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[Switch] Rogue Company Founder's Pack Giveaway (Worth $22.95) @ Press Start Australia


Thank to Hi-Res, we’ve got 7,000 Nintendo Switch Rogue Company Founder’s Packs to give away. Each code is valued at $22.95 AUD. The codes below are first come, first served.

Rogue Company is a third-person hero shooter. It’s currently in a closed beta, and these codes will let you into the beta as well as give you the below:

Immediate access to the Rogue Company Closed Beta before it becomes Free-To-Play
Rare Speed Demon Ronin Outfit
Epic Solar Flare Weapon Wrap
Epic Superstar Dance Emote
Rare Founder Spray
Two Extra Playable Rogues: Phantom and Chaac

*The codes for PS4 and Xbox One are all gone now

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Press Start Australia
Press Start Australia


  • looks incredibly derivative

  • no love for pc :(

  • Free be free

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • Thanks got one. Is this like fortnite?

    • Only in its monetisation approach. From early footage it seems more akin to Overwatch, Call of Duty or Uncharted. Just a 3rd person shooter with a few team Deathmatch type modes at present

  • Ok, it says my code is been redeemed, then what do I do? Go to PS4 and download the game? thanks

  • I got the email 👍

  • Been playing it for about an hour now, have to say it's pretty fun. Very small scale and not infestest with sweats. The maps remind me of Gears Judgment. Awesome game for free, doesn't feel like a pay to win game in the least. Achievements not to bad either. A good break from Apex and Warzone. At least until Hyper Scape comes to console.

    • Achievements not to bad either

      Yeah, except that one for playing in a party for 25 hours. That's gonna kill my plat run in all likelihood.

      • Yeah that's an unfortunate one, but it's the only one and 25 isn't too bad. Hit me up in the pm, if you're interested, we'll Smash it out together, I'm on Xbox but I think the game is fine with being in a party cross gen, should count. We can check in the stats!

        • I actually ended up slamming out a good 7 or 8 hours of actual play time today with a couple of people from PSNProfiles, not a bad little game, glad I bothered, but on the flip side, I'm not gonna keep it installed once I've plat'd it. I will probably hang onto the Switch version though, it's good for a quick sesh here and there, you know, when matchmaking doesn't take half an hour anyway.

          But yeah, I've got all 3 consoles but only got the game on PS4 so I don't know how to go about hitting you up in it though, I know there's an ingame friend list or whatever. Shoot me your name in a DM if you don't want it out here and I'll add you tomorrow or whenever I have a whack at it next :)

          So far achievement wise I've knocked off pretty well all but the grindy ones. Two of them, the 70k and 20 downs in one match, the bloke I played with most of the day reckons were easy but tbh I saw him get 20 or more downs like once and the 70k one once so idk how easy, but other than them it's a pretty easy list, yeah. Mind you we had a long losing streak, I only have 20 something wins from that session. Wonder if the chivos will instapop when the Xbox version goes F2P and I sync my account over, that'd be cool.

          Edit: Did you get the two other characters? I only got 6 at the start, so for the 8 wins with 8 characters achievement, I've bought one but I don't have enough yet for another, but I've got 7 wins with those 7, so that's another one knocked off, but it's weird they weren't included, I didn't get the emotes or anything either, but then I don't have PS+ so maybe that was it.

      • Also I believe it's cumulative and we don't have to do it in one 25 hour session. The Crew 1 had a similar achievement for being in a Crew for 24 hours and it was cumulative.

  • How long has it taken for others to get their key? I applied for an Xbox key last night.

    • It was very quick, within a minute or two. Maybe they ran out :( (or check spam)

      • Thanks for confirming. I'll check later to see if anymore Xbox keys are put up. Would have thought the PS4 ones would run out sooner!

  • They're definitely out of keys for XBox by the looks of it. If you have an AlienWare account, there is a giveaway for key's from Epic (for PC), when I grabbed one earlier there was about 6000 keys left so you better be quick if you do want one for PC (it's listed as Rogue Company Free Edition Key Giveaway) so not sure if you would get this for free normally.

  • Xbox keys are gone. Waste of time.

  • Got one for ps4. Playing from last 2 hours and looks fine

  • Switch version now available.

    • (profanity) yeah, awesome, I was much more wanting to play this on Switch than anything else, cheers DB.

      Edit: Weirdly enough, while the PS4 code gave me nothing but the game itself, this one seems to have purchased all three of the founders packs so that's…cool…I guess.

    • Thanks I have updated the link!

    • Thanks, I missed out on the Xbox key, but this will do nicely.

  • is it just me or the server can never be logged in on Xbox

  • I got code for PS4 but seems like basic game. No extras, no 2 extra characters as it says on DLC. Also, redeeming code don’t says founders one, just says Rogue Company

    • same here, applied my code and downloaded the game on Xbox, no extra contents. Code still showing redeemed, did I do it wrong?

      • I don’t think all codes are Founder’s pack as they say. They just giving access to game. I had PS Plus so got PS Plus stater pack that gave me 500 bucks so I purchased one character. See if there’s some stater pack on Xbox. Game is pretty nice though, am hooked to it.

  • ah press start, where shanon spend a month bitching about people who didnt like TLOU2 and his review

  • Can someone help me? I received a code for the playstation for my nephew and he says it doesn't include anything from the description above. No extra characters or the dancing emote.

    I'm clueless when it comes to these game consoles and so I don't know if it's something I missed or did wrong: all you had to do was enter your email?

    • Going by what I've been finding on different threads most likely the Playstation, XBox and PC keys are for the base game only, oddly the Switch key's have come with all three founder's packs when I redeemed that (and show's as purchased on the Nintendo eShop), it's unlocked six characters but not the outfit's, spray's, emote's, etc. There is a lot of threads about people purchasing founder's packs and not receiving content, so it's a known issue over all platforms. Some have had some success with linking the account to be used via this page https://link.roguecompany.com (so set the Playstation account as primary after it's linked) so maybe give that a try.

      Hope that helps.

      [EDIT: Typo]

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