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$5 6" Everyday Value Range ($8.50 Footlong) @ Subway


For $5, you’ll get your choice of one of four six inch subs, available all day, every day (no meatball, sorry):

  • BLT
  • Tuna & Mayo
  • Pizza Melt with Cheese
  • Veggie Delite with Avo

$5 Every Day Value Range is available for a limited time at participating Subway restaurants. Product variety may vary. Additional costs for extras. Excludes delivery. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Every Day Value Subway 6-Inch sub can be upgraded to Subway Footlong sub for an additional $3.5.

Edit 2022: FB Post

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  • might give a try in my local store today.

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    Anyone remember Jared Fogle?

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    Do we have to use app?

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    Shame no meatball anymore :(

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      The whole point of subway is the meatball sub

      That and franchisees exploiting their student-visa work force

      • Chicken classic is a meatball killer. Sorry bud.

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          Ever looked at the walls of a subway while standing around?

          Or perhaps, the name of the "restaurant"

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            @iamhurtin: Absolutely. Don't forget the footlongs look like mini train carriages stuffed with passengers (condiments).

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              @Tacooo: I like my chicken classic footlong with Italian herb and cheese bread with cheddar cheese toasted with tomato, lectuce, onion and pickles and southwestern and bbq sauce with salt and pepper. My fav :)

              • @storageguy: Damn, that's a racially diverse train ride if I ever saw one.

        • I get my chicken classic with extra meatballs

          Best parmi ever

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      Yeah it sucks :( Meatball was the only reason i'd go for this deal

      • Yes, I had one too many $8~ meatball Subways back in the day! Once it went up by a few dollars I moved on.

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      I still remember the glory days of $7 meatball subs every day…

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        Or the 6 inch with coke for $5.

        • How much was price of houses back then? Big premium now because everyone is on the hook up to their eye balls with the bank.

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            @netjock: The $5 6 inch with drink that long ago. Probably ended 7ish years ago not like it was the 90s.

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      Disgraceful really. I hear the peeps talking about $7-8 meatball footlongs

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      I stopped going when they raised the price from basic for meatball subs.

  • Does this include otr?

    • What exactly is OTR?

      • On The Run AKA the Shahin's facsimile of the 7-Eleven business model in South Australia.

        • Yeah, but what's with all the other brands' deals on their website? Subway, Oporto etc. Is it just delivery of those in SA via OTR? Or do they open joint shops in SA?

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            @bouncybear: I think the Shahins are franchisees/licensees of brands like Oporto and Krispy Kreme in SA. I think the Subway stores within OTRs are joint stores though. The Shahins brought Oporto and Krispy Kreme to SA but Subway has been around longer.

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            @bouncybear: Otr is petrol station with subway, krispy kreme, brumbys bakery, ect inside the store.

  • I haven't been to Subway in probably at least 10 years. Back in the mid-00s they were good value (I think they had a $5 6-inch sub + cookie + drink deal back then?) but they haven't been competitive for the longest time. Surprised they're still in business.

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      Worldwide, Subway has more spots than Mcdonalds, to put it in perspective.

      • I would love to see a profitability breakdown of the two as opposed to a total revenue/stores.

        • From what I've heard from friends that work at mcdonald's, mcdonald's makes much more profit from items than Subway.

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            @Twirlypiglet: Regardless, I would rather have a subway sub than anything mcdonalds can churn out.

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              @Cheeper: I agree mostly. The problem is that Subway has too many choices for customers, and when the franchisee is stingy then the product is sub par. With mcdonald's it is at least consistentent in its serving sizes/product quality.

              That is one thing I really dislike about working at a subway; out store was voted franchise of the year for its 'highly rated customer reviews' for service and product quality, but whenever I tell anyone I work at a Subway, or even post on forums answering questions I get bombarded about how Subway is crap. Yes, tbh, most subways are. But if you find a good one (they are out there, believe me), it's honestly a great thing.

              It's still expensive in my opinion though, but that's because if it wasn't it would literally be pointless for franchisees to own a store.

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                @Twirlypiglet: Where is your store? I'm keen to find a good reliable Subway!

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                  @Kiz: We're in Perth. Subway Bayswater on Collier Rd.

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                    @Twirlypiglet: No good, I'm in Vic….. thanks and good to see you are a good store!

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                      @Kiz: When Covid is gone, feel free to drive over 😉

                  • @Twirlypiglet: Wow I'm in Bayswater too. I'll come in for my secret OzBargain upgrade.

                    • @goodhasgone: Sounds good!
                      Come in on Monday, it will be INSANELY busy, but if you have the time to wait you'll be in for a nice surprise… 😉

              • @Twirlypiglet: Lots of animosity now is because they scrapped lots of good deals, and reduced frequency of any decent promos.
                Pre-subcard days were awesomer! A backwards step for the customers since.. So disappointing 😤

                • +1

                  @capslock janitor: Once again, trust me I know! I used to use the EFC deals all the time and they were great. Tbh most customers at our store are happy because they are regulars so are able to use the sub card to get discounts on their food every two weeks or so.

