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Ryobi R18NL-H40P Combo (18Ga Brad Nailer + 4ah Battery + Fast Charger) for $279 @ Bunnings


As per title. There were only 2 left in Manly West.

(May be available at more than one store — use the Ryobi website to check or call for availability)

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    New product but seems like RRP.



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      Good deal for the price. I think the skin only used to be about $249?

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      honest mistake by OP…never realised a nailer to be that cheap!

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      Is your username short for Brad?

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        Maybe yes if your for Eugene :)

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    Totally going to go and get one tomorrow (if my local has stock!).
    Awesome price for a combo.. I was looking at the $599 Dewalt brad nailer for $599, skin only.

    • Yeh the Ryobi rates extremely well against the competition, better than the dewalt in many ways.

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    Great price- I bought this a year or two ago for about $290 skin only

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    I didn't expect much when I bought my Ryobi nail gun, but gee whizz it's changed my life. Just makes everything so easy to put a couple of nails in something then come back and screw it down. Battery lasts pretty well, and it has just enough power to do everything I need it to - manages to join hardwood to hardwood, which is all I can expect

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    As mentioned above great price. It would be even better if they had a 16ga Brad combo

  • Good price, it's marked as a "new product" on the Ryobi site. Too bad we don't get the US versions….

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    Can this be used for skirting job on the brick?

    • Yep, though you need to take the grout out of the brick behind and hammer in a hardwood timber wedge into where the mortar was. Then nailhin through the skirt into wedge

  • Looks to be the same model brad nailer that goes for $249 skin only. If so this is a great price for the combo

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    The Ryobi website didn't work for me.
    It's promotional stock at Bunnings so not in their catalogue. You can ring your local Bunnings and give them the Item Number: 0189198.
    They can then look it up and tell you where it's stocked. If it's within reasonable distance they'll try to move it to your local store.

  • I noticed a unit like this, may have been skin only, we reduced at kotara or glendale this week.

  • Picked up mine this morning. My local also had 2 in stock. This is a great deal.

  • I pickd up the Aldi one last year for around $100 dollar bucks, good value have used heaps. Wouldn't have bought á Brad nailer for $279

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      Horses for courses I guess. However with the Ryobi one, you could invest in the rest of the ecosystem if you were so inclined.

      • Agreed I like the Ryobi architecture and could do with some better batteries.
        The Adli one was on sale. I use around once per three months, but when I do its great !
        After a nail gun now, cheapest battery one is $800, guess I will hire one at this stage

        • What do you mean the cheapest is 800? Plenty of nail guns are cheaper (including this one… brads are still nails!). But larger gauge nailers can still be had for less than 800 across most brands

          • @beatsntoons: LOL wouldn't build a stud wall with my Brad and 50mm pins

            But correct on price , can get DeWalt nailer/framer for $500. Was quoting Paslode

            …but at what.point to get air…be great to have a compressor..

            • @Ok computer: well to be that guy, pins are usually even smaller gauges… like 23 :D
              I know what you mean though.

              Paslode is nice, very powerful but an ongoing cost with their "fuel cells". An air compressor is nice as it can power a lot of tools, but still, they're generally noisy (not all) and for me would take up extra room in the shop.

  • Bought this at Northland (Vic) this arvo. They had 2 in stock I could see.

  • man just bought this for 249 ~ skin only….

    What you get for not checking ozB first…

  • Link goes to

    The page you’re looking for has been moved or doesn’t exist.
    Use the search function above or the links below to find what you’re looking for."

    • Because the idiot put a link in to Ryobi who doesn’t sell direct

      • Because it wasn't available on bunnings website, you needed to call or vist to find stock you idot

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