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Buy $120 Worth of L'OR Coffee Pods @ Woolworths Instore/Online & Get L'OR Coffee Machine Free via Redemption (RRP $219 or $249)


My 2nd post be gentle thanks 😊
Information on L'or website

Step 1: Spend $120 on L’OR coffee capsules in Woolworths stores or Woolworths online​
Step 2: Claim your FREE machine in-store if available and scan at checkout.​
Step 3: Scan or enter your Woolworths Rewards card to finalise your redemption. ​
If unavailable in-store or purchased online, you will be sent an email from L’OR to claim your machine on 19/8/20​
Promotion available from 22/07/2020 to 04/08/2020 AEST or while stocks last limited to first 4000 redemptions.​

Only available to Woolworths Rewards members 18+ (excl. TAS)​

A maximum of one redemption product per transaction and per customer will be redeemed during the Promotional Period​

Redemption machine is either a L’OR Barista Piano Noir Latte (LM8014/60 - RRP $219) or L’OR Barista Latte Premium (LM8018/90 - RRP $249). ​

Claimant will be sent an email to the email address linked to the Woolworths Rewards card scanned or entered at checkout from L’OR Espresso by 19/8/2020 outlining the process for online redemption. ​

Once delivery address confirmed, claimant will receive a confirmation of delivery with tracking number ​

Claimants have 3 weeks to confirm their delivery details and claim their machine (until 09/9/2020)​

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  • Once of the free machines (L’OR Barista Piano Noir Latte (LM8014/60 - RRP $219) is the same as the Mother's Day promo but you only needed to spend $90. So if you were to get this offer you'd want to get other model which looks like it is exactly the same machine but has a different finish (metal detailing vs glossy plastic).

    I replaced our Nespresso machine with the Mother's Day promo and we've been pretty happy with it.

    • I did the same & saw this promo.

    • +2

      In the Mother's Day promo the $90 was direct pods from L'OR Espresso, which are full retail price compared to the Woolworths discounted pods.

      • Currently the L'or aren't on special at Woolies so same price as the L'or website. will probably be soon though as they are on sale every so often.

  • +1

    If I order online, I have to wait for an email on 19/8/20 which is after the promotion ends. If the promo is limited to the first 4000 claimants, what guarantee do I have of getting a machine?

    • +2

      Yeah. Not too keen on spending $120 on pods to wait and with a chance to miss out.

      • Didn't realise you had to wait for the promo to end to get a confirmation email. It is a tad bit risky.

  • Can’t find if they stock the coffee machine or not in store on Woolies website🤔

    • Fingers crossed maybe they'll have a few machines in store 🤷‍♀️

  • +1

    Hmmm. Woolies online will only let me order 6 packs of pods… nice one!

    • Ah it's a Victorian restriction. Great!

  • +5

    If you read the terms only the following 50 stores can have an in store claim option.

    Redemption Stores (12 Machine Latte Premiums only per store)

    Chester Hill









    Wolli Creek

    Macquarie Centre



    Emu Plains








    The Ponds

    Warringah Mall



    Charlestown Square

    South Penrith


    Top Ryde



    Double Bay

    Canberra Airport

    Spring Farm

    Burwood Plaza

    Shell Cove Town Centre

    Nowra Stockland

    Tamworth Eastpoint

    Winston Hills

    Carnes Hill




    Nelson Bay






    Oran Park

    • +1

      600 machines is a lot less than 4000

  • +1

    only my opinion.. but every L'OR coffee I've tasted, either beans or pods has not been a good experience

    • Have you tried their ristretto pods? They are my go-to whenever they're on special - I really like them. Have tried many of the other L'OR pods and found them terrible as well.

      • I'll keep that in mind should I ever need to purchase pods again but for now I'll stick with the Aldi Lazzio Dark Roast beans, best bang for buck coffee I've tasted.. mmm

  • I went into a store tonight right before closing and got a machine and the pods and no one working could figure out how the promo worked. Not a single manager working.
    I walked away empty handed.
    Apparently they are going to hold it for me to come back tomorrow we will see

    • +6

      Save your money, buy an espresso machine from Kmart and 2 bags of coffee from ALDI.

      Coffee will be infinitely better, twice the amount and you will have cash left over.

      • Got one this morning at Macquarie centre.
        Still scanned as 249 and the staff had no idea so the manager said just void it for this customer and remove them all from the floor until we figure it out

        • +2

          Classic! Good customer service though!

