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Kogan Smart Bulb 10W Ambient RGBW 2pk/4pk Fr $18.99 & $35.99 Posted | Wi-Fi Plug with Power Monitoring 4pk $52.99 + Post @ Kogan


Kogan SmarterHome™ 10W RGB Bulb

Screw 10W RGB + CCT Colour & Warm/Cool White Smart Bulb (E27) - Pack of 4 —> https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhome-10w-rgb-cct-c...
Screw 10W Ambient RGBW Smart Bulb (E27) - 2 Pack —> https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhome-10w-ambient-r...

Control your favorite household gadgets and monitor energy use with this innovative smart plug – even when you’re away!

Decent deal with power meter monitoring

Set on/off schedules that automate your devices to suit your lifestyle
Monitor and manage energy consumption
Remotely control via the free Kogan SmarterHome™ app
Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
Built-in Wi-Fi

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  • +2

    Thanks OP. Seems like a good deal for RGBW! And it's 1050 lu too!

  • +2

    Just bought the 4pack. Hopefully can get them working with my slowly building hass.io setup.

    • 4 pack sold out now!

    • Should be fine. They'd be tuya based, so you can easily add them using the Tuya integration via cloud. Most e27 bulbs I've tried have also been able to be flashed with tasmota to move to local network control.

      • Hi, is it easy to do to flash tasmota? Any we guide that I can follow? I have brilliant and genio smart bulb at the moment. Thanks

        • Easy with Digiblur's guide. Most of the time is setting up the rPi for the first flash. There is already a Tasmota config for the Kogan switches on blakadder
          I had trouble with the ESP 'donor' device so I just used by phone's wifi as per the guide.

        • Yeah, quite a few guides out there, as orza noted, plus quite a few youtube guides. Most of it is just setting up the Pi.
          Also remember that the Pi needs to be hooked up to ethernet to work (as it uses the WiFi to create the hotspot. I thought I was going crazy when it kept crashing on me until I realised I was being an idiot.
          Wasn't helped by the fact it turns out the one I was trying to flash wasn't compatible with Tuya-Convert…

          Feel free to PM me if you have questions/issues.

          • @NigelTufnel: Can use "screens" through Putty on RPi Zero W to get away with only wi-fi.

            Have successfully flashed several Tuya devices this way now.

        • You generally need a Raspberry Pi. You could use docker, but if you asking the question, it is not a good idea for you to go down that path.

          There is also risk involved. I went with esphome. While tuya convert isn't difficult, it is just a starting point. Also, not able to restore back to original firmware. You cannot also just trust the model number. I have 3 of the supposedly same model of smart switches and bought at the same time. One simply doesn't work after tuya convert + esphome.

          Not sure what other people use. After esphome, then there is home assistant. Sure, it is great to not get locked in to a cloud vendor, but the process isn't fun and isn't risk free. Also, a number of routers do soft reboot when you alter DHCP manual address allocation. There is a reason why tuya convert asks whether you want to flash another device because it is not that pleasant to be honest.

  • Would love some E14s

    • +1

      Just get adaptors off eBay or Amazon mate. I've down the same and have been able to use the cheap ones I got from Bunnings in a variety of sockets.

      • Thanks mate. I'm just starting out with smart lights… The arlec ones from Bunnings?

        • Yeah, bunnings have arlec e14s. They are tuya based so you can add them to any tuya based app. The one I bought was unable to be flashed with tuya-covert though if that's of interest.
          Going to try the kmart ones as well, though I'm not holding my breath for it to be any different.

        • Yeah got a few Arlec ones and have used them in $10 IKEA lamps and a few others, adaptors are about $1-3, depending on where you get them.

    • https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhometm-5w-rgb-cct-...

      There's a 4-pack too, if you keep scrolling down on the page from the deal link.

      • Thanks! These were sold out yesterday.

        • Ohh but presale.

  • Anyone now where to get higher wattage WiFi bulbs?

    • +2

      The only one I found was Kmart 15W 4000k mirabella globe. Phillips is also coming out with some 15W 6500k globes I think. I haven’t come across anything with adjustable colour or colour temp above 10W though

      • Yeah have 7watt one and it's too dull for a kitchen.

      • How much are the brighter ones? Mind linking them?

        I find my 1100 lumens lifx (~$pricy) are good for all rooms, but they're too expensive to carpet a house. The ~800 lumen phillips (~$14) were too dim (even for a bathroom, maybe okay for porch light or toilet). I got a 4 pack of these kogans (~$8) to see if they're any better than the phillips hue.

