2020 Best Mesh Wi-Fi for Home

Hi Everyone,

I am writing the first post on the forum seeking for advice to purchase the right Mesh Wi-Fi for my double storey brick home.

Currently, I am on Belong NBN service dual frequency 2.4 & 5.0 GHz but the standard router coverage doesn't reach upstair and corners of the home.

I have encountered the following from the researches made on internet but have no idea which is more superior:-

Google Nest Wifi Home Mesh Wi-Fi System 3pk (Base Unit + 2 x Wifi Point Unit) $549

Netgear Orbi RBK23 Whole Home AC2200 Tri-band Mesh WiFi System (3 Pack) $499

D-Link COVR AC2200 Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi System $499

Netgear Orbi Whole Home High-performance AC3000 Tri-band Mesh WiFi System (2 Pack) $598

Hoping to get some light shed from those with knowledge and experience on using Mesh Wi-Fi. Looking out for special deals.
Thanking everyone in advance.


  • Budget option is https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/tenda-nova-mw6

    mw3 even "budgeter"

    • mw6 is even
      mw3 is odd 1

      1. assuming m and w are odd. 

  • Amazon Eeros are pretty good but if you have the money go the Orbis.

  • I got google wifi at my place, and it’s eliminated all dead spots in the house. The lan port on each point is good too

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      Beware though, that the newer Nest WiFi that replaced the Google WiFi has no LAN ports, so no hard-wired back-haul.

      I've got the old Google WiFi with wired backhaul & it is fantastic

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        Yeah, I was disappointed with this - Had to plug in an 8 port to cater for all of our hard wired devices.
        Bit annoying tbh

      • Nest wifi comes with 1 WAN, 1 LAN & no wired backhaul with the multi packs.

        To retain LAN & wired backhaul purchase a few Nest wifi routers at $269 each.

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          Technically that'd work, but it isn't exactly cost effective

  • I have Linksys Velop WHW0303-AU (3 Pack) running at home - Im on NBN FTTC. Out of those selections i'd say go for the Orbi.

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    I have the Netgear Orbi (I went for the this pack which came with the smart speaker - https://www.netgear.com.au/orbi/rbk50v.aspx, was at JB Hifi for $550 at the time and the sales person sold it to me for $500) which I purchased when first working from home in March. The back of my single storey brick home was a bit of a Wi-Fi dead spot, however since putting the Orbi into the home office (at the back of the house) it hasn't missed a beat with strong signal and fantastic connection speeds for both myself and my wife working there (which wouldn't have been possible prior to purchase due to the poor Wi-Fi) and my daughter in her room nearby.

    In fact it has made me realise that my NBN connection (FTTN, 50/20) was not the bottleneck that I thought it was when it was actually the router supplied by the ISP. The Orbi system even improved other connections such as my smart TV which would occasionally buffer on any streaming service except Netflix even though the TV would be 5m at the most from the modem/router. These pauses have now been eliminated, even as my children seem to be streaming more content to other devices.

    Overall I would definitely recommend.

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    I previously had the PORTAL devices (from Razor) and they were crap… To expand on that, hardest to configure/setup and the worst App for management. Ok as long as you were happy with a Mesh of 2 devices, with minimal cover… (for sale if you want them - Cheap !)

    Ive recently upgraded to the Google Next 3 pack, 1 x base, 2 x remote mesh devices.

    Chalk and cheese - both in cost and performance.

    We're a mixed household, iPads/iPhones but use mainly Google services, YouTube subscriptions etc.

    Was easy to setup and easy to maintain via the Google Home/WiFi Apps. After I added my G login deets, took care of the rest itself.

    Covers a large 2 story house and the rear deck and garage, 4 x TV's streaming, 5 iPads, 2 x iPhones, 4 x security cameras, 3 x Google Mini's, NAS storage etc. with ease.
    (Havent tried all at the same time mind you)

    I took advantage of a recent Google (targeted) promo and picked the 3 pack up for $449 delivered.

    For us, worth the investment - Hope this helps.

    (Having said all that, I would have snapped up the MW6 Tenda Nova which were OZBn'd about a week after I bought the 'Nest'.)

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    I have this coming tomorrow or Monday from Amazon. $289 returnable if no good, was recommended by someone on here. Been using a Apple airport extreme for 15 years.


    • Definitely another contender (after I'd purchased the Nest kit!) - Interested to know how it goes.

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        Arrived today, all works great, easy setup with the app, strong wifi range and is faster than my old apple airport extreme. Had to ring Sonos to get help to switch over to wifi from a bridge. No complaints.

  • can vouch for nest wifi. works an absolute treat. My recommendation would be to get a nest wifi router but get the older google wifi points instead of the nest wifi points. That way you retain lan ports on the peripheral points but lose the smart speaker function (who cares lol). I've got my setup configured this way and its awesome.

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      Good luck finding any new OG Google wifi. To retain LAN purchase a few Nest wifi routers at $269 each.

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        theyre quiet easy to find 2nd hand, I bought them on ebay. Brand new will be a struggle though. i agree that the nest wifi routers are better, but they cost about 3 times as much as a used google wifi unit.

