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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black 120K Qantas Points + $275 Cashback after $4000 Spend ($425 Annual Fee)


Very similar to previous ANZ Black card deals, however, ANZ has upped their bonus points to 120k and $275 cash back. Meaning $150 for the black card. I know points are being devalued at the moment, but if you need to spend the money, this card seems like a good deal.

$425 annual card fee ($150 after $275 rebate).
Complimentary QFF Membership if you don't already have it.
Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases.
Bonus Qantas Points $275 credit will be credited within 3 months of the eligible spend criteria being met ($4000).
Minimum credit limit $15,000.
Up to 55 days interest free.

Not available where you currently hold an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Qantas Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Frequent Flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months

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      Point fares (assuming you're looking at classic rewards) are based on distance and airline, and don't fluctuate like cash bookings. So the point price of flights wouldn't have changed. Note that on top of the points, you'll also be required to pay taxes and charges in cash, which sometimes make it not worth it to book a points in points, depending on how much you value the points. These charges differ per airline - Qantas and the Middle Eastern carriers seem to have higher charges compared to the East Asian and American carriers.

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        Thanks that was really helpful!

  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum have 60k bonus QFF and 1st year annual fee waived (need to spend only $2500 in 3 months) -> Would it be a better deal?

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      Definitely the black card if you value the QFF points, additional 60K points for $150 is a no-brainer if you can meet the extra spending requirement.

  • Careful and watch your balance, I recently received a $59 cheque from ANZ that I was overcharged on this card back in 2018. They told me this has come to their attention because of the royal commission.

    • How you’d ever know / keep track is virtually impossible across all the financial products. It would be such a manual process to check what the banks are charging us are correct. They know this. I’ve had a Cheque from Westpac like 8 or 9 years after the fact giving me money back on an old card..

  • Get another additional 30k QFF points after your first 12 months when you register at https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/member-offers/ne...

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      Get another additional 30k QFF points after your first 12 months

      Not quite.

      If you haven't held a Qantas Points earning credit card in the last 12 months, then sign up now and you could earn even more points.

      1. Simply register for the offer before 31 July 2020 by logging in to your Qantas Frequent Flyer or Qantas Business Rewards account. Don’t have one? Join now for free.

      2. Apply for a Qantas Points earning credit card at qantas.com/cards and be approved by the relevant card partner.

      3. Make an eligible purchase on your new card within 30 days of receiving it, to ensure that the points you’ve earned from your purchase are credited to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account before 31 October 2020.

      ^ To receive the 30,000 bonus Qantas Points, members must a) register via email or qantas.com/cards between 12.01am (AEST) 1 July and 11.59pm (AEST) 31 July 2020 b) apply for any card featured on qantas.com/cards and be approved by the relevant Card partner, and c) make an eligible purchase on their new card within 30 days of receiving it. Qantas Points earned from the member’s first purchase must be credited to their Qantas Frequent Flyer account before 31 October 2020. Qantas Points are taken to be credited on the date they appear in the Qantas Frequent Flyer Activity Statement which can be checked online at qantas.com/youraccount. Depending on the statement cycle of the Qantas Points earning credit or charge card, typically it can take up to 40 days for points to be credited to the Qantas Frequent Flyer account after making an eligible purchase on a Qantas Points earning credit or charge card. Offer limited to one per Qantas Frequent Flyer member only. 30,000 bonus Qantas Points offer available to new Qantas Points earning credit or charge card holders only. Members must not have earned Qantas Points on a Qantas Points earning card into their Qantas Frequent Flyer account within the past 12 months from offer registration to be eligible. Excludes American Express Qantas Corporate Cards. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks from purchase for the 30,000 bonus points to be credited to the member’s Qantas Frequent Flyer account with the description ‘Credit Card Bonus’. The 30,000 bonus Qantas Points are offered by Qantas and are separate to bonus points offers from our program partners. In the event of multiple new cardholder bonus points offers in the market for the same offer period, eligible members will be provided with the highest bonus points offer. For example, if a member was eligible for a 20,000 bonus points new cardholder bonus and also eligible for a 30,000 bonus points new cardholder bonus, the higher of the two offers would apply and the member would receive 30,000 Bonus Points. Members are not eligible for more than one offer on a new cardholder bonus. In this example, if the Member has already received 20,000 bonus points, they would not be eligible for the 30,000 bonus Qantas Points.

      • Yeah I think that 30k points offer only applies if you apply for a card through the Qantas website. The Qantas website only has the 100k offer, not the 120k offer listed here.

    • Not sure about that even if you meet the criteria for 30k bonus points … on the Qantas website ANZ Black Card shows 100k points (Not 130k) with only $150 back (not $275)

  • Can this card included in the home loan package and become fee free?

    • Yes but all the spend criteria and not having a QFF card within the last 12 months still allies. Don’t know if you will get the cash back. the application still has to be put in after your home loan is approved and then they process the credit card application after mortgage accounts are setup and approved

  • Do you still qualify for the points if you have QFF card with another bank? I can’t find it in any of the terms and conditions. Only if u have had an ANZ card in the last 12 months

    • Interested in this as well

      • No, can't have any Qantas points earning card in last 12 months (but Amex has different terms). See the notes in the QF link above.

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    Is it expired?

    100,000 bonus Qantas Points and $150 back
    to your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black
    When you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

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      Clear your cookies, then reload the page. You should see 120k pts


      • Cleared cache… still showing old promo
        I finally managed to see this promo by using another computer and follow the link posted by OP

        Directly go to ANZ on the other computer still showing old promo… so weird

        • Make sure to save a copy of the page (and record the URL too).

          • @the splingee: Yes I save pdf of the summary page, just before submitting the application.
            It mentioned the related promo at the top of the page.

