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Enduroshield Glass or Tile & Grout Treatment $24.99 Each @ ALDI


An easy clean, protective coating that reduces cleaning time. Original Link

  • Glass or Tile & Grout Treatment

More info at this old post. Credit to member John Kelvin for the description below.

See youtube for more details

Comments on Amazon:

Question: Ok- is this just rain-x marketed differently? I bought it, but haven't seen it's results yet… tell me why it's better please!


I have had excellent result from it when I did my shower glass one year ago it's still good by not leaving water spot on glass.in a month or two I will have to applied again. If you do it as listed it will give you good result.
By george lazar on November 29, 2015

We have had it for sometime now and only wipe up the water drops with a dry cloth and have had no serious cleaning or scrubbing to do. We like it.
By book lover on November 30, 2015

I've not used Rain-X so I can't help you. Perhaps you should email the company for an answer.
By Amazon Customer on November 30, 2015

Hi Dan,
EnduroShield products are 100% different from products like Rain-X which create a slippery surface.
First, our products are monomers, not polymers — this is a very big difference in terms of the thickness which bring us the the second difference. EnduroShield relies on the molecules of the product itself to create the water & oil repellent surface, whereas other products make the surface slippery in order to work.
Lastly, whereas products like the one you mention require essentially treating the surface over and over to keep it working, the EnduroShield will last for years on a single application — beyond three in this case with the home product.
Lastly, we do not rely on buying patent rights, we are not a re-brand of any other product — all EnduroShield products are solely our own.
If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us directly.
The EnduroShield Team see less
By EnduroShieldUSA on April 25, 2016

Thanks to Alzori for posting the catalogue.

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  • Anyone got recommendations on best product to rid of soap scum build up on shower screens?

    • +3

      Steel wool & soapy water.

      • +4

        Steel wool?? That would scratch the crap out of the glass??!

        • +1

          That's what I thought when I first read it, but if you Google "Enduroshield steel wool" you will see it's what they say to use. I think it actually comes with the kit.

        • Glass is harder than steel but more brittle
          Mohs ordinary Steel 4-4.5 Glass 5.5
          so use ordinary steel wool not the stainless

        • +7

          Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

    • Jif and a whole heap of scrubbing. Alternatively, a very sharp razor.

    • +2

      Bam soap scum remover spray. For me it works like wonder.

      • Coles glass cleaner also works. CHEAP!

    • +3

      Simple Green Glass Restorer. I bought it from Bunnings but cant see it on their website. It's a paste formula which you apply with a non scratch pad. Bit of elbow grease involved but quite easy to use. I've tried a few methods before I found something that works and isnt abrasive.

      • +1 to this. Grabbed it a few weeks ago. Works fantastic.
        Steel wool is ok, but this stuff is better than that and the magic eraser. Vinegar/bi-carb soda is also good. (But the SGGR is faster and probably has better results.. It does stink though).

    • +3

      Those white magic eraser sponge!!

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      Don't use soap in the shower. I switched to liquid based products and no longer have problems with soap scum.

      • Which one? i find that even water leaves these marks in mine.

      • yea but you still gotta clean maybe monthly to prevent mould appearing ? even tho there's supposedly 'less' soap scum

    • Magic eraser amd squigee

    • -1

      magic eraser with a solid dishwashing tablet on the inside. greatest hack ever

    • Trojan Retractable Safety Scraper With Blades, $6.95 at Bunnings, works great. Use it with some bathroom spray just to provide a little lubrication. Finish with Jif once the worst of it is off.

    • +2

      Get a spray bottle, add 30% dish washing liquid and 70% white vinegar. Spray on and leave for min 30min (longer the better). Then rinse off and done. Best results with a light scrub before wash off if its heavily soiled etc. Its ridiculous how good it works, better than any store bought product Ive used etc. The amount of scrubbing i would have saved if i knew this trick earlier :( lol. Just try it, seriously it works. A google search will tell you more as well.

      • +1

        Citric acid would probably also work if you don't want vinegarfield smell

    • +2

      Vinegar – or acetic acid – is not a bad option, but a better option is sulphamic acid (found in BAM and also a toilet cleaner that Bunnings sell). It’s a stronger acid, will get the alkaline salts off easier, but won’t damage the metalwork.

      • I use the sulphumic acid from the Bunnings toilet product.

    • barkeepers friend makes it almost effortless for me

    • Aldi’s stain remover for i think around $1.50, it really works and believe me u wont need to scrub at all. I saw this in news a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see the results on shower screen, would love to know if someone will or have tried already.

    • +3

      Hillmark Cerapol ceramic induction cooktop cleaner, you can buy from Bunnings.
      It works wonders, I couldn't recommend it enough

    • Easy off Bam… love the stuff personally - weird to get excited about a cleaning product but yeah. Wet the screen, spray it on, wipe it off, rinse.

