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$20 for Both The Referrer and Referee after First Purchase at Zip (Was $10)


Referral bonus now boosted to $20 each. Just signed my wife up last week and got the $10 bonus quickly and easily.

Stack with $20 off your first purchase at Catch for big savings.

For those asking, some customers have a $10 referral and some have $20, mine is $20.

Referral Links

Referral: random (551)

$30 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

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  • +1

    $20 for a credit check, thanks but a Big NO

    • +4

      $40 if you refer someone in your family. $60 if that person uses it to buy something from Catch.

      What’s the big issue with a credit check? You get one every time you renew your mobile plan or change credit card provider. If you have good savings and always make your payments on time i can’t imagine it would be an issue.

      I didn’t downvote you

      • +3

        What’s the big issue with a credit check?

        Too many credit checks don’t look good on your credit files.

    • +1

      I would agree with this.

  • +1

    Can't seem to find a referral code? Even on the app, no mention of referrals at all.

  • Great deal, Thanks for posting OP. Combined with $20 off first purchase at Catch.com.au

    • Did you get both the $20 off and the $20 bonus as referee?

      • Yes I did.

        Great promotion. Stack with Catch.com.au and Cash rewards referrals for first purchase

  • +1

    How do i get the referral link?

  • +3

    Where to find the referral code?

  • Ah was going to mention last week, but couldn't find a generic link - seems they've added now - hit the share button top right to get it.

    • Where? In app or on site? I’ve checked both to no avail.

      • +1

        App, bottom right settings, invite a friend. Android

    • iOS? Can't find it in my android

  • I think this is targeted… Cant find any option anywhere

  • Where do find the link boys?

  • I have this offer but it only says share through the app? Where do I find the link?

    • +1
      1. In app, under Shop tab, scroll down a bit in ‘I want to… the icon Refer and Earn$XX’
      2. Hit Send Invites
      3. Hit Top right corner Drawer like icon, select Copy from dropdown list
      4. Paste to anywhere you like and copy only the last section after /e/
      5. Can share the section in OzB referrals
  • Tip for those who can’t find the referral link in the app.

    In The IOS app:

    Go to settings in the bottom right of the app.

    Click ‘invite a friend’

    Press ‘send invites’

    Press the share button in the top right hand corner

    Press copy

    • their ipad app just crashed when you do this, but I worked it out

    • no ‘invite a friend’ in the settings.

  • Not a fan of BNPL.
    Seen quite a few deals that have required BNPL to get a discount.. not a fan of that at all. Worse than requiring Facebook.

  • +1

    This is great
    I already got 2x $10 from referral by just adding my referral code in Ozbargain and waiting to get more! Zip seems to be so generous 🤩🤩

    Tips for others: when you refer someone zip will send them sms and you can see your referral code in that sms. 🤠

  • -1

    Seems to be IOS only sadly.

    • I see the link on my android, s10.

      • Where is this on android?

      • Also, do you have the under $1k zip account?
        Askins cause i have under 1k and maybe it only for 1k+acc

        • +1

          Go to Settings on the bottom right of the app.
          Under Promotions: Invite a friend and earn $20 credit. I also saw a banner under "Your Zip" for the promo.
          See if the app has an update and try reopening the app?
          My account application hasn't been fully completed yet as I just made one a few days ago for catch so I would assume its under $1k.

  • $20 + $20?
    Might be worth signing up

  • +1

    Yeah, didn't find it at first on the android app. I closed it and reopened and it pops up in settings. It was already recently updated.

  • Is it correct there’s a monthly fee to have an account?

    • Yes. If you have a positive balance it's a $6/month fee, meaning the interest-free really costs $72 a year.

      • What? I have an account for ages with 1 purchase and never got this $6 fee?

        • that's because you paid in full before the statement due date. $6/mth only for those who can't pay in full after due.

          It gives you over than a month to pay in full which I see better than afterpay which you have to pay fortnightly.

    • +1

      Yes, if you do not pay off after statement due date.

      No, if you pay off the debt before statement due date

      Usually, more than 30 days to pay off. If you use on let say 1/07/20 then you need to pay off before 30/08/20 before the fee kicks in.
      If you use on 30/07/20 then you only have 30 days to pay off as well (30/08/20).

      The due date stretch longer if transaction made in early of month.

      • so $40 minimum means $46 indeed ?

  • to be clear, do you get to use this referral bonus $20 on the first transaction you make with zip? or do you get it after making the first transaction i.e. second transaction onwards?

    • From reading T&Cs seems like 2nd

    • +1

      It's credited after referee makes their first purchase. So after the 1st transaction but there doesnt need to be a second transaction.

      • +1

        Thanks for clarifying!

      • How many days BPay take to land? The full 4 days?