      • I have tried it and also shows me the same details that @OzBestDeal has described :(

        • +1

          Interesting. In Internet Explorer and Edge I see 100,000 bonus points and $150 back.

          In Firefox I see 120,000 bonus points and $275 back. I thought it was a cached page but after refreshing a couple of times it's still there.

          • @the splingee: interesting!! I am curious about your finding and downloaded FIREFOX and found the same thing as you!!!
            Will be downloading everything and screen captures for future use.

    • same. I think the deal has expired, it is down to 100K points now. An Incognito/private browser windows shows up the current offer

      • I have applied today and took the printout of the application. It does show 120000 points and $275 back.

    • I’m using chrome and still showing 120k pts with $275 cash back. Still waiting for hear back on approval mind you…

      • Tried it on chromium-based Opera and it shows 100,000 points and $150 back.

  • Does anybody know if this card has overseas transaction fees at 3%? or is there none, can't seem to find it.

    • Pretty sure it will have it like almost every other cards out there.

      Only a handful of cards that doesnt have that international transaction and conversion fee.

      • Assumed so yeah!

        just can't find it :(


    • Bankwest and Macquarie are the only Qantas Points credit cards with no overseas transaction fees.

  • anyone know when they made the changes from $275 cashback to $150 cashback only?
    i submitted the application last week, but was pending for more info to be handed in….now the decrease of the cashback is making me think twice if this is still worth it.
    Less points + higher annual fee for first year….????

    does anyone have the complete PDF file of their original offer to share so i can maybe argue with them ?

  • Annual fee $425, cashback $150, total fee $275 for first year - 100K with two lounge passes.
    for additional 30K bonus points you need to hold card for potentially extra 3 month after your anniversary. bit pricey.

    • cashback is $275 with 120K points if you open up the offer with FIREFOX.
      Print the complete page into PDF file and save it and you might be able to fight for extra cashback + more points if you get lucky.
      I am going to try my luck with the Firefox webpage! no idea why firefox shows differently to other web browsers.

      • they haven't updated browser-specific link on their web servers yet. I also see those numbers in Edge too. It's tempting with $150 for 120K though…

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    FYI if anyone is concerned whether they would get the 120K points and $275 cashback offer. I applied last week using the link for this offer and was approved today. Called ANZ and they confirmed this offer is attached to my card.

    As long as you apply with the link that has this offer, you should be good.

  • "Eligible purchase means purchases which are eligible to earn Points. Purchases which are not eligible to earn Points are described in the ANZ Frequent Flyer Reward Terms and Conditions (PDF 1.67MB), for example fees, cash, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers, and transactions for gambling or gaming purposes will not earn Points. The bonus Qantas Points will be credited to your Qantas account and the $275 will be credited to your credit card account within three months of the eligible spend criteria being met. " and "Up to 55 days interest free on purchases when you pay your account in full each month". So you need to endure 1 month worth interest if you want to get the points & the fee waiver before doing the balance transfer?

  • For those who are clicking the link and getting the old "Offer 100,000 bonus Qantas Points and $150 back to your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval." offer, it seems they have cookies for when you visit the link multiple times.

    Just open the link in incognito mode and the "120,000 bonus Qantas Points and $275 back on your new card when you spend $4,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval." should be the offer you see.

    And as lovepub mentioned above might be worth saving the offer down as a screenshot or .pdf if there are any issues.

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    When I got approved for this card, it was confirmed that I am getting the offer as of above. I received the card now and called them to re-confirm, they said my offer was no annual fee and 55k QFF points after $2,500 spend. WTF?

    • did you get the black card or the platinum card?

      This sounds like the platinum card to me.

      • Black card 100%, even on the info pack they have sent 'ANZ frequent flyer black' with a $370+$55 p/a fee.

        • Very odd. That card hasn’t had a fee free deal for ages. It’s as if they’ve given you the platinum deal on the black card. What’s your credit limit? Did you take a screen grab of the deal you were getting when you applied. Always worth doing, Especially with ANZ.

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            @Poolprouk: $15k, the minimum. Yeah mate, definitely got the offer on this post. Took a photo of it while applying on the web. I have called them about it and will get back an answer on monday or tuesday. Will let you know.

            • @DardyMate: I found even the onshore branch people has no information on the package I am in. However if you call afterhours & it goes to the overseas Call centre they could pullout the database and confirm my Perks spot on! Probably access issue within ANZ. For example onshore guys told me I am not getting $275 annual Credit, whereas overseas people said I am entitled. Hope this helps.

  • I'm getting 404 Page not found when visiting https://www.ozbargain.com.au/goto/552688
    Looks like it's expired?

  • -1

    So surprisingly to me I was rejected for this. By way of background, salary last year FYTD was over $140,000 and I was rejected for this card on a minimum amount of $15,000 credit.

    I have no other credit cards, only a car loan, 36+ months emergency fund in the bank.

    Reason for rejection - I salary sacrificed a laptop over two pay periods which reduced my income from $3,700 a fortnight after tax to $2,000 a fortnight.

    For this they said I didn’t earn enough for the card, and thus rejected the application. They said I can re-apply in three months time when my pay is consistent at $3,700 a fortnight after tax.

    Very surprised to say the least.

    • -1

      Not surprised. You need 3 “clean” payslips. No Deductions to other accounts, salary sacrifices e.t.c. and no mortgage overpayments (as they’ll take the higher payment as being the normal minimum payment). Same experience. Applied 3 months later with 3 clean payslips and mortgage payments reduced to minimum. Approved.

  • Poor Service. Application centre is at India.
    They asked me for 6+ payslips - just for a credit card.
    Operator was not helpful and attitude is bad.
    Apply only for the points , then cancel the card when there's nothing to utilize.

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