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Bodum Bistro Variable Temperature Kettle $67.96 Free Shipping @ Bodum


I thought this was a pretty good price for a variable temperature kettle, also available in black for the same price. 4/5 stars on Amazon.

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  • Amazon reviews are a concern.

    Russell Hobbs Addison Kettle is similar price, looks much nicer, no cheap looking dial, higher temperature settings and larger capacity 1.7l vs 1.1l. Obviously not top of the line and has its own issues based on reviews but less concerning

    • That looks pretty good too and might be worth posting it as a bargain? This is still a good price, plenty of variable temperature kettles out there at much higher prices, purported higher quality and much worse reviews than this one. I bought one of this because I had a supposedly great Cuisinart one and the lid broke and button labels wore off within 6 months. ETA the metal wall ones get very hot, not great with small kids (another thing I had to factor in). Also for people who want to warm bottles, you need a 60 C option.

  • Or the K-Mart 1.7L Glass Kettle with Variable Temperature $60.00

  • I bought this. Good quality. But capacity is very small. Also it's very heavy!! I think the weight comes from the glass. It's much heavier than the non temp select Bodum kettle. Also smaller capacity than that kettle too. What is annoying is that when you set the keep warm temp to say 80 for example, the kettle will only boil to 80 and switch off. So if u want to fully boil your water first you have to have the dial at 100 let it boil, then turn the dial to 80 and then press the keep warm button. If you use the kettle a lot for making boiling water for your pots etc then it may be too small capacity. Otherwise good value for the price

    • Thanks Sammy - I bought it because it was a bit smaller, is double walled and I don't really need it for large boils. That sounds annoying with the keep warm feature! I don't use that function on my current one but definitely something to take into consideration.

    • Also not a good kettle if you have De Quervain's tenosynovitis in the thumb tendon. The weight and the distribution of it will really strain that wrist and tendon

  • Bought one thanks. Pretty good price for it being double wall too.