  • anyone know if you can split pay with zip pay and catch gift cards? like if it's $200, pay $100 with gift card, $100 with zip?

  • thanks op i updated app and seen offer. why end date is 31 Jul ? in my terms and C's it says end date for $20 promo is August 31st. It also says you need to transact by making a purchase within 14 days of signing up to zip to qualify for the $20 credit. OP those are 2 important points that should be added to post?

    • Click the thumbnail. My email says the offer ends on July 31. With respect to the 14 day time limit, I take your point but people should be looking at the Ts and Cs themselves if the deal ends on 31 July then it’s irrelevant

    • +1

      The refer-a-friend promotion ends 31/08. The deal is currently doubling the RaF bonus for another 2 weeks until 31/07 so RaF will continue after that until 31/08 but you will only get $10 instead.

  • Cant see the link on iOS. Can someone help?

  • So they refree gets 20$ after first purchase ?
    Can refree then stack 40$ to buy something from catch ?
    Is there any small item to get to activate this 20$ in that case ?

    • +4

      So they refree gets 20$ after first purchase ? Yes
      Can refree then stack 40$ to buy something from catch ? Yes
      Is there any small item to get to activate this 20$ in that case ? The easiest was to do this is just to set up your account using a $20 referral. Buy whatever you want on Catch, which will be discounted by $20. Within 24-48 hours you will receive a $20 credit to your Zip Account. This obviously reduces the negative balance of your Zip account and ergo the amount that you then have to pay back to Zip.

      • Crap… I just bought an A52 black from catch using zippay without realising your referral… otherwise would have got another $20… and it gives you $20 too…

        arrrggghhh!!!! Wished that i could undo it all over again… lol

  • +1

    signed up using the random referral link in this post, didn't receive the referral credit and don't see an option to refer :(

    • +2

      You will receive it within 7 days. In my experience you get it the following business day.

  • Got my 20 from sign up but still not able to generate my own referral code

    • +1

      in your case, how much time it has taken to get $20 after signup?

      • +2

        2-3 days

  • it says targeted, does this mean some of the referral codes are $10 and some are $20?

    EDIT: got denied >.<

    • so how to find $20 referral?

      • all referrals are $20.follow the ozbargain referral links

        • then why it says targeted?

          • @amorn: not everyone have a referral link

  • +1

    Anyone else (android) referral still not showing under 'settings>promotions' - have closed app and reopened twice now… or is there a waiting period as some have mentioned?

    • Its targetted unfortunately

  • may be a targeted promo to refer someone, but how about getting the $10 or $20 after signing up using the referral link? do we need to signup for zip money as well to receive the $20 credit or do we need to open catch or other sites from zip website to be eligible for the credit(like cashrewards)? I have signed up and used zip pay in catch($20 off) and didn't receive the credit, may be i didn't receive as I have used it for $20 off in catch..

    • Have you received the $20 sign up bonus?

      • u were 22sec ahead …

    • still waiting ?

      • still waiting for the $20 sign up bonus, but today i can see the option to invite other get $20.

  • ugh. didn't get the credit after 1 business day. maybe because i paid it in full straight after ?

    • it's really slowed down mate. My referrals from monday didnt come through til thursday

      • Ic. Was worried a bit because i paid it off straight after lol. Used your referral btw. Thanks.

        • Thank you mate. Much appreciated. I paid my wife's off straight away and just ended up being $10 in credit so had to spend it on something else.

  • any rec-s for purchase? tnx.

    • What's a rec-s?

      • Recommendations. Sorry. :)

        • +1

          I used mine on Catch so that i could take advantage of $20 + $20. I was very boring and bought something I needed to by anyway - Dishwasher tablets.

  • +1

    I did not get any referral bonus email - does anyone know if there is a way to check if it has come through>

  • Bought from catch 22 July - no $20 till today (5 aug - 2 weeks) :(

    Anyone else not getting their referral credit?

    • A few people didnt receive and had to lodge a request with Zip. Do you know whose referral code you used?

      • Yours 😀. Will try and lodge a request with zip. Thanks.

        • agreed people that apply should write down the referral code they use. my referral link was clicked 3 times but no referral credit yet received only 1 family who i sent an sms too got theirs so far couple of days after they spent using zip.

  • Zip cs is awful. After the agent’s first and only response to my ticket, there is no more reply from her, and it’s been 6 days. The ticket still open. And i keep replying on it.

    I then opened a new ticket and guess what, they close it and merge it with old one.

    My purchase was on 22 july, so it’s been 3 weeks. I gave up..

    • managed to sort it out after i send a fb message to their page. omg.

  • +2

    Didn't get my credit. Took 5 emails over the period of a week until they finally credited my account. Might just have to persist if you didn't get your referral.

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