ShopBack Boycott - Past/Ongoing Complaints Thread

I feel we need to start a new thread just for people with shopback complaints. I have done a quick search and there's pages long. I feel we should compile this so we can refer to it for claims / chargeback / proof.
I hope this helps others too because enough is enough, they're pocketing our cashback that they advertised is to be shared with us.
It's probably paying for the reps that they have on ozbargain to advertise tbh, they only have selective replying as they're probably spammed with complaints.

Here's my story.

I bought a Xiaomi scooter from the Groupon flash sale 20%.

I always do the same process of opening incognito, logging into shopback, clicking the link to Groupon, logging in.
I have shopback chrome extension and it was green too. After making my purchase, it had the ""hurray, You're on your way to cashback" or something along those lines.

I Contacted shopback for days and got told they're waiting for merchant and everything should be fine as they can see i clicked the link. 1.5 weeks later, i get a rejection email.

So angry right now as it's around $160 I'm out. I plan to neg every shopback deal just to warn everyone.

Funny thing is, it tracks all the little purchases, and anything over $10 cashback never tracks. Sometimes i can't be bothered raising a dispute but this time round, it's too much.

Guys, use cashrewards.. they have had tracking issues sometimes but I've always had my missing cashback credited later.

Update 30/9: Resolved Issue

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    Ban Shopback from this community site.
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    Keep them here so they can pay out a percentage of their deals only.
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    Who cares.

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  • You might want to read this & STOP using incognito mode

      • It also informs you to enable cookies which incognito blocks by default.

        ‘It is recommended to use an incognito window to ensure that your cookies can be tracked properly. To learn how to enable cookies, click here. "

        Anyways I’ve also had a positive experience with ShopBack so I can’t complain.

    • +1

      Irrelevant when they admit to a successful track

  • -2

    I Contacted shopback for days and got told they're waiting for merchant and everything should be fine as they can see i clicked the link. 1.5 weeks later, i get a rejection email.

    Why was it rejected?
    Have you contacted shopback since the rejection email?

    ~hell hath no fury like a cheapass scorned…

    • +9

      Is losing out on $160 being a cheaparse?

      • I didn't pick the username…

        Question still stands though.. it tracked, but was rejected.. did they find out why?

        • Sorry, it never tracked hence contacting then straight away. Then they told me to wait 48 hours. After 48 hours the order had shipped so i lodged a missing cashback.. i have saved all the chatlogs of staff saying it should be fine as they can see i clicked on it prior to clicking on the link. Also screenshot the hurray chrome extension popup after the payment went through.

          Just frustrating how they can just reject my missing cashback request after all their staff on livechat are saying it should be fine. I made purchases the day before using the same method and even after.

          I got an email from Groupon saying it can't be returned as well.

          • @cheapass88: So it was rejected by the merchant after shopback had confirmed it tracked on their end?

            • @randomusername2017: It wasn't an automated confirmed email, but livechat said it should be fine as they can see the click history.

              The big IF. Groupon told me they don't see anything.

              It seems from the 20% groupon deal, no one has had it tracked.

              Reena: We will credit you with the cashback if the merchant pay us with the commission
              (04:52:13) Visitor 64447891: yeh so can u please see that transaction for me
              (04:52:24) Visitor 64447891: and let me know the estimated amount i'm supposed to receive
              (04:52:24) Reena: at the moment, I'm not able to advise you on the status as we are still investigating on this
              (04:53:01) Reena: you should get 20% cashback from your purchase amount
              (04:53:24) Reena: But allow us to investigate with our merchant on this & will get back to you

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    Hmm, haven't had any issues with Shopback personally. Cashrewards however ignored my last missing points claim completely until I gave up, was 1000 GBP of a hotel booking (so about $45 cashback from memory), and previously denied me cashback on a Dell laptop. Will find out if I ever have to do one on Shopback, but I use them most of the time over Cashrewards now (whoever has the best rate at any given time), and haven't had anything unexpectedly not process/track to date.

  • +1

    I've had a similar experience with Shop Back. Purchased an item, did everything as normal for cash back and was refused later with no specific reason why. I chased it up but was refused again, but still believe I fulfilled all and cs, I'm careful with that stuff and have made many transactions.

