was unique with its Witcher style card system.

        Challenging but brutal at times.

        But overall what I liked about it was, it had oppression, it had a world in a state of peace, where the safe seaside looking out over the country side village was stuck in a Omni oblivious reality nestled near the university that students go to,

        But the other universities also had their towns and ways of life too.

        Sadly in all life's melevalant ways a force appears and when you cannot see it, you fight it to it's core, embarking on a adventure to stop the atrocities soon to come, traveling through time of the past and future, learning why a technological city stood up against oppression suspended 1000 years into the future.

        While the dark evil castle in both alternative realities sit idol laughing habitually in the cristalia universe that they see, where the pawns and puppets fight, and bahamut watches closely from a time crystal (the same crystal in final fantasy 15) where two people who fell in love forgot what was important creating a huge devide towards the fabric of time never to meet each other.

        The same divide cloude lived in when Zack died, and sepheroth explained (the 7 second rule) divided in the crystalline state of the final fantasy universe.

        That's how final fantasy disidia seemed possible, none of them remember fighting together.

        The same evil dictator who creates chaos in ff8, knows the same visions as sepheroth in ff7 remake.

        And yes it's rumoured Princess lunafrya is jenovas cell beseached by behamut, one of the legendary guardians that play a role in the Omni verse of final fantasy.

  • It's coming up as $29.88 on the linked page https://www.humblebundle.com/store/final-fantasy-ix

  • Sale seems to be over now - all the FF games in the store are back to full price

  • Thanks OP. Bought last night and thanks for the mod! It looks sick, happy to see it's still being supported with recent version releases. My bucket list was to always play through every FF game and I'm getting closer.

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