                  The EFC deals were much better for people to use once every so often to get a cheap meal at Subway, but I think the problem was that most people were ONLY using it for this and not returning to pay full price for subs. I can understand why Subway changed it, but honestly the subcard is crap for anyone that isn't coming multiple times a week.

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              @Cheeper: those sneaky cheeseburgers though

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        People travel to maccas

        Subway travels to people

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      I stopped going when the Shop a Docket deals stopped. Was a free footlong when you bought a footlong + drink.
      Would be around $11 for 2 footlongs + refillable cup.

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    Is this a new promotion? my local has been doing it for about a year now, guess I just assumed it was aus wide.

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      My thoughts as well, our store has been doing it for over a year. And our footlongs are $8 as opposed to $8.50.

      Although I have had a lot of customers coming in and saying that other stores they went to aren't doing it.

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    When you order eg. BLT, they put B, L and T in it, do you still get to choose all the other ingredients you'd like, like it's normally at Subway? Or if it's Value Range, you just get a pre-defined sub, ie. BLT is just B+L+T?

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      You still add salads of your choice

    • I believe for this deal it would only be BLT and no extra stuff. I remember they had a deal on the Italian BMT sub and I asked if they could do no ham but they said they couldn't because it would then be a pizza sub.. So they can be pretty particular for these deals.

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        You can choose whatever salads you like, it's not locked to lettuce and tomato.

        • Cool, thanks for clarifying.

          Do you happen to know if the mobile app prices will also reflect these deals?

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    Is this really a deal?
    Footlongs are $8.50 now and not as good as before. This is why I stopped going to Subway.

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      Its not a deal.. just a slow bargains day.. ppl think saving 20c is something to get excited about.

    • -1

      True, they seem to be focused on not putting on much filling these days. I like the tuna subs but they only put half as much tuna as they used to. I now ask for plenty of tuna and they oblige. Just ask for more of what you like on your sub.

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    that's still kinda shitty value considering these subs are pretty much same quality as 7eleven sandwiches

    • Nah… 7-11 sangas are good but definitely not comparable with a good sub.

    • +4

      I've gotten sandwiches from 7/11 about three times and they were hard from being refrigerated and there was almost no fillings. I thought they'd be the same at all 7/11 stores because they're pre-packaged and then sent out to the stores, but possibly it was just the store I went to?

      If I remember correctly it was a roast beef one and a tuna one.

      • +1

        I've only had one sub from 7-Eleven (roast beef) and it wasn't very good. Cold, and the meat was dry. Very little mustard (or whatever condiment it had) so the dryness was particularly evident.

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    How is this a deal.. these subs are like 9 bucks for foot long anyways

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    Veggie Delite with Avo

    For $8.50 I can buy a whole loaf, a whole avocado, all the veggies that go into it and have the crap attitude approach to making it.

    • haha we must go to the same store then… have an upvote

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    Just a heads up every one.

    For the BLT, the formula is to put 2 strips of streaky bacon on the six inch and 4 strips on the footlong.

    Now I don't know if the strips are supposed to be bigger or what's the story, but it's really not a lot of meat (although, it has a very strong smoky flavour so you can still tell its there, it just isn't that filling unless you get a lot of salad). Our store puts 3 for a six inch and 6 for a footlong, but even then it doesn't look like a lot.

    Just thought I'd give a heads up to everyone as we get abused a lot for being stingy with the bacon, but that is what Subway HQ has told us to put.

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    Why no chooks 😔

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    I wonder how many "participating" stores there are. Non near me.

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    Gotta ask mates, does the Veggie Delite with Avo actually come with free avo? The 2 stores I go to charge extra for it!

    • Hey! Do you ever keep your receipt? Just wondering if it says "Veggie delite with Avo" or just "Veggie delite".

      If it says with Avo, then the avocado is required to be free.

  • There have been $8 footlongs here at least for the last year I'm aware of so if anything this is higher in price

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    They don't have the balls to include meatballs!

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    Didn't want subway. Now I want subway.

  • Sucks they've omitted some usual subs from this deal. My pick would be BLT/Pizza melt if I go ..

  • How can I order those via APP

  • I actually cross the street to avoid the smell of Subway…….there I said it.

  • +2

    Is $8.50 actually considered good value for the cheapest subs with least premium ingredients of all?

    No wonder I stopped eating there!

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    Free delivery code for Subway @ UberEats when you spend $15 or more between 22nd July - 2nd August. Redeemable multiple times.

    Promo Code: "SUBWAYTOYOU"

  • Flemington Markets subway did not have this offer, they even made the BLT and wouldnt give it for $5

  • App stuck on Choose Your Flavour .. how do you progress to next screen?

  • South Morang VIC 3752 have these subs at $9.50 when I checked in today

    • +1

      Yep your area sucks. The nearest store to south Morang that I could find with this offer is in Epping plaza shopping centre

  • They still have it at all local stores around me. NSW: 2102, 2103, 2086 & 2099

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