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[eBook] Free: Game of Thrones: Book of Characters | The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook: 500 Recipes $0 @ Amazon AU US


Game of Thrones: Book Of Characters

Are you looking for the Ultimate Game of Thrones Character Description Guide?
This guide is for Ultimate Game of Thrones Fans. It is loaded with crucial information regarding the Game of Thrones that every fan needs to know!
US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YDVD73Y

The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook: 500 Everyday Wholesome Recipes for Your Healthy Eating

AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Plant-Based-Diet-Cookbook-Everyday...
US https://www.amazon.com/Plant-Based-Diet-Cookbook-Everyday-Wh...

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  • +24

    i first i read this as a Game of thrones character diet book…

    Theon Greyjoy - sausage free diet …..anyone

    • +2

      I'm sure skinless frankfurters would be allowed.

    • +2

      Read that too quickly as The Game of Thrones Plant Based Diet Cookbook……talk about niche audience….

      • -1

        Me too, easy to do on emailed alerts.

        I am now sorely disappointed. Maybe some veges would cheer me up… Nah, doesn't seem to work for the vegans.

  • +2

    Guys…if there is an Arya recipe for Pies.

    Please…it's not really plant based.

    • +1

      A vegetarian meat pie has no name ?

      • Mr Sparkle is no one

  • The GOT book only covers the first 4 seasons apparently. And that is a mothers of dragons impostor on the cover

  • +5

    The John Snowcone?
    The Tyrion Lannister short stack?
    Targarian Tarts?
    Barathion Burgers?

    I could do this all day……

    • Jokes from Captain America if he was a Dad

    • bbq hound steak

  • Oberyn Eyeball Mash

    • +2

      Or is it Oberyn Eyeball Poke Bowl?

  • Plant based AU link has expired