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50% off Mirabella Genio Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs - White $10, Colour $15 @ Woolworths


Mirabella Genio Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs are 50% off at Woolworths. $10 for white bulbs, $15 for colour.

Bayonet Cap
* Colour Changing + Warm White B22 - $15
* Warm White B22 - $10
* Cool White B22 - $10

Screw Cap
* Colour Changing + Warm White E27 - $15
* Warm White E27 - $10
* Cool White E27 - $10

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    • Thanks. I have a path that would be handy to have a light come on automatically. I was curious how these would go in an outdoor fitting (weather resistant fitting but still prone to bugs)

  • I have the cool white and a colour-change one.
    I have to agree with the others that the colours are too dark for my liking and basically a gimmick than any actual use. My home is dominated by flurotubes except for 2 rooms that still have the bulb sockets.
    The scheduling is extremely useful. It's very thankful now that I can come home with some lights already on ready for my return reception from work. I can have it on at 6pm on some nights and 9pm on the 2 nights I work later.

    • +1

      I disagree about the colour part. I have a nice "Orangy/Yellow" set in a smallish bedroom in a bedside light. It's very nice and welcoming and much nicer than a white globe. When set to white, its also more than fine, I suppose it comes down to ones surroundings. I do have Lifex, Yeeligts as well and happy with this as it works with GoogleHome and can be used for mood lighting. I agree, its not a very bright bulb but fine if placed into the right location it more than fine.
      It would be a waste to place a $60+ Lifx bulb in a small bedroom. These do the job just fine. That's my take at least.

  • I bought several this morning. I'm returning all of them coz of poor WiFi. It doesn't work past a certain point from router compared to my other smart lights which work well and are even further away from router.
    Also a side note, if you get warm white/colour, don't think you can change the white temperature to a cooler white. Unlike the Lifx where you can change the white temperature to cool or warm.

    • Yeah… I'm having range issues too. Seems to work in the same room as router but not across the hallway in an bedroom or downstairs. I got the colour changing one with bayonet fitting, you?

      Edit: Got it to get sporadic signal in the bedroom which is about 11 metres straight line from router, gyprock walls. App gave me an error message to say it was low signal and suggested I move it closer. I wonder if they are all this bad or just some duds.

  • Thanks op, bought one

  • bought one colourchange bc and can't get it set up…

    I put it in, turned it on, it flashed rhythmically, didn't know if it was sposed to or not, turned it off, downloaded and setup the Mirabella app, found out it WAS sposed to, turned it back on and got them to sync, started changing colours etc but the light never stopped blinking - is it supposed to or you do you have to press something somewhere?

    however then it failed/disconnected/light went off and the app crashed, rebooted the app, globe offline, turned it off, back on…no light…waited a bit and it started blinking again but haphazardly/arhythmically then stopped, now I can't get it to do anything it's just 'off' no matter what the switch is set to, app always thinks it's offline - downloaded one of the other suggested apps too and it also can't find it, cos it won't reset/blink - it made a 'ticking' sound a few times but without blinking, I've tried to reset it by flicking the switch off-on-off-on-off-on, multiple times and with multiple timings etc. But it should be coming on and be on solid when it isn't blinking, right? now it just won't come on at all, won't blink at all, nada. I guess I'll havta remove it n stick it back in or try it in something else but it's quite difficult to reach and get to, so. Anyone got any other ideas? Trying to find help online but can't even find anyone yet with the problem of it just not turning on at all..

    • +1

      Initial setup didn't worked for me either, but that's because my phone was connected to 5Ghz. Reset the light and connected my phone to 2.4Ghz and got it connected in less than a minute.

    • Issue with wifi maybe?

      I bought one today as well, setup was quick and easy through the Mirabella app. Connected to Google Assistant so I control it from my nest mini. Everything works as expected.

      I wish it had a gradual turn on option that slowly increased brightness based on what time your alarm was set. But for $15 I considered it great value.

      • You should be able to. In Smart Life, use the Automation function under Smart. Set the time and brightness level.

        Not sure about Google Assistant but in Alexa, I can set a Routine at a specific time and brightness %.

    • try the 'Smart Life' app. Add (+) manually, lighting (BLE+Wi-Fi). just follow the instruction.

  • -1

    Bought one of the colour changing bulbs today. Returning tomorrow. App is garbage and is not stable with Google home.

    • Use Smart Life app.

  • These RGB bulbs are a gimmick that gets boring after the first use. When am I ever going to want the room glowing red? Wait don't answer that!

    I realised all I want is: Cool white, Warm White, On/Off

    Can the non-RGB bulbs do this?

    Also Google Home integration is a bit sloppy.

    • It depends and remeber, its not just Red Green Blue colours. You can adjust to a mix of all colours and adjust brightness,

      Example: If you have a few in place one can create nice lighting. Example: I might have a "Movie Time" whereby the lights are set in a particular setting that works well. Once Movie I over I might change to "Late Evening Time" (another preset) which is more pleasing on the eyes compared to 7PM time……………and so on. They are not for everyone but can work well especially if used with several together.

  • +1

    TuyaSmart was the only app that would set mine up for me.

    • Grid connect worked for me.

    • And Brilliant for me.

  • +4

    Laser Connect SmartHome is another option, currently $10 at Harvey Norman, did what I'm looking for - cool whitev and warm white with Google support.

    I might grab some today and return the Mirabellas

    1000 lumens as a bonus too

      • Can also flash these to Tasmota.

        I've done so and others have reported success as well in this previous OzB post on the Connect LED light bulbs.


