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[PS4, XB1] Red Dead Redemption 2 $39 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Near all-time lowest price ($38) for this great game and looking forward to it loading quicker and running better on PS5.

  • Developed by the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland; The game's vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience

  • After a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee.

  • With federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the nation massing on their heels, the gang must rob, steal and fight their way across the rugged heartland of America in order to survive.

  • America, 1899. The end of the Wild West era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Those who will not surrender or succumb are killed.

Xbox link: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B079J83X2C (May also be included in Gamepass.)

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  • I am downloading it right now “for free” since it is included in the list of XBOX Game Pass as OP mentioned. 100GB to download.

    • +2

      I wouldn't expect it to stay there for too long, if GTA5 is any benchmark.

      • I've been playing through it on Game Pass for the last two months or so. Just into the Epilogue now

  • You can already see it looking better and loading quicker on PC

    • +7

      Not on my pc ;P

    • …and costing more and not being playable on your couch unless you have your PC hooked up to your TV.

      I'm a PC master race member but some games are arguably better played on consoles.

      • I just pick up my PC and move it to the lounge room. HDMI, wireless XB1 controller and you're set.
        If you're running a decent rig it's vastly better than a current gen console.

        • +2

          Eh, I have a reasonably high end gaming PC and I find the Xbox One X is absolutely fine for most games. Plus it does HDR without any of the Windows 10 HDR problems.

          • @caitsith01: Best to connect your PC up to the LAN, and stream to your TV with Steam Link (available on Apple TV or Nvidia Shield)

        • +4

          Not intuitive. The appeal of a console is the convenience. A nice small unit under your TV that boots up within seconds. No mucking around. No errors. No troubleshooting. Everything just works. You can be resuming a game within mere seconds. It's seamless. Not saying you're one, but a lot of PC elitists just don't understand that console and PC are simply for different audiences. The whole 'Xbox is irrelevant since you can play everything on PC' needs to die already. A lot of people, like myself, simply don't want to play on PC.

      • I agree, consoles are far simpler to get into. But if you can, boy does this look good on PC!

    • This game is on pc?

    • I'd love to see this on all max settings on a high end PC - it already looks amazing from my PS4 Pro & OLED TV but FPS does drop when things get hairy.

    • +1

      This game looks incredibly nice on PC. i also played it on console, but doing a 2nd playthrough on pc atm.

  • Great game, there's a reason why it has held up its price.

    FYI though, I have it 'free' from Xbox game pass.

  • Find it hard to purchase Xbox games if not available on pc to share without paying twice.

    I use my laptop to play games, but would be nice if more Xbox games were shared to PC on the xbox app

    • Isn't the deal that if you buy digitally you get both, but if you buy an actual physical copy you can't use it on both platforms?

    • Console and game streaming will solve this soon. Not the best solution, but I stream my xbox to my phone and run it through my desktop monitor to play remotely.
      Pretty absurd playing on actual phones though, screens are far too small to make it usable.

  • Great game, bought it couple of weeks ago as didn't know it was on game pass!

  • +5

    Note to self, stop buying games I'm not going to be able to play for months. Bought this a while back for more than this and still haven't touched it.

    • I know this very well! ☹️

    • same here, my pile of shame is now high enough for me :D

    • subscribe to humble bundle monthly so that you will stop buying games unnecessarily! —- said no one ever.

  • Very quick on ssd or SSHD, even external.

  • PC Price = $1,000,000,000

  • +1

    If bought this PS4 version, can it be played on PS5? Otherwise prefer to grab the PC version

    • If you don't have a PS4, it is not worth getting it now.
      One reason you might want to get PS4 / XB1 physical disc version is that, if you are willing to not patch your game for a while (disconnect from the network), you can utilise the gold bar bug. Pretty sure PC version, which is released roughly 1 year later has the bug patched. XB1 GamePass version would have bugs already patched.

      With PS5, XB1X, it is unclear whether a patch download will be mandatory and if yes, pretty sure the free gold bars bug and the free great horses bug would both be patched.

      While I really enjoyed RDR2, I simply couldn't be bothered farming that much. The game is pretty long.

      • I bought this on ps4 about 2 weeks ago thinking it might function on PS5's backwards compatibility.

        Have played it a bit, but absolutely hate the sluggish movement of rockstars games. Still fun though.