        • Had this problem at Parramatta store as well, apparently the discount will be applied only after you press “Pay” button. I got mine yesterday after some drama.

  • Is this first in best dressed (for the online claiming method) or is it all a bit of a gamble/random draw at the end of august to see if you get the machine?

  • +3

    Got my old man to go into one of those stores mentioned above - the manager wouldn't honour the deal as it didn't work on the Woolworths end. Apparently they pulled stock whilst they sorted it out. He told them he wanted his name down to get one when it did get back working again…..pretty retarded that they can announce a deal and then not honour it in store.

    good deal though OP

    • Same thing happened for me.
      But the manager wouldn't let me put my name down and I have to call to check if it's back up or not :(

      • yeah not cool to advertise a deal and just say "come back later"…you got in first, they should at least put it aside for a day and whack your name on it for 24 hours….

        • +1

          edit: manager just rang my old man and he went down to pick it up - got one, thanks OP

          • +1

            @dogzilla: So they've got it sorted out now? Anyone know if you need something for the online redemption or do you just need to buy the pods?

            • @atlas: yep the old man got one machine (the premium one i believe) and brought it home from the store. Richmond (NSW) had 6 left when they got theirs this arvo

  • This machine has very positive reviews on product review and also takes Nespresso pods.
    As above I was lucky to get one at Macquarie park even though the deal would not go through properly.
    Thanks op!

    • +1

      sounds like there's 599 of the 600 still available in the shops then haha

  • +1

    Woolworths has fixed the issue. Checked out successfully from Burwood NSW tonight.

    • Also got mine from Burwood (Plaza) this morning. When I left there were at least 5 left.
      Just need to scan all $120 worth of pods, scan the coffee machine then your Rewards card and it'll be deducted before you pay.

  • Got a Premium machine this morning and made my first cuppa - pretty good! No issues at Woolies

  • Can you detach the milk frother?

    • +1

      The frother comes off the stand but the unit itself is not detachable.

  • Just saw that on the product details page it mentions:

    Assortment of 9 capsules included in the box
    Every appliance comes with a variety assortment of capsules: 4 L'OR Espresso single shot and 5 L'OR Barista double shot capsules.

    Was missing in mine, anyone else ?

    • I picked one up this morning (premium version) at The Pond woolies.
      Still about 10 left in the store. It's a pity there were no XXL pods in store.

      I went through self serve and the discount didn't apply. Had to transfer to the service desk and get 2 people to figure it out lol. Got there in the end though.

      Mine didn't have any pods in the box either. Not that I need another 9 pods to add to the 72752618 pods I now have 😅

    • Same here, I had no capsules in my machine box.

      • My box didn’t have too. There was some empty tray on top of the machine once I opened the packaging, probably that’s meant for those free Pods but then they might have removed because these are going for free..

  • I got one from Chester hill. But the discount didn’t apply to the larger boxes of pods which were discounted. You had to buy the 10 pack for the discount to work which works out to be 60 cents per pod compared to 40 cents

    • Interesting. I bought a mix of 10, 20 and 40 packs. Guess the store person didn't know that when she gave me the deal.

      • For me at Parramatta store they said the free machine offer works only if I buy 20 pc boxes that are on special at the moment for 8$ worth min 120$. So I had to buy 15 boxes even though I wanted some 10 pc boxes of different flavours. The 20pc boxes didn’t have many flavours to choose from

        • Ah yeah - guess I was just lucky that at the time no one knew what they were doing. They didn't even know that the promotion existed in their store lol. I didn't intentionally get pods outside the deal. It simply said to buy $120 worth of pods … so I did.

  • +1

    For anyone who bought the capsules online or in-store but the machine weren't available, did you receive any confirmation email on how to claim the machine or anything? I bought in-store but the machines were unavailable so I am bit concerned.

    • Yeah this I would also like to know!

      • Unfortunately they just say you will be notified from 19th Aug if you are one of the first 4000 machine claimants. Information from their instagram page.

  • Has anyone received their email early?

    • I haven't

      • Still waiting! The need to purchase certain qty packs of Pods concerns me - their system may not recognise we've ordered $120+ worth if we've mixed and matched, even though we've operated within the T&Cs.

      • I haven't either… this will be interesting. Who kept their woolies receipt?

        • Most certainly! Read that you can return woolies products within 30 days. so if I don’t receive the email validation by day 29 you know what I’m doing!

        • Me 3

    • Business hours has passed for L'Or and I haven't seen the email. I think a refund is on it's way and someone at L'Or will be up late tonight or given a don't come back Monday letter this Friday.