  • Anyone tried these? I find it's impossible to determine how much flicker these smart bulbs have without trying them. The Xiaomi Yeelight is well received however the flicker is quite noticeable to the naked eye, it's not unbearable but they're generally unusable as cheap practical lights in a filming scenario.

    If these are any better then that's an automatic win.

    • +1

      Haven't noticed any flicker when filming random stuff around the house while using these.

      • Noice. That's good to hear, what shutter speed and frame rate have you filmed it at?

        • +1

          …default haha. Couldn't tell you mate.

  • +1

    Got the four pack ages ago, the lights occasionally do play up but a 'reset' using the wall switch gets them back on track. Very happy with them so far.

    Anyone have any idea how long the globes themselves last?

  • Which type is better 10W RGB + CCT or 10W Ambient RGBW…need to buy some

    • The RGB+CCT Will be tunable cool/warm white plus RGB. The Ambient+RGB will be dimmable white + RGB I believe.

      • CCT (Correlated colour temperature) means you can set the white colour temperature from cool to warm white by the temperature number (effectively a slider on whatever app you use to control it).

        I only have plain white temperature control lamps, but presume that the ambient + RGB means you can switch colour and dim, but not set white temperature.

        I needed some B22 lamps and just cancelled my order for a 4-pack of ambient + RGB as would prefer the CCT.

        As per another comment by me below, looks like Kogan have a new range of RGB + CCT coming (currently on presale for shipping Aug 18th).

        • Also according to specs the CCT has a lower lumen rating at 806lm vs the Ambient at 1050

          • +2

            @tobinm: New RGB+CCT ones on pre-sale I've linked in comment below have following in Kogan description:

            1050 Lumens with 25,000-hour lifespan

            2700 – 6500K Temperature range

            • @opposablethumbs: ah yeah interesting, though when you go down to the specs it still says 806lm on those pre order ones? But I do see in the description it says 1050. Thanks for that, I might swap my order to CCT if they accept the cancellation.

              • @tobinm: The plot thickens.

                Agreed, the specs for the new ones list 806 lumens, but the description says 1050.

                Manual doesn't have any specs listed.

                Does have model no. in url, though Google search by model no. only leads you back to Kogan.

                I was able to cancel my ambient + RGB order pretty simply through the website. Will wait and see how long they take to process the refund.

                If you do take the plunge on the new RGB + CCT versions, please update us on true lumen rating +/- if OTA flashable with Tuya-convert once you get them.

                • +1

                  @opposablethumbs: Looks like they accepted my cancellation pretty quick, but am also going to wait for the refund to properly process.

                  Will use the time to decide if I roll the dice with the new ones and will update if I do :)

                  • +2

                    @tobinm: If you do a close up of the photo of the new RGB + CCT B22 lamp.

                    Lists model no. as KAB22RGBC1A

                    and what looks like 10W 806LM :-(

                    and same for the new E27 RGB + CCT (KAE27RGBC1A)

                    • @opposablethumbs: Nice find! Hmm I might hold off those ones then since my use is primarily for white and would prefer the higher LM. Who knows whats going on with their listing and the conflicting information, but it's enough to put me off.

                      Thanks very much for pointing that out.

        • CCT + 10W or higher is the ideal hardware spec for me, finally these bulbs are hitting the market at good pricing. RGB + W has been "good enough" in recent years to simulate a warm white but CCT is much better.

          Enough brightness for most small to medium size rooms with a single bulb. Hopefully the SW (app) is up to standard too, automating tuning the temperature for time of day through native app would complete the package for me.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the rgbw bulbs can be used with home assistant?

    • Google? Yes, using it right now

    • "Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control"

      • He means Home Assistant, which is an open source home control application. https://www.home-assistant.io/

        I too would like to know the answer. If it's a Tuya based bulb, then should work maybe?

        Edit: Ordered the 2 pack E27 bulbs. Should find out in a few days

        • +1

          Yeah they're Tuya so require to use Tuya cloud or flash with esphome (haven't had luck with that). Smart switches are the same

          • @tbgoose: Ok thanks. Not an ideal setup, but it should work..

            • @JoelT: Esphome IS the ideal set up 😊
              Haven't used these bulbs mind you

              • +1

                @BOC14: Finding that Esphome is a fair amount of work. After using Tuya Convert, if things don't really work, I am not able to restore factory firmware to test whether it is the device or the firmware (keeps getting not enough space to flash the original firmware). Also, I can no longer put the device in flash mode. So, at Tuya Convert indicates, it is really a point of no return for me.

