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Free - T-Shirt or Tote Bag Inspired by "The Boys" @ Amazon US


Edit - this deal is not out of stock as I was able to order another shirt. The site is hammered by not just Ozbargain. You just need to persist if you want one.

I was able to successfully order. Now just wait to see if it turns up.

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Just because we had to do things a little differently this year, doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favourite part of comic-con — FREE SWAG! Choose your item and create your own custom design inspired by The Boys. We'll send you your items free of charge once the event ends. One item per customer, whilst supplies last.

Credit to mydealz

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  • Go to deal doesn't take you anywhere?

    Not sure what to do?

    • Link is down I think.

      Edit: Nevermind got in but took its time.

    • +15

      It's as dead as Hughie's girlfriend