    Never had issues with cash rewards, even if it doesn't track they've always worked out the credit after. So Shop back is a big no for me.

  • +2

    My lost over $800 over last couple of years. Have stopped using them altogether.

    • -5

      Not sure they have been around last couple of years. You sure it wasn't CR (and/or that you might be associated with CR)?

  • ShopBack are dodgy from my experience.

    I made heaps of orders and tracked thousands of dollars, however they seem to selectively remove large value cash backs. Any help requests are BS. “ don’t use ad blockers - not tracked”.

  • +1

    Aussie company vs offshore company. I use cashrewards as my money stays in Australia

  • +4

    never had an issue, got $400 back on an ebay 10% off last year

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    I dont use ShopBack and only started using Cash Rewards earlier this year.
    All 3 purchases have been approved and one is ok for payment. The other two which were previously marked for mid / late July but now they changed it to maybe August or later.
    Unless it is a great deal is it worth the hassle with these things?
    Quoting cash back in posted deals is a hit and miss affair also so why quote them in a bargain post.

  • +2

    I almost always used ShopBack over Cashrewards as they processed cashback a little bit quicker. Now I've had a huge string of rejected Amazon purchases that as far as I know were legitimate so I switched to Cashrewards which have given me no issues at all.

  • +1

    On a personal note, I haven't had any issues with Shopback, late last year, they had a special offer for BWS beer, a friend and I both ordered a couple of hundred bucks each and we both got our cashbacks without issues

    EDIT: I've also never had a problem with CR and there is also tightarse that helps with any problems with CR so I always go with CR unless SB has some exceptional offer that CR doesn't have

  • +2

    I used to get ShopBack rewards without any problems.

    Then suddenly I got a whole bunch rejected.

    I realised at that point something had chanced — turned out that an upgrade to my anti-virus had included an ad-blocker by default.

    I eradicated that unexpected blocking tool, and ShopBack rewards starting tracking successfully again… So, try taking a step-back, and just re-examine EVERYTHING you're doing (look with a fine tooth comb). It wasn't until I did this myself, that I realised the rejection was actually at my end (i.e. my fault)… Good luck!

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    Do you have adblock honey or any other extensions installed. Both either override the tracking or remove it altogether. I've received $100+ in cash back withoit issue.

    • I have setup a profile on chrome and use incognito and only allowed shopback extension just for making these purchases..

      • An update to chrome earlier this year disabled cookies in incognito, which stopped one of my apps from working in incog. This might be the issue?

        I believe cash rewards also had issues from time to time. I treat these cashbacks as an added bonus and don't always expect them to come through.

        • The cookies definitely track during the session. Also the extension verified it too with the hurray message. I agree with the added bonus, but this time I just went for the item thinking it's a deal only with the cashback…stupid me.

          • @cheapass88: The extension only records you clicking the "activate" button, regardless if you go through with a purchase or the purchase has the correct tracking cookies. Sadly it isnt a way to guarantee it went through. You can have all other types of extensions installed and the same message will appear.

          • @cheapass88: Yea ok, I did some investigation and you are correct that some cookies track. However, there is a large amount which is blocked in incognito which aren't where using a normal profile.

            • @AH: Yep nice one and good to know. Also as mentioned, it's worked for most other purchases doing it this way.

  • +1

    I think everyone is (supposed to be) adult here. You can choose to boycott and not to use Shopback, Cashrewards, or alternatives. I had issues with the two of them in the past and I do have some preference for Cashrewards, but I think there is no reason to ban them. I think we could have a stronger reason to ban, for example, eBay - considering its usual "jacking prices before discount" behaviour.

    My biggest cashback "loss" was with Cashrewards, when they didn't track my flight tickets from Lufthansa. For whatever reason, tracking didn't work. I sent receipts, was not using any AD blocker, but purchase was not tracked and they were "sorry", but that was it… Never received the money…

    Just do you own boycott: delete your Shopback account and stop using it.

    • This thread is for people to be made aware. The fact you didn't get the cashreward paid means someone else claimed it on your behalf and not the merchant.