    • I tried everything under the sun and nothing worked… till I used 3000 grit sand paper. Make sure you wet the glass or sandpaper first. It does take time, but It works. You can get it at autobahn or supercheapauto

    • I use BarKeepers Friend or Gumption and a drill on slow speed with the scourer attachment from this pack

      I use the scrubbing brush attachment from the eBay pack and Coles Foam (rated #1 by Choice) for the tiles and grout.

    • +1

      @Jimothy Most of the new shower cleaners dissolve soap scum. Best I've used is Shower Power. Cheapies are less effective and sometimes leave streaks. Ymmv.

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    Bar keepers friend works the best for me for soap scum and ingrained calcium buildup. Can get from Coles or Victorias Basement. Then weekly maintenance with Shower Power.

  • -3

    I don't use soap. Problem solved.

    • We can tell…

  • +5

    I have been using Di-San stain remover for a while now.


    • I'm a Di-San fan and did not know this! Thanks for the heads up

    • Ditto. Will give it a try. Their shower cleaner is so so imo.

  • +1

    I applied Enduroshield product to my shower about three months ago and it really does make a difference in keeping the shower clean compared to bare glass.

  • Can drain cleaner be used in bathroom floor drain?

    • Yes

  • +3

    Anyone have experience with the grout treatment?

  • +1

    I used gumpton on my glass screen and it seemed to work!

  • +1

    I've done the spray bottle with 30% strong dishwashing liquid (ie Tandil Ultra or Morning Fresh), and white vinegar (warmed in the microwave). Spray on and leave for 15-20 mins, then scrub lightly with a light scourer, then rinse away.

    Also keen to try Gumption as people rave about that too.

    • my friend used to work as a commercial cleaner and highly recommended gumption.
      I found it didnt really work for me on the screens.
      Worked well for kitchen tiles though :)

  • +2

    Try Strike Bath & Shower Cleaner 750ml from Woolies. Cheap and does wonders. Just spray, keep it for 10-15 minutes and wash off. I tried barkeepers friend, Bam, gumpton, ajax,method, simplegreen, all aldi stuff, carwash, shampoo etc. This is the best so far. Next would be the toilet clear with baking soda (cant remember the brand, I don't use it any more). Bought Strike after seeing an add on TV. I thought it is just a marketing stunt but thought I would give it a go so if it does not work, I can get the plastic sprayer to spray house plants :-) . One of the best found so far.

  • +1

    Once you get the soap scum off, best to switch your soap and shamoo to a grey water safe option. Something like the below.


    This really reduces the build up of soap scum.

  • +2

    On shower screens, I use BarKeepers Friend or Gumption and a drill on slow speed with the scourer attachment from this pack. The glass comes up looking like new.

    I use the scrubbing brush attachment from the eBay pack and Coles Foam (rated #1 by Choice) for the tiles and grout.

    • i tried DIY-ing a scourer attachment a while back when it was the IN THING with DIY hacks pages.
      Cept even at slow speed it was just throwing soap/water everywhereeeeee.

  • thanks for the tips guys, i applied some di-san this morning..got high hopes for tonight when i go to wash it off :)

    As for changing soap, I use Goat soap
    1. because my skin is stupid sensitive especially in winter
    2. had a ridiculous deal a few months back at chemist warehouse…

  • I use Cloudy Ammonia.

    Just scrub it in and then wash with water. No waiting. The stuff is cheap yet potent.

    • OMG this stuff will really clean your lungs out. I would be very cautious with it especially in a small bathroom without much ventilation.

  • So what doss the grout treatment do? Clean grout or prefer grout getting dirty quick?

  • Squeegee and chamois to prevent it in the first place.

    • -1

      even with this, you'd still need to clean the shower occasionally right? maybe once a month?
      I squeege the surfaces every 2 days and find there are still some buildup in 3-4 weeks, there are no 100% magically clean, 'never scrub again' solution

  • Any experience on glass pool fencing? They have specific treatments for these, but from memory it was in the realm of $100-200 for it. Can't see how its much different to shower screens

    • DO it and ask qs later.

  • These are two alternatives I like.
    They work differently to Enduroshield but the intended outcome is the same. You need to start with clean glass/tiles and these help to prevent soap scum, calcium and mould build up over time. Both are applied regularly by spraying while the glass/tiles are still wet then leave it.
    After your shower…
    1) rinse off any soap on the glass and tiles with shower head (optional)
    2) spray a light mist of the product onto the wet glass and tiles
    3) leave it to dry naturally.
    The Windex one is sometimes 25% off at Coles.
    I prefer the Glitz one (stronger) but Bunnings AU no longer stock it unfortunately.
    They are great for keeping mould at bay too.

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