  • Anyone got the email by now?

  • Still no email for me :(. Has anyone got a email verification today?

    • No email yet

    • Nope

    • Nothing yet here (12:11pm).

  • Did anyone contact woolworths regarding this? I tried to but could not reach a customer service agent on the phone

    • I contacted lorespresso.com.au and they told me it was a Woolworths promotion and to contact them. I then tried the Woolworths everyday rewards contact but was on hold for too long so hung up. I will try again later.

      • Yea me too, waited too long but no answer

        • +1

          I just got told in a Woolworth chat to wait till 11:59pm today to see if I get an email…..Will be interesting to hear if anyone actually gets an email.

    • +4

      Just got off the phone with Woolworths Everyday Rewards contact. Turns out it's a manual process for them to review first 4000 participants, and manually email the individuals. They've started issuing out emails as of yesterday, but I was told they're only about 40% of the way through. I was also told I can expect an email by end of week, but worst case Monday.

      They also confirmed my purchase in first 24 hours has me on the list of 4000 (FYI for anyone that also purchased in that timeframe, should be safe).

      • Thanks for the update
        Btw did you buy online or in-store?

        • In-store, approx. 9am 23rd July for those comparing their eligibility.

      • Sounds like a bit of a mess to me.
        If it's based on purchase date of the first 4000 participants, why couldn't they have been preparing their list before the end of the promotion?
        If it's a manual process it sounds like mistakes could be made too.
        For the sake of transparency I think they should publish the purchase date of the 4000th eligible person to prove they have done this properly.
        To be honest I'd be surprised if there were more than 4000 participants anyway.

      • +1

        It's getting hot in here. What a clusterf*k. I'm not going to be holding my breath but interesting they made a promise to you - I hope they commit to it this side of Christmas.

      • Got an email this morning to claim - unsure if successful but after attempting to claim it has said it's 'been received'. Posting out from 1st September onwards.

  • I have called L'Or and Woolworths Rewards. L'or say that Woolworths will send out the email and Woolworths say that L'Or will send out the email. Also Woolworths stated (incorrectly, if you read the terms & conditions) that only the first 4000 purchasers of the pods will get an email. The terms say limited to the first 4000 redemtions, but the catch is you need the email to complete the redemption.

    • Disagree, terms state it's the first 4000 purchasers. Straight from the L'or website T&Cs:

      "The first 4000 Woolworths Rewards members to purchase AUD $120 worth of Participating Products from Participating Woolworths Stores during the Promotional Period will be eligible to receive a Redemption Product."

      Also noted the below - surely COVID doesn't count if it was already underway!
      (l) In the event of war, terrorism, state of emergency, pandemic or any other kind of disaster, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the promotion or suspend, substitute or modify a prize/Redemption Product, subject to any written directions from a relevant regulatory authority.

      I also received this response from L'OR (dated a week ago), so looks like they were originally taking responsibility - things may have changed though!
      "Claimant will be sent an email to the email address linked to the Woolworths Rewards card scanned or entered at checkout from L'OR Espresso by 19/8/2020 outlining the process for online redemption."

    • +2

      It's super vague. I don't think I have given Woolies permission to hand out my email address to 3rd parties so would expect the comms to come from them (which is not in line with L'Or's T&Cs). I think it's one of those promos where someone forgot to think through the logistics… They're probably in panic mode now, working around the clock to find a solution.

  • Well I bought mine on 24/7 so will give them another few days to get their act together, otherwise will happily get my $120 back.

  • What a fiasco. Anyone received an email yet? I sent a complaint to L'or.
    If enough people complain hopefully they'll get things moving or push Woolworths to do so.

    • Just email Donna mulholland, the ANZ marketing director

  • +1

    Everybody make a point of it on their social media please, I'll start - https://www.instagram.com/p/CC7LBYHBF87/?utm_source=ig_web_c...

    • +1

      Blending anon OzBargain life with Social Media? Big move! But I’m in - my handles are the same anyway!

      • +2

        I guess there's a level of responsibility that would influence the risk of what one does on the interweb. If I hold myself to a high level of account when on the webs, then so should businesses who promote their goods and services to me. Good on you for making a stand and well written!

  • l'or customer centre said it's available for 1st 4000 customers and if you haven't received an email. you are not in 1st 4000. bull…$hit. if that's true there will be at least one or two saying they have received an email.

