This was posted 4 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 6GB/128GB Prism Blue Dual Sim $529 Delivered (Grey Import) @ TobyDeals


**warranty has always been an issue with grey imports so consider your option before OZbargain buying impulses

Use coupon Cart3 for 3% discount

Snapdragon 855 not the inferior Exynos
Dual sim
Decent camera performance
Great samsung Amoled display altough 60 Hz
One of the cheapest sd855 options if you ignore the black sharks 2 deals that (were nearly $440 on aliexpress few days ago) but have virtually useless camera.
and much easier to resell a Samsung than Xiaomi, balckshark, oppo..etc

these grey importers are known for little to no customer support.

Other colours are available for $533

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  • isn't it S10e? didn't know there is a S10 lite.

    • Nah the S10 Lite released around the same time as the S20, it's a plastic bodied version of the S10+ with a worse camera.

    • Na strange Samsung policy a different phone all together wasn't launched in Australia.Was launched in some markets early this year 2-3 weeks before the S20 release. Have a large screen, in-screen fingerprint scanner, 4500mah battery… better than s10e in all departments but a bit bigger phone.

      • People buy the s10e for a smaller phone. Comparing this with the s10e is just silly imo. 6.7" screen vs 5.8". They target different markets. Not better in all departments either. The s10e has a metal body vs the plastic one on the s10 lite.

  • Get the g8s thinq from JB also SD855 with au warranty

    • Would not recommend an LG phone to my worst enemy. 2 duds G4 and G6, both died before 2 years.
      Bought a new oppo reno Z and it was faster than my G6(a third of the price). I don't know how LG nobbles their phones.
      Updates come from oppo at a nice pace, good luck with LG updates.

      3 times bitten, never again….

      • that's even better, since it failed within the warranty period, you will get your money back to upgrade. I wish all my electronics would be like this and buy them when they're like 50% off not RRP

  • For that price may be get A51 instead.

    • I wouldn't, my A50 is really bad, recent series A are just shit, so laggy and the lower ones use Samsung CPU unless you get A70 or better
      and this s10 lite is over double the performance with better battery life… I am seriously considering it, and the a51 benchmarks and has poorer battery than the A50
      edit: on the plus side it was AU stock and I had the faulty data port replaced under warranty, 6 weeks in

    • This is a much better phone than the A51.

    • How crappy is the camera compared to A51?

      On par or slightly better?

  • Was going to buy one for the wife but maybe not now. Thanks for the update.

  • no wireless charging or dust/water protection. Effectively a smaller A71

  • Would Telstra VoLTE work on this phone?

  • How crappy is the camera compared to regular S10?

    As crappy as mid range phones like A51 & A71?

    • The main camera is arguably better than the regular S10. Definitely not crappy, just different. The S10 Lite has a 48-megapixel main camera vs the 12-megapixel main camera in the regular S10. The S10 Lite should perform slightly better in good lighting conditions while the S10 should perform slightly better in low-light conditions due to the larger pixel size.

      The main difference between the two is the third camera. The S10 has a telephoto lens (zoom) while the S10 Lite has a macro lens (super close-up). Telephoto is probably more useful for most people.

      The S10 Lite has OIS Super Steady meaning sharper images in hand-held photos and steadier video versus the A51 or A71.

      It also has a single 32-megapixel front camera vs the regular S10 having dual 10-megapixel and 8-megapixel cameras. Edit: Meaning the S10 Lite front camera should produce sharper images but the S10 will have a more accurate fake bokeh effect (blurred background).

      • Would you happen to know if the S10 Lite's front facing camera is fixed focus? The reviews I've read and watched hasn't mentioned it.

  • OP did you buy this through this seller? If so, any update on your order? I purchased on 21/07 and the order hasn't updated from "Processing".

