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Hafele Flexible Extension Mixer Tap $329.99 @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


After a bit of a hunt arount and avoiding the cheap and nasty. Seems this is the best bang for the buck INCLUDING another ozB deal linked below.

I need to wash larget tubs so need the extra length.

Costco also has it marked a Hot Deal so pretty sure it is a $500 plus deal exuivilent..

Cheaper one on same brand on Costco.

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  • Have seen Hafele tapware and sinks on Costco website. The prices are reasonable but any feedback on quality? Seems to be new to Australian market.

    • Their carpentry/cabinetry products has been pretty top notch, unsure about their tap ware though.

    • Had one for almost 10 years never had an issue with quality, really solid unit but it’s so big for a standard kitchen, Mines in an island that’s 3.6 x 1.2 and it still seems massive, also the sink unit flexes around where it’s mounted when you use the hose because of the length/height combo, don’t know if the sink metal is thinner than normal but something to think about.

      • We had old sink replaced and it seems they make them thinner now. We noticed that too late, otherwise would look around for more options. There has to be some that are still well built. Seems, they'll soon start making paper houses.

  • Interested in getting one. They retail for over 500, good guys have it for around 450. 330 seems like a good price.

  • I bought one for one third the price from BG and it has been trouble-free. Don't bother paying a clearly marked up price for it!


    • As far as I see it, the main disadvantage with imported tapware is that it may contain lead or other toxins. Unlike cheap tapware imported from China, I've never seen accusations that Hafele faucets are lead leaching culprits.

    • That’s identical, pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart without the badge.

    • Good luck quickly getting a replacement if it fails.

      • just buy 1 spare, still cheaper.

      • That's an argument I often hear for buying the grossly overpriced item, that the cheaper item wouldn't last, but over the years my $99 generic air fryer, generic mixer tap, OEM vitamix are still going strong at a fraction of the price. People need to stop falling for the marketing bs.

        • The difference is if something does go wrong. YMMV to others. The advantage of Costco is if you don’t like it they will take it back. I’ve done with a couple of things and there was no argument, they just give you the money back. Bricks and Mortar stores tend to be easier to deal with if there is an issue.

        • I argue against cheaper items like this, because it clearly infringes laws…… and may make you liable for fines.

          • @lplau: No it doesn't. This is a mixer, not a pirated software. Anyway if you're happy to spend $300 on something that's OEM for a third, by all means. Same with Vitamix. Their design and patent expired ages ago and OEMs are equally good. But the brand conscious will still go for a Vitamix for some weird reason even though OEMs will last and last… People can do whatever they want with their money shrugs I only made the post to provide others with a much cheaper alternative of the same quality.

    • For $92 I decided to try yours. Hope it stacks up as it is commercial environment. But 1/3 price so why not. we will see. I have seen the cheapies and not even close to the $500 plus models, Hope im wrong and is the same thing

    • It may look the same, but quality wise likely very diffierent. You ever seen LV bags then fake LV bags?

      Also you are risking your own health, with possible Lead poisoning and toxins the materials.
      You will also be risking your home insurance and fines for installation of non-watermark taps.

      Fines for plumbers who install non-watermark taps
      Fines for "DIY"ers who install taps at all (as they need to be installed by a licensed plumber)

      If a leakage is to occur and cause water damage, which they trace back to a tap which is not watermark certified then they can decline your insurance claim.
      If there is water leakage which then causes a spark (some sinks have powerpoints below for dishwasher etc), and they trace it back to this tap, they can also decline your insurance claim if your house got burnt down.




      • I get that you're well-intentioned, but I think this is why SOME tradies (not all tradies are annoying) are universally hated by many everyday consumers. Not saying that you are a tradie, but they like to quote regulations and insurance fear mongering to justify their prices… claiming there's "possible asbestos" where there's not a speck of it on the material, or how it may impact your insurance claim. If you've owned your mixer for ages and you've got a burst pipe, they're not going to ask you for receipts for your old mixer. I deal with insurance companies in my work, and as much as they like to deny claims for obvious reasons, they also recognise that people are not going to keep receipts for certain items that have been there for a long time. Lastly I've got the BG mixer and it's a good quality, well put-together mixer which is why I recommended it from personal experience. Not one of those plastic spray painted with metal paint ones that will fall apart in a month!

    • 10 Minutes after I order it's on flash sale. for $67~ + delivery

      • Awesome! Even better savings! They must have noticed a surge in traffic from Ozb. I bought mine for $99 dammit… :D

  • I think I have this home. Never knew the brand…

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