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[NSW] Free 100-1500mm Random Sized Sandstone Boulders & Crushed Sandstone @ AKA Civil (Rosehill)


Just came across this. Could be good for your garden/landscaping projects.

"Random sized Boulders & Crushed Sandstone. Sizes from 100-1500mm. We are offering a FREE pick up of random sized Sandstone boulders & Crushed Sandstone from (Sydney). Pick up by appointment. Delivery options are also available at cost."

You'll need to call the number on the page to enquire and book an appointment, but they also offer delivery at a charge.

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    Thanks. Ima use this and buildt my own sandstone university.

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      I'd suggest a degree in English once completed :-)

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        Whoosh! Over your head.

  • not familiar with building materials… does these get eroded by rain easily? or does it need special treatment?

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      does these get eroded by rain easily?

      Yes, give it a few thousand years and you'll not be able to see what you built.

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      These will outlast all of us. No need to worry about erosion. Worry about the cost to handle 1.5m blocks of solid rock. 1m cube of this will weigh close to 3tonnes

      • that would be beyond the weight limits i can lift and work with… I was just thinking how nice it is to have a sand stone firepit that everyone can sit around on sand stone blocks roasting marshmallows .

    • Given that it's boulders and rocks, unless you fancy hours of back breaking work with masonry tools, it'd just be for garden landscaping, maybe retaining walls at best.

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    The appear to be located in Rosehill.

    NSW is a big place.

  • Anything over approx 400mm perfect for landscaping, interesting way of getting rid of construction waste. Roadworks or basement in area?

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      It's likely from the light rail construction in Parramatta

      • You're right, reclaimed land near river foreshore for the light rail.

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    BYO crane

  • I've heard of this company before. They have a Facebook page which advertises about sandstone & certain rocks that they offload for free or a low price, excluding delivery.

    Has anyone dealt with them before?

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    Any over the shoulder boulder holders?

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      Assume you are the titular head of your family

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    "Hey Barney, get over here and help me load some of these rocks will ya.! . "uh hee hee hee… OK, Fred!". Yabba dabba doo!

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      I remember being 80…

  • Is this spoil from WestConnex drilling under Annandale?

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