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NetGear Orbi RBK20 Mesh Network Twin Pack $251 (+ $8 Shipping) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


NETGEAR ORBI AC2200 RBK20 Home Tri-Band Wireless WiFi Modem Router & Satellite Extender System, White, RBK20-100AUS. This is the two pack - one router and one satellite (the RBK23 pack is the same tech but one router, two satellites).

Not the historical cheapest ($233 in 2018) but the cheapest I've seen since the COVID work from home surge has made them scarce. The same pack is currently $399 at Officeworks and Good Guys (non Commercial), $317 at Mwave, and $504 at Amazon.

The even-better RBK50 is $427 at GG Commercial which is higher than 2019 but have seen it in the $500-750 range consistently during COVID. These units are larger, but have more gigabit Ethernet ports, AC3000 and more aerials. For apartments and medium houses the RBK20s are fine. I have used both systems at different houses (some comments here).

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    Last week I got RBK752, really good speeds and tech but shockingly no parental control support. Netgear forums filled with complaints about this, but of course i realized after i set up everything, :facepalm:

    • Looks like a good unit but a bit too spendy for me. Hope it comes down in the future.

    • Does that model allow you to pick which band you want? I've got the previous RBK50 model and that just automatically picks, which is frustrating sometimes

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        As far as I can tell it picks automatically, I couldn't find in the settings to change. It shows which band is on but wont let me change.

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    I have an RBK23 and it is very, very good. Had problems with wifi from farthest part of house to router. Completely fixed it and have LAN cables running from satellites to TV, PC etc. Great app which helps troubleshoot and set up etc.. also has speed test built into app.
    Great product.

    • I've set up RBK23 and RBK50s in similar circumstances for family and have a set on order for our apartment. The two gigabit Ethernet ports on the satellite units will be really helpful.

  • Been on the lookout for RBK50 but dont have GGC.

    • Reasonably good list of providers at

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        Sure is. Unfortunately none applicable to us.

        • How is your super performing? It's free to sign up to another provider…

        • I just signed up sun super two days ago and just got my GGC access the following day. You don't need to provide your TFN or anything major.

  • I want RBK50, can anyone help please around Chatswood NSW. Don’t have GGC. πŸ™πŸ»

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      When I bought RBK50 last year from Officeworks I just showed them amazons price which was on special at the time and they matched it no questions asked. Maybe try that.

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        It’s GGC…I can’t even see the product page without login πŸ˜•

        • Sorry…what I meant was if someone could take a screenshot (which they have now done below) to help you out.

      • Without a login you cannot load the product page.

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  • Can't add RBK50 to cart - must be sold out

    • Looks like it.

  • Is this overkill for HFC? Just looking to connect to NBN for first time, thanks.

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      This probably depends on the physical layout of your place and internal wifi performance, more than the kind of internet service you have.

      These units have a backhaul channel to wirelessly connect the main unit and satellite to each other, and then each of them run distinct wifi networks. This is often more reliable as they have shorter distances for your device to connect, and the entire household's speeds don't drop when the AP tries to communicate with a distant device or overcome interference.

      A mesh setup might be useful if you have:

      • a large house with multiple users
      • a multilevel apartment with lots of neighbouring wifi points causing interference/channel demand
      • a premises where your modem is stuck at the far end of one side and can't reach the other side
      • wired devices without wifi that are too far from your modem to directly plug in.

      If none of these apply, it's possible a single router/access point located in a central location will be better for you. This is definitely a lot cheaper.

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        Except 1, everything else applicable πŸ˜„ Thanks!! πŸ‘πŸ»

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      If 1 router was sufficient for your before NBN, then 1 router is likely to perform the same for NBN. As tplen1 explained, mesh routers are useful in minimising dead spots in your house

  • This or the TP link M9 plus or M5 3pack? House is about 600sq including upstairs. Downstairs has a granny flat so it extends out quite far. FTTN with Telstra. Can only get to max 50Mbps (when right next to the modem) Goal: give stronger and stable signal to granny flat. As currently using wifi extender offen drops off signal and speed is halved to 25Mbps.

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