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Buy $120 Worth of L'OR Coffee Pods @ Woolworths Instore/Online & Get L'OR Coffee Machine Free via Redemption (RRP $219 or $249)


My 2nd post be gentle thanks 😊
Information on L'or website

Step 1: Spend $120 on L’OR coffee capsules in Woolworths stores or Woolworths online​
Step 2: Claim your FREE machine in-store if available and scan at checkout.​
Step 3: Scan or enter your Woolworths Rewards card to finalise your redemption. ​
If unavailable in-store or purchased online, you will be sent an email from L’OR to claim your machine on 19/8/20​
Promotion available from 22/07/2020 to 04/08/2020 AEST or while stocks last limited to first 4000 redemptions.​

Only available to Woolworths Rewards members 18+ (excl. TAS)​

A maximum of one redemption product per transaction and per customer will be redeemed during the Promotional Period​

Redemption machine is either a L’OR Barista Piano Noir Latte (LM8014/60 - RRP $219) or L’OR Barista Latte Premium (LM8018/90 - RRP $249). ​

Claimant will be sent an email to the email address linked to the Woolworths Rewards card scanned or entered at checkout from L’OR Espresso by 19/8/2020 outlining the process for online redemption. ​

Once delivery address confirmed, claimant will receive a confirmation of delivery with tracking number ​

Claimants have 3 weeks to confirm their delivery details and claim their machine (until 09/9/2020)​

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    • I called up this morning trying to explain what might have happened but they were very unhelpful. I'm going to return my pods and provide some very honest feedback to their marketing manager. Enough time wasted on this mess.

    • Have you got a confirmation email today?

  • From the L'or website… PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the email confirmation to all eligible entrants for our Woolworths Everyday Rewards L'OR Barista promotion has been delayed. We are working with our Woolworths Everyday Rewards representative to send them out as soon as possible, but rest assured, all those who entered our promotion will be receiving a L’OR Barista machine. At this point, emails will now be sent from the 25th of August 2020, when the Claim site will be live. Prizes will be shipping from the 1-September-2020 and Claims will close on 15-September-2020. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

    • 'all those who entered our promotion will be receiving a L’OR Barista machine'

      Great, so they scrapped the 'first 4,000 only' condition!

      • Perhaps they didn't even get 4000 entrants? Or it's their way of smoothing out the mess. I'm still holding my breath to see that they actually honor this.

        • Very likely. Not many people would have taken the risk with a promotion like this. L’Or is not a very popular brand and $120 is a lot to spend on pods.

  • +1

    I just got my email for redemption 5 mins ago.

    • same here but it doesn't state whether I will be getting the premium or not.

      • Online Redemption Product: The remaining 3400 machines are available for redemption online via the on-line Claim Method The first 1900 online claimants will receive a Machine Latte Premium. The remaining 1500 online claimants will receive aMachine Latte.

        Get in quick to get the premium.

    • I got the email at 9:15am too but no clue on which model will be.

  • Got the email as well and bought the 40 packs. Glad they were able to work this out!

  • Finally got my email as well @ 9:13am.

  • Got my email this morning peeps. Good luck to you all.

  • Got my email. Shipment starts after covid ends. Joke.

    • I think you’ve misread:

      “Prizes will be shipped after 1st September, 2020. Due to COVID-19, delays with delivery may be experienced, so we appreciate your patience in advance.”

      • I think you've misread my message as well. It's a joke.

  • I bought mine July 27, picked up on the 28th and 4pm. So check with woolworths if you didn't received an email.

  • Did anyone happen to buy their coffee pods instore outside of NSW? Anyone in Victoria?

    • I'm in SA, ordered online. I haven't entered my woolworths rewards number at checkout but the system recognises that I bought 120 dollars worth of pods.

    • I did and got the email around the same time as others.

  • Anyone received a shipping notification email?

    • Nope, not yet.

    • No notification received but it could be the case that they're not sending out a shipping notification - can't see it mentioned anywhere.

      There's also this from the original terms and conditions (before the stuff up with the emails): "… delivery of the Redemption Product will occur within approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the date of the confirmation of the address."

      • "Once delivery address confirmed, claimant will receive a confirmation of delivery with tracking number" in the original post and still nothing. maybe another stuff up?

        • I guess we'll find out. Anyway, If I hear or receive anything I'll post back on here.

  • +1

    Just got a 'being prepared' note from the AusPost app for a shipment from 'Mix Agency'. Had a look online and they do work for L'Or so I assume these guys are tasked with shipping the 4,000 coffee machines (they're based in Sydney). According to L'Or customer service, none have gone out yet and the first batch is being sent tomorrow.

    • I got the same notification. Seems like they are the promoter and they have the promotion here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDIOoaNDtHr/

      • Machine received today. Premium.

    • Yep me too

    • I haven't received anything yet.
      Bought pods on 24/7

      • I don't think it matters when you bought the pods. I bought mine towards the end of the promotion but did complete the redemption/verification form on the day it was emailed.

        • I did completed the redemption within 30 mins I received the email with the redemption link.

          • @rocket-tear: Got mine this morning. Premium Latte version.

            • @bozbargain: Nice! What state you in?

              • @JoeBaskin: Sydney metro so got a next day delivery. Did not get a shipping confirmation so if it wasn't for the AusPost app (which is linked to the email address I provided L'Or with), it would have just shown up as a complete surprise.

                • @bozbargain: Got mine in QLD today

                • @bozbargain: got it today. I had to go to post office to pick up.
                  btw, what is this long grey colored bar? spoon? is for?

                  • @rocket-tear: I think it’s to scoop out the milk froth based on the curve of it.

    • Machine received today in Melbourne

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