                Then, there is also newer revision of devices, which prevents conversion.

                While it stops devices from going to cloud, there is risk associated with going down that path so if you do want to do that, it is best to go with stores with good after sale service.

              • @BOC14: I have a special drawer for smart devices that I mean to flash the firmware of but never get round to it haha. Not super ideal. At least the Yeelights have a single switch in the app to allow local LAN control.

    • I've got 4 of the RGB+CCT bulbs flashed with tasmota running with home assistant.

      The RGBW ones wouldn't be much different I'd assume.

  • Also can be added to Grid Connect

  • bought the plugs.

  • +3

    Looks like they might be clearing out old stock for a range of new models listed for presale (shipping Aug 18th).

    "Kogan SmarterHome™ 10W RGB + CCT Colour & Warm/Cool White Smart Bulb"

    $39.99 (free shipping) for 4 packs in either B22 or E27 is a pretty decent price.

    Would just want to make sure that the new range is still flashable with Tasmota before I'd commit to buying (sometimes updated models come with firmware that doesn't allow flashing firmware).



  • How do you get free delivery? Showing as $7.99 on the plugs

  • If anyone has the smart plugs, do you know what the button does? Does it have a countdown timer you could activate by pressing a button? Or is it a simple On/Off switch?

    • If they're anything like the Arlec ones I bought from Bunnings last night (4 for $60, normal price) the button on those is used for a variety of things and has a multi-coloured backlight too. It can be used as a manual on/off switch but I also used it as part of the pairing/setup process. Not sure if it's functional for anything else post-setup though.

  • Will this work with IKEA lamps?

    • likely not, these are wifi and ikea sells zigbee (a different Bluetooth-like protocol)

    • Yeelights work with my IKEA beside lamps. I guess these would too.

  • Can you use these without having to install the Kogan app?

    • You can use any tuya clone app.
      Smart life or grid-connect works well.

  • -1

    How are they compared to lifx?

  • Anyone know if you're able to set schedules? I really enjoy waking up to my Yeelight automatically turning on, but 1050 Lu compared to the 800 Lu on the Yeelight makes me interested in purchasing a 2 pack of these. Just curious if I'm able to set schedules the same way as my yeelight


    • +2

      All the Tuya-based apps should allow you to schedule timers.

  • I think the 4 pack price has gone up to $39

    • That's for pre-sale on what may well be a new model/range.

      See links in my comment above.

  • Thanks OP, got the RGBW for the kids. They will surely enjoy this.

  • I bought 2x 4 packs of the kogan colour bulbs awhile back for the house and ended up selling them recently. It worked fine for the first few months but then lost connection and despite numerous attempts I couldn't re-connect it with the smarter home app. I used them for awhile as regular light bulbs but based off my experience I would not recommend.

    • I would not trust kogan for shit. I don't believe they're 1050 lumens. I bought 2 rgb smrt bulbs anyway. Lol

      • got 2 and they are 1050 lu. I Was wrong. LOL

  • Got these bulbs delivered today ( I ordered the Screw 10W Ambient RGBW Smart Bulb (E27) - 2 Pack). They must have the new firmware cuz I couldn't get them to work with tuya-convert.

    • If the psk ID in the logs starts with 02, then it's a known issue and incompatible with tuya-convert at the moment. Had a similar issue with some recent bulbs.

  • Thanks OP, probably overkill but I got 2 packs of the 4 CCTs.

    Finally going to expand from my existing 3 RGBW Yeelights.

  • I think the new batch of bulbs looks smaller and lighter in weight, maybe not as good as the old models.

    Actually, all old models are sold out by now.

  • +1

    I got RGB + CCT Colour & Warm/Cool White Smart Bulb (E27) in mail earlier today, and they are dimmer than 600 lumens Yeelight bulbs (OG version). If you are not looking for RGB feature they are ok.

    • Really? I found mine brighter… hmm

      • I only tested 1 but now that you mention I should test the remaining 3.

  • My 8 x CCT's just arrived!

    Just paired up 2 with Googes Assistant, works great! Brighter than my old V1 yeelights

    My whole house is E27 with the exception of one side light which is B22…….. Ergh, its switch is linked with 2 other E27's as well, so I can't smart them without leaving the B22 on 24/7 facepalm

    • Nice! Have you figured out how to set the colour temp to the lowest via Google Assistant?

      • I skipped the Kogan app and just paired all the bulbs with the Tuya Smart Life app.

        I set all the bulb temps in the Smart Life app and then just use Google Assistant to turn them on and off.

  • Ordered the plugs for $52 with free shipping!

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