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    I've got two of the TP_Link Deco M5's in a long single story house. NBN modem is in the front garage and the Deco units in the front and rear rooms. It works fantastic. Perfect coverage in every room. The three unit pack would be great for a two story house.

    The TP-Link units were cheaper than the alternatives but work really well.

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    Don't leave off the Asus range. I've got the AX6100 pair and I could not be happier. I use a network backhaul, but if you cannot do that, then it uses a AX backhaul link.
    The app on my phone is very easy to use and it lets me control so many features. Including parental controls if you have kids.

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    As per previous post, I'm surprised you didn't include TP-Link Deco M5 or M9 plus in your options list.
    When I was researching on mesh wifi recently, it seemed like google nest wifi and Deco M9 were the main contenders. Google was easier to setup but less flexible compared to the TP-link.


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    I have recently bought the netgear orbi AC3000 and couldn’t be happier. Get my full 275/23 HFC connection pretty much everywhere in the house now over wifi. Has blown me away.

  • Well none of those are the best as wifi 6 mesh is on the market. Taking advantage of what wifi 6 brings to the table is another discussion!

    From your wifi 5 list best to worst in my opinion.

    1) Orbi RBK50.
    2) Orbi RBK23.
    3) Nest wifi.
    4) D-Link COVR.

    JB don't sell it, the AmpliFi HD by Ubiquiti Labs is a decent wifi 5 kit.

    • @Twix. What would you say is a decent wifi 6 mesh system. Some of the pricing seems pretty excessive to me!

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        Two different wifi 6 Orbi are coming to market at the end of August.

  • My mate recommended this option. Seems like its all in the $500 price bracket


    • Deco M9 is a decent wifi 5 kit.

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      Before we all jump into solution mode:

      • What NBN tech do you have at the moment? (NBN HFC?)
      • Do you intend to go 100Mbps + in the future (will need to future proof your tech now - or at least be a consideration)
      • How many devices are you running?
      • Any servers or special requirements for a higher upload?
      • How many bars of signal do you have upstairs? (none I take)

      Personally I like the AmpliFi HD WiFI goes for about $580 (can get it down to about 500-550 on special)
      Mainly for their gigantic antennas, 4x gigabit lan ports at the back but this is all generic information

      • You caught me lost in the woods being an I.T. noob

        What NBN tech do you have at the moment? (NBN HFC?) No idea as I am running NBN 2.4GHz & 5.0 GHz

        Do you intend to go 100Mbps + in the future (will need to future proof your tech now - or at least be a consideration) Yes. Definitely.

        How many devices are you running? 3 Computers, 3 iPads, 4 Phones, Switch & PS 4 game consoles, 4 WiFi cameras, 20 smart lamps (Probably 40 - 50 devices)

        Any servers or special requirements for a higher upload? I don't know

        How many bars of signal do you have upstairs? (none I take) 1 - 2 out of 5

  • Have experience with the Orbi RBK50 two piece kit (at a very large single floor house with satellite nbn) and the Orbi RBK23 3pc kit (two storey family house, HFC nbn and neighbour wifi congestion).

    Both are rock solid kits, if a little pricey. They have supported multiple WFH videoconferences and concurrent HD streaming. Having Ethernet ports at the satellite end is helpful too. Both I set up for family members and I have not had to go back and provide tech support. At both sites I'd faced multiple calls for help for dropouts and range issues with crappy ISP gear.

    While the RBK50 is objectively better I would save some cash and buy the completely adequate RBK23, particularly given what covid has done to prices. The 23 has the advantage of being much smaller than the 50 as well. For the RBK50 install I also bought some wall mounts (similar to these) and some cable conduit for neat install above a door frame, which helped with line of sight.

  • Guys I am with TPG nbn fttc.

    Should I go for the Netgear RBK23 or TP LINK Deco m5?

    I have read that the Google Nest Wifi doesnt work properly with TPG.

    Have a single storey 4 bedroom long house…have many dead spots..

    • How long is it?

      Nest wifi is not suitable for TPG.

      • Around 20 meters.

        Have been having lots of wifi issues as all are working from home with a kid studying from home too. So video conference calls are lagging a lot.

        Is it worth to switch from TPG? I am not ona. Contract or just be with TPG and get Orbi or Deco M5? Thanks.

        • RBK23 might be too many nodes for 20m. What about the RBK20 or RBK50?

          M5 is suitable for TPG.

          If performance doesn't improve with a new router switch ISP.

          • +1

            @Twix: Thanks.

            I haven't looked into the RBK20/50. Will look into them now.

            Makes sense in regards to switching ISP if it doesn't work. If i do that, it'll be most likely Aussie Broadband. Have read rave reviews on the forum. But just don't wan to switch straight away without trying mesh set up…as it will involve new router fee + initial set up cost if i don't want a contract.

            • @BuddhaBoy: Aussie BB is month to month no contract, no ISP new router fee & you can configure the Orbi or M5 no problem.

            • @BuddhaBoy: Also Aussie Broadband still has the first month free promo code, so no harm giving it a go, assuming you're not locked in with TPG

              • @kacak: Ah thats great to know! Free month is great! Thanks!

  • Both Orbi models cheaper than OP's quotes at GGC https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568571

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