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[eBook] Free: Elder Empire (6 Books) - Will Wight Complete Series @ Amazon Australia/Kindle


Shadow Series

Of Shadow and Sea (The Elder Empire: Shadow Book 1)

Of Darkness and Dawn (The Elder Empire: Shadow Book 2)

Of Killers and Kings (The Elder Empire: Shadow Book 3)

Sea Series

Of Sea and Shadow (The Elder Empire: Sea Book 1)

Of Dawn and Darkness (The Elder Empire: Sea Book 2)

Of Kings and Killers (The Elder Empire: Sea Book 3)

Series descriptor

The Elder Empire Fantasy series consists of two parallel trilogies: a trilogy of Shadow and a trilogy of Sea, one set of books following a consultant/Assasin named Shera, then a second set following her sometimes rival Calder who is a Captain/Adventure. Each pair of books takes place over roughly the same time period describing the shared timeline from two different perspectives.

Personal Review

Im a big fan of Will Wight, specifically his Cradle series which might make me a little bit biased. I really enjoyed this series, the Shadow series was my more personal favourite as im a sucker for assasin type characters but the Sea series is pretty good aswell (specifically the supporting characters) I gave this series an over 4.25/5 which is what I consider "Highly recomend" (5 is a must read/amazing series).

Recomended reading order is up to you. Personally I recomend reading through all of Sea first then all of Shadow second.
If you like pirates and boats Sea first, If you like Asssassins and murder Shadow first.
Lots of people recomend Sea 1 shadow 1, sea 2 shadow 2, sea 3, shadow 3.

Free all weekend

Source: https://www.willwight.com/a-blog-of-dubious-intent/elder-emp...

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  • +1

    Sea Book 2 links to book 1.

    • Thanks mate,


      Knew there would be one that i messed up :)

      • Many thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP!

    • +2

      No problem

      Everyone needs some good fantasy in their lifes

      • +1

        Absolutely, but my fantasy preferences are a little more adulterated……lol

      • Thanks OP! Anything in these that a 12yr old shouldn’t read?

        • Uh bit of murder in these, I might recomend you read this first and see if you think its appropriate or not.

          Personally I was reading darker at their age so it would have been fine.

          • @Jofzar: Bit of murder never hurt anyone hey?😉

            But seriously, I’ll have quick look first. Thanks for your opinion.

    • Thanks for that.

      • No worries. I did it on mobile so apologies if there's an error somewhere

  • Thanks Jofzar. Just added 'Of Kings and Killers' and 'Of Killers and Kings', to my Will Wight collection. I had the others from a previous posting.

    • Same here

  • Thanks OP. I also really enjoyed the cradle series that I got from a previous post.

  • +1

    For those who have Prime just noticed Raymond E Feist The Firemane Saga, Book 1 King Of Ashes is free to read as well. Prob not worth it's own post.

    • Warning; not free on US

    • +1

      Showing $9.99 for me

      • Are you logged in? Shows as $9.99 to me but once I log in it shows as $0 for prime (Kindle price)

        • I've been prime for years, no go. Not a biggie just saying so people don't accidentally purchase for 9.99

      • I thought the same, but it confused me as it says $0 for prime in the spot where it usually says $0 for prime UNLIMITED (which I dont have).

    • Thanks rheags, was free to read for me.

  • Thanks!

    I read Cradle and enjoyed it, didn't so much enjoy The Travelers Gate series, but had been meaning to get around to reading this one.

    • I love Kaiju stories so enjoyed his writings. I haven't read cradle yet. Traveler's Gate trilogy was his first series so I gave him some slack. I love the idea of travelers. However, I enjoyed the Elder Empire series a lot more, especially the Shadow part of it.

      • +1

        Personally I think Cradle is quite a bit better than Traveler's Gate, although that's not accounting for either of our specific tastes which could also influence things.

        That bodes well for me enjoying EE though!

        • I read EE in pairs, starting with book 1 sea followed by book 1 shadow then do the same for books 2 and 3. This reading order worked well for me.

  • Thanks OP. Should have waited for it to be free (it's quite quick too, just a month or two since the last two books came out).

  • +1

    Anyone tried the audiobooks? About $20 all up to add the audiobook version for the whole series ($3-3.50 a book), but a few mixed reviews on the Shadow series for the audiobook.

    • +2

      I didn't mind the audiobooks at all. Both narrators do a good job, nothing exceptional but clear and easy to follow. They pronounce it as it is written so hopefully the fantasy names are pronounced correctly.

      Kindle unlimited members get narration bundled with the book otherwise listen to a sample before deciding.

    • +1

      People love Travis Baldree for cradle,

      This is also Travis so I assume its good.

  • Thanks! Just finished the Brent Weeks Lightbringer series about 2 hours ago. So this might save me looking around for my next fix. Haven't read the cradle series either, so will add that to the list.

    • +2

      Should give stormlight archives a go

      • A great suggestion but way ahead of you.

        • +1

          If you need any more suggestions send me a message, I have read most popular fantasy series.

          • @Jofzar: Cant message you for some reason. Just read cradle one, it hasn't grabbed me as much as others have but I'll give the series a good go. Always open to other suggestions, only really had time to read again in the last few years, so diving back in to fantasy. I really enjoyed/am enjoying the stormlight archives, liked the original mistborn, didnt get through the second trilogy, not a big fan of sandersons superhero ones. Found the first book of wheel of time slow, and read that it doesn't pace up more from there so decided not to commit. Loved the king killer chornicles and look forward to dying before the third installment.

  • +3

    Thank you! Tip: You can find other free kindle books here. Filter it for your desired genre.

  • Thanks!

  • Either OzBs are avid readers or 6 more free books to the pile of shame either way good post.

    • Avid reader :(

  • Like Lord of the Dings?

  • Thanks for posting and thanks to everyone who pots the free Kindle books. Building a library for my 12-year-old and this is a great addition. Cheers Robert

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