    • I didn,t buy this, However, I have bought MI mix 3 earlier this year from them was shipped in 4 days and delivered around in 11 days. Covid situation may delay and there is The Dragon Boat Festival from 25-28 so nothing is shipping until 28th on all sites (DHgate, Aliexpress, Geekbuying) should ship after 28th they have been decent with shipping speeds according to my past experiences

  • Just received my S10 Lite 8GB today been using it for the past few hours. No major complaints. Large screen will take some getting used to. All the 'cons' I researched and decided I didn't care about anyway (no wireless charging, no water resistance, no headphone jack etc) Was gonna buy from TobyDeals/Tecobuy as it was cheaper there then too (560-70 ish) but decided against it after reading reviews. Bought from mymobile for $590 who have okay reviews and express shipping.

  • Should I buy this phone or A71

  • I ordered this phone from this deal and never got any response back from tobydeal other than the order confirmation. I was wondering if everyone here who have ordered are on the same boat or did any got any shipped email?

  • Do u think that the Web site is real was thinking of ordering one.

  • Did some research about this seller. Seems ok from other's comments.
    I've just ordered one. Prices have changed a bit, but still a good price, especially after applying the Cart3 discount code. $519 for a white one.
    See how it goes.

    • 8 days already, order still "processing" after checking on their website. No new email since purchasing.

  • Great ill have a look into it soon, i think this is a good phone for the price range, have a budget around 500AUD so it fits my pocket.
    what do u think about the phone ??

  • Great update great fone for the price will order one.

  • I just got this email
    Your Order # TAU is Being Packed and Getting Ready to Leave Our Warehouse!

    Will post you how it goes

  • So how long is the whole process ? in weeks ?

  • Ok, just to let you guys know, I received my phone yesterday. Had no issue.

  • Great will buy stuff from these guys mad

  • My phone finally arrived after nearly a month, somewhat longer than the promised 6 to 8 days after paying extra for priority insured shipping.

    While I was beyond frustrated with the delayed shipping and complete lack of communication despite multiple emails, it is the 8GB/128GB version, so 2GB more RAM than expected.

    Still, it seems there is no actual human responding to emails, they all seem automated. So personally IMO, I'd only buy from these guys again if you were happy to lose your money, and if something goes wrong be ready to kiss your sanity goodbye, you'd be better off trying to get a valid response out of a rubber suppository than from these people.

    • Apologies OP, negged deal as I thought it was posted by Tobydeals rep, my mistake :-/

    • I think you have the Exynos version,….. link below
      but please do state if I'm wrong, though Exynos might be a better alternative in Australia as maybe you won't have any issue like with Samsung pay etc since Exynos Samsung mobile versions are usually aimed at Australian region,.. so you maybe won't have the headaches as some imports do were some software features wont work in Australia from geo blocking

  • Finally got an email from support saying that they were out of stock but new stock should be arriving 21/8

  • Lite 10 camera vs note 8 camera?

  • Here is a review of the Note 10 Lite which mentions the A71 in comparison in the review
    Also to note the Note 10 Lite uses the same Exynos 9810 (10 nm) chip found in the Note 9 which im still currently using now and hasn't aged yet and the Note 9 came out in August 2018, yes upgraded to Android 10 that will be available in the Note 10 lite, though very shortly there will be an update for all Note 10s from UI2.0 to the latest UI2.5 found in the Note 20

    And don't forget the Note 10 lite came out in Jan 2020 so youll get quicker os and security updates that will last for 3 years over say a Note 9

    GSM arena specs comparison between the Note 10 Lite vs a Note 9

    I'd certainly upgrade to a Note 10 Lite if suddenly my Note 9 dies, then wait a year or so for the price of the Note 20 too drop to an affordable price,..

    Though one worry I have will features like Samsung pay work in Australia, anyone know who owns a Note 10 Lite here in Australia? Or any features that don't work since its an import?

    Edit: whoops ok just noticed the title of this post ok didn't realise the Note 10 Lite came in a Snapdragon 855 version, anyway Exynos version at AU$539 here,..same Exynos chipset as used in the Note 9 AU version,..not sure if this version will have the same grey import issues as its Snapdragon variant (might have?),..this Exynos version comes with 8GB/128GB,.. link below,..