      • This bulb is better due to 1000 lumen

        • "brighter" != "better"

          • +1

            @mickeyjuiceman: Yes mate, $10 for 1000 lumen and $10 for 800 lumen. Both can be adjusted light color from warm to white. Both can be adjusted the brightness. Both based on tuya platform. Which one do you choose?

            • +1

              @n2h: I swapped my 3 Mirabella's today for these Connect Smart range - WAY better! And so far no wifi issues like Mirabella had almost immediately.

              The 1000 lumens is a godsend for me as I was getting eye strain working under the warm white 800lm. And come evening time I just have to say "Hey Google, change lights to warm white" and I'm ready to relax :)

              • @Click_It: Interested to know which 1000 lumens Connect Smart range you bought? According to Harvey Norman and Connect Smart, the globe is only 900 lumens? (Harvey Norman's website doesn't specify 900 lumens but it is in the 4th photo seen from the box)

                • @trex: Mine say 1000 lumens. Want me to put up a photo?

                  • @Click_It: Thanks but I'm more interested to know where I can find the 1000 lumens version. :) Where did you get yours?

                    • +2

                      @trex: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/connect-smart-10w-b22-white-...

                      My local Harvey Norman. On the box it says 1000 lumens. Ignore whatever 900 rating you're seeing and just drop in store if there's one nearby.

                      Does warm to cool white, way better than the Mirabella rubbish. I no longer get eye strain in the office working under the light. Noticeably brighter. Apparently Mirabella and other brands are bringing out 1400 lumens. For my office I'd definitely get that but for now 1000 is awesome.

                      • @Click_It: Cool, will check out HN the next time I'm close to one. Thanks!

                        • @trex: No worries!

                          I've had 1 lightbulb periodically lag or drop out from the WiFi but all 3 of my Mirabella's were doing that. And it seems to come back on pretty soon after I notice the issue so it's safe to say they do a better job at the wifi side of things than Mirabella do. Also my wifi single is weak so there's that too.

  • This might be a odd/dumb question, but what are the most common globe type (twist or bayonet) used for a free standing light/bedside lamps and in general?
    As I don't have one yet. (I'm in a student accommodation).

    Never had to worry about globes types for the last several years.

    • +1

      Very hard to know. I would have said Bayonette however many places sell screw type eg Ikea are all screw from memory, Target have a mix, so luck of the draw I would say. Most ceiling lights I would think are Bayonette though.

  • What sort of wifi range are you guys getting? I bought the colour version and it basically only works in the same room as the router. Moving it across the hall to a bedroom maxes out its range and it's only about 10 metres away from router (it will give a low signal warning then drop offline in the bedroom making it fairly useless for my needs). Only gyprock walls in the way.

    Did I get a dud or are others experiencing the same poor wifi range?

    • +2

      I tested in all rooms and works fine BUT if I go out to the Garage (other side of Garden) it fails (which is over 10m). Having said that, if I used a notebook out there the signal would be poor. Walls are all Double brick however have WiFi centrally located in house so furthest distance to any corner would be at a guess 7metres from Wifi (square house). I should note that LifeX bulb also fails in Garage. For there I use a Xiaomi Mi WiFi repeater. If yiu have another brand of bulb, try it for comparison.

  • Just noticed they've ditched the RGB bulbs online.

  • There’s actually two versions of at least the E27 colour bulbs being sold. I bought a heap of these and two out of the 6 E27 RGBW bulbs have an older firmware to the rest. The packaging for both is identical. The bulb with the old firmware has written on it “1002338” whilst the newer version is “1002608”. They both appear to perform identically but there are more options with scenes in the newer version. It also has a different icon in the app.

    For $15, these bulbs won’t compete with Philips or LIFX in terms of brightness or features. Whilst the brightness of the white is very good, the colours are very noticeably not as bright as the competition. However, they work flawlessly with Google Home and I was able to set them up without any issues. Good value if you want a cheap option to turn the existing secondary lighting in your place to smart.

    • Just checked one of my 2 E27 RGBs and it has 1002607

  • Anyone know how to set up a simple on/off toggle widget or switch for Android home screen? I did a little research and tried a few ways but have failed so far.

    • I used the Brilliant Smart App and they have a widget.

      • Thanks. I set up the widget but it requires a lot of space and needs separate buttons for on/off instead of a single toggle switch. Or am I missing something perhaps? There's also a quite a lag between pressing the button and the light changing.

        • I think you need to set up for the app to be constantly running to avoid lag. I usually use voice to turn on and off (google home mini). In regards to single switch, unfortunately it's one button for each bulb.

          • @ktks: Looks like two buttons for each bulb though. One on, one off.

            • +1

              @inherentchoice: I've just tried the widgets and each press of the icon on the devices widget alternates the bulb or switch on or off.

              • @scottb721: Thanks. I realised the App has two widgets and I was using the sequence widget not the globes widget. I think you can actually control multiple globes with one button in the sequence widget (by making a sequence), but I think you can't make a sequence to toggle lights?

                • @inherentchoice: I've also noticed that the widget doesn't list every device, well on mine anyway.

  • My RGB globe has been playing up, after being set up fine initially. The switch was off overnight then when switched on thismorning the globe started flashing so I had to set it up again before it'd work. wifi is good.

    anyone else had this?

    the 3 x white globes I bought don't have this problem

    • I had this issue a couple of weeks ago with 4 Brilliant GU10 bulbs in my living room. I normally leave them on at the wall but my son had turned them off.

      My RGB in the bathroom is regularly on and off at the wall and not had any problems since purchasing with this deal.

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