      • How can we know? This cashback system has to many variables and flaws. They say something happened, ask a bunch of questions all the time (ad blocker, bla bla bla…), and then they say it was not tracked, so Lufthansa won't pay. How can I prove it was tracked? How can I know if the merchant is the bad guy?

        We have ZERO control over this process and they can say whatever they want. If they say it was not tracked, then I am not getting the money. If that's merchant or rewards fault (or my computer/connection fault), we will never know.

        They should be able to create a more transparent method. Why not the old COUPON code? With a system like Unidays creating coupon codes that you can use? You get the discount in real-time, the coupon code is linked to your profile, and the merchant has to pay something to the rewarding company. I'm not an expert and can't see why this complex cookies tracking method is better.

        I think you should share your experience and make people aware. My opinion is only against the "ban".

        • -1

          They aren't going to be ban so calm down , they would have some arrangement with this site .

        • That is a great way of doing it - now maybe shopback will read this and do something about it. It's a community forum afterall

          • -2

            @cheapass88: Hi cheapass88,

            I've only been made aware of this thread now, but can you let me know if your issue still needs attention? I've found your query based on the chat transcript you posted above and it appears the team has added the cashback to your account this morning.

            As always, if you are still facing issues - just PM me with your account details and I can help follow up with the team on it as long as there's a ticket in our system about it (email to [email protected] explaining the issue would do the trick).

      • I use to use them a lot ( over 3k tracked , of course a fortune missed ) now just will go for get $2 spend $5 and other small offers where I don't really care if tracked or not .
        There are plenty of good gift card offers and bonuses that guarantee your cashback and immediately :)
        Reviews prove OP correct !

  • +3

    Had $300 worth of books from amazon rejected by shopback. Fresh session, no adblock feels bad.Will probably start using cashrewards.

    • -2

      Did you buy it all in one go?

      If not, check up the definition of insanity - doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

      Will probably start using cashrewards

      Yep, change things up, including trying mobile/PC, another PC, etc.

      • Yes I purchased them in one go. Shopback registered my clicks that I've gone to Amazon.

        I've had no issues with shopback previously, I have almost $300 in my cashback account. Same computer, same procedure of no adblocks and starting from scratch e.g. shopback -> amazon -> add items etc. This is my first major purchase though, the others were all small bits here and there.

        Yes I placed one order for all the books, I don't see how relevant that is though considering the cashbacks don't have a threshold on how much you spend from what I can see.

  • Shopback are great, never had an issue.

  • I always have issues with shopback and you spend weeks communicating as they dont payout. I stopped using them couple years ago,

    100% success rate that higher cashbacks get rejected.

  • I don't really get any issues with ShopBack. :/

  • They just cheated me out of $123

  • @gotyourback
    I had a purchase recently that didn’t track (Get Wines Direct). I contacted ShopBack with a claim. They can see my clicks and my receipt has time and date, but they are not prepared to sort it. This is using their app too. The whole point of using the app is to insure that purchases are properly tracked. I also always ensure I open nothing but the app and go directly to where I need to in order to purchase. Just to make sure. This purchase, I spent more than I would usually based on the cash back so not happy. This isn’t the first time and interestingly it always seems to be the bigger purchases that don’t get paid.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve added my vote to remove them from Ozbargain.

    • Brother in law made a large Get Wines Direct purchase two days ago. Used the ShopBack app, didn’t go to any other sites and guess what, not tracked and not payable.

      It’s interesting that again it’s on a large order with a significant cash back amount.

  • Support Aussie companies. Use CR. It's clear from their financials they are losing money - if we are not careful, they could go under.

  • I use SB to buy giftcards. Last month I had issues purchasing giftcards through their app. I contacted them directly, expecting to be told it was an app glitch. They tried to blame my bank. SB asked me to try other payment methods so i did. Nothing worked. Contacted SB again and they said they would "investigate". The next day my account was closed. I contacted SB and they fobbed me off. They refused to tell me what happened or why my account was closed. This was soon after some large transactions were tracked for a significant cashback amount for over $100. I suspect they pocketed it.

    Reading other posts on Ozbargain made me realise that many other people have had issues with SB, especially with larger purchases. This can't just be a conincidence.

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