        Also what's the gold bar bug?

        • You will need to uninstall the game and re-install it without Internet if you want to use the bug (back to initial / unpatched version), but if you already picked up the gold bars, not sure whether the bug can be re-triggered. Best to youTube it. I played this back in 2018. In chapter 2, close to your camp area, there is an abandon area with some buildings, in one of the buildings, there is a box with 3 gold bars. If you save the game before picking up the gold bars, using the bug and there is a bit of timing involved, you can reload the save game and that box would keep on providing gold bars. Your default satchel can only carry 30 gold bars from memory, so you need to sell them at the fence and then go back and pick up another 30. Doing this repeatedly (use multiple save slots to be safe), you can pretty much buy whatever you want. Remember to keep at least 30 in your satchel just in case, because after a certain chapter, your money gets a reset.

          The horse bug is at Saint Denis, but it is more annoying because it is luck of the draw so it is time consuming, but you can get the best horse in the game for free. Also, after chapter 6, all the satchels are free to buy (and relatively cheap).

          • @netsurfer: Damn I'm still doing all the Brathwaite/Gray stuff. I might finish the story properly in my first runthrough and then do it all again. Sounds a bit tedious to have to do all that though!

            • @Ethan Bargain-Hunt: Once you finished the game, you will NOT have any money issue, you get a big sum of money once you finished the game (you can continue to play unfinished side quests and buy outfits). There is no need to replay.

              If you don't have money issue currently, no need to bother with the gold bar bug. If you reached Saint Denis and cannot afford a good horse and really want a good horse, you could try the horse bug (but that will require uninstall and re-install to re-enable the bug) and the horse bug is a real pain because it is a random horse each time. Obviously, scout the horse and if it is rubbish, reload an old save. No point steeling a cheap horse in the game.

              You lose all your money at the end of chapter 6, but you get to keep the unused items and outfits. So, if you want to make life easier when you are in chapter 7, don't sell all your gold bars in chapter 6.

          • @netsurfer: just to add, the gold bar bug not necessarily needs a reload trigger.

            you can just exit the area , do something else, and come back, and you will be able to pick up. I kind of made sure to 'swing by' that house every now and then to pick up a bar… ended up with 70+ bars without trying.

            this is probably the only time i find that not having a digital download is good.

            i like the balance of this game (single player mode, i don't play multiplayer), because even with 70+ gold bars, it doesn't mean you can crap all over the enemies and buy the biggest guns..etc. it made some things less grindy (so you don't have to keep on hunting crap, to buy arrows, to hunt more crap so that you can buy a bigger gun, to hunt more crap.)

      • thanks; got ps4 but just play occasionally. I just want to stop shopping/stocking the ps4 game as PS5 is coming. RSR2 is a must-have game but not sure which version is better, EPIC/steam/PS4…

      • There's really no need to do the gold bar bug. Or even grind for treasure. The game will give you more than you'll ever need.


        sometime in chapter 3 or 4 (I can't remember) you'll rob a bank and that job alone gives you thousands. I upgraded everything to the best after that job.

        As for hunting, I actually found it pretty relaxing spending hours tracking and hunting a specific animal. The scenery and music makes it feel like you're right there. Everything looks so pretty thanks to the graphics. I'm on PC.

        RDR2 is meant to be enjoyed on a slower pace than your traditional shooters. It's not Doom. Even Arthur's walk suggests that. His default pace is a really slow swagger. And the world is filled with interesting events and NPCs it'll be a shame to rush through it all. I paid and sat through a 15 min movie, watched a criminal I help catch hang at the gallows, helped a boy find his lost dog, played blackjack, poker, dominos, robbed some stores for the heck of it, etc. etc. Rockstar put a ton of effort into making the RDR2 as lifelike as possible and there's so much to see and do. Don't waste all that time trying to exploit a bug.

        Edit: forgot to add, at the end even though Arthur loses all his money, you get to control John and he gets $20k. That's like 100mil in today's terms. You'll never run out of money.

    • +1

      Yes, you will be able to play the PS4 version on PS5 on release. An upgrade to the game will be coming in 2021 but unclear yet if it's a free or paid upgrade.

  • Greatest game in the history of console gaming.