    • +1

      Check my comment above off of OzBozB's comment - still being sent out

      • +3

        Thanks. I'm contacting everyday rewards now.
        L'or doesn't know what they are doing. running a promotion and ruining reputation.

        30~40 mins waiting time. I'll just get a refund.

  • I too am holding my breath for this debacle to pan out. I always shop in store and as a hesitant online shopper I waited a day until I saw the first comment that someone had actually walked out of a store with a machine, until I placed my online order to be a part of this promo. I figured since I placed my order on day two that I should have still been quick enough to be in it with a chance. I have been back and forth ringing both L'or and Woollies to no avail. The only thing that I have been able to confirm, is that even though I placed my online order on a certain date, and the money was withdrawn from my account immediately upon placement of that order, apparently because I nominated a date in the future to go and physically collect my order my order from the store, Woollies Rewards records that date of collection on their system as my date of purchase, which sets me back further in the hypothetical queue. Wherever this fictitious queue is. I don't think that is very fair and would have liked to see that mentioned in the fine print? I would have gone to the store in person much sooner (as I coincidentally had to because I ran out of milk) and purchased, rather than going back in a few days purely to collect the jumbo order of pods I'd placed. Just sharing in case anyone else feels like this would be the same for them? Very curious about people's experiences, particularly informative and positive ones that might give the rest of us hope…

    • From the comments so far, it appears no one has received their Redemption email.
      I have contacted L'or who says Woolies is running the promotion, and contacted Woolies who have passed my query to their Promotions Team; no reply since this morning. The L'or website T&Cs and Instragram post says the email is being issued by L'or so I suspect the stuff up is on their end.

      Pretty disappointed with the way this promotion has been handled and will be reporting to ACCC if L'or/Woolies don't come to the party

      …and of course will be getting a refund as well :)

      FYI, for those who threw away their receipts, you can download eReceipts through the Everyday Rewards app

  • I placed and paid for my online order on July 23rd. But due to my nominating to pick it up on July 25th (noon) that is the date that Woollies Rewards has me down on their system as purchasing and is the date they said they will be using. I just thought I'd put it out there as it would be interesting to see what order they end up putting anyone in. That is if any of us few on this thread get lucky…

  • +2

    I just received a call from everyday rewards advising me that the emails have been delayed till the end of the week. Interestingly they also advised me that I am on the list of people to received a coffee machine. I purchased my coffee pods in store on the 28th of July, 12:45pm so technically anyone who purchased before me should also get one. Hope that helps.

    • My order was online, almost exactly 24 hours after yours (well that's when the email was received) and delivered the day after that. Fingers crossed!

    • Thanks for the info. I purchased mine on 25th so should be eligible. I purchased some of the 40x packs though, but I never saw anything in the T &C that indicated these were not eligible products. Won't be happy if I don't get the email.

      • The 40x packs didn’t scan as eligible for the free machine for stores where they had the machines in stock. My guess is that they had not linked the SKUs of these 40x packs to this promotion so it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re not showing up on the eligible customer list either. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong here.

  • I called ER and was told I’d won and to wait for the email. The guy said said he’d only had one other call about it and that person hadn’t won, but he credited her account with 2000 points.

    • +1

      What date did you purchase your pods? It will be interesting to know the date at which people hadn't won to see if they are being consistent with their t&c.

      • Ordered on 23rd. Picked up on 24th

    • 2,000 points is only a $10 credit on your next shop. 20,000 points sounds more like it if they want to make it up.

  • Did anyone here, who got over the phone confirmation from ER that they’re eligible, purchase the 40x packs? For a while Woolies claimed that only the 10 and 20 packs were part of the deal but there was nothing about it in the terms&conditions.

    • I only purchased the 20 packs.

  • I purchased at 12:25 PM for pick up at 4:00 PM on 28 July, was not in the first 4000 so if you purchased after that, its probably a no go for you … :) … all 20s packs

    • Eep, I ordered on the 27th for pick up on the 28th. Looks like I might end up straddling the cut off from what's been said above.

  • What number are people calling for Woolworth rewards?

  • So i called up and was told I was not on the list, despite buying at 5pm on 24/7.

    I did buy 40 packs.

    I've sent an email escalating.

    • From the L'or website t&c's… The Participating Products are any L’OR espresso capsule (double and single shots) purchased during the Promotional Period from the Participating Woolworths Stores.

    • Yes, I was already afraid that would be the case (see my earlier post). They clearly didn't tag the SKUs of the bigger packs as eligible.

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