    • +2

      I've been ridiculously slack and have only just made it to St Denis (which I'm told is basically where the story begins) and I'm still completely on the fence about this claim. It's so hard to put this above GTA V, but for a game literally released 7 years ago it's definitely showing its age. I'd also have to give RDR2 the #1 spot with GTA V #2 by a nose.

      • +2

        This is all personal preference stuff but I loved GOW. Great gameplay mechanics, immersive story and world, and just didn't feel like a slog at any moment.

        Sucks though because I bought red dead as I've wanted the experience of playing through a western world, but it's just got so much going for it.

        I've just ended up roaming and playing Ennio Morricones scores while pretending to be Clint Eastwood.

        • +2

          Same… I got so bored with side quests and just focused on the main story after the first 15-20 hours of gameplay. And then the main story ended quite soon. Sold the game immediately after as i wasn't interested in keeping it. I wouldn't call this the best game in the history of gaming, not even close. GoW and Witcher 3 are so much better than this.

          • +1

            @0FoxGiven: GOW and The Witcher are the benchmarks for me. Those games were just my speed.

            I've ended up doing more horse maintenance in RDR2 than anything. Constantly brushing my horse and feeding it lol.

            Was considering selling it like a week after buying, but I might as well see it through now haha

            • @Ethan Bargain-Hunt: Please tell me you have the White Arabian horse. That was one of the first things I did when I was allowed to free-roam and have exclusively used him all game.

              • @Hinee: I've currently got some $15 horse I bought in one of the first missions when you go to the stable. Would rather have the NPC's steal that horse than the white arabian when I get it haha

                Haven't touched red dead in like 4 days though. Been having a great time with Super Mario Odyssey (and catching up on my switch backlog lol)

              • @Hinee: I have it at chapter 2 and it doesn't change the game in a big way. Once reached Sanit Denis, I switched to Pink Arabian (which is stats wise, the best). There is another horse I've got that's also pretty good. Arabian horse are great all round horses, but they don't top out in every stats. The down side is they are smaller looking horses so in a number of cut scenes, it looks like Arthur is riding a smaller horse (compared to other people).

                By the way, I don't think you can use White Arabian all the way in the game. Does it re-spawn after chapter 6? Pink Arabian does.

      • +1

        RDR2 has good entertainment value and is a great achievement from Rockstar. However, it isn't a "fun" game to play. The game control feels a bit dated in today's standard. Multiplayer mode is a disappointment.

        Farming legendary animals can be a bit of a pain. They are in the areas, but there is luck involved to trigger them to appear. The limited fast travel is a bit annoying. Then, after chapter 6, the satchels are cheap to buy so is there any real point farming for them? It is still best to get a couple of them in the earlier chapters.

        Pacing isn't perfect either. It does have a bit of a drag in the middle.

        • Hey man, I'll give you a pass. I thought the game was a masterpiece (not perfect), given the scale. However, everything you said was reasonable criticism.

  • Thanks OP, great price.

    Does anyone know if EB games will price match Amazon? I have an EB gift card which I'd like to use.

    • +1

      From my experience they won't. Usually has to be another physical store.
      And sometimes you get a miserable staff member who claims some BS about only price matching stores inside a 100KM radius.

  • -1

    best game on ps4 period

    • ye naaa

    • The last of us?

      • Vomit.

        TLOU1 fan here, btw.

        Someone forgot to mention Ghost of Tsushima.

      • tlou1 thats not ps4, that came out on ps3 originally, that was my fav ps3 game yes.
        the last of us 2 i didnt like it as much at all so not even close to the best ps4 game, still rdr2 best ps4 title to date. who ever disagrees name your fav title instead of negging. ghost of tushima is not even that good, did you watch any gameplay or reviews? that ghost of tushima cant even get within 10 foot of rdr2 in any comparison..

  • +2

    Best single player experience I've had on Xbox one

    Worst multiplayer experience I've had on Xbox one.

  • L3NNY!

    • It's about time some someone posted this…

  • +1

    Gavin approves of this.

  • Hows it to play just the main story missions? I don't have a lot of time.

    • If you are really short of time just watch a YouTube play through ….

      I don’t think I did all the side quests but I had about 80 hours of enjoyment out of it over a few weeks. The game is beautiful imo. Worth the time.

  • +1

    One of the best games to come out of all time.

  • Back to $39 on Amazon again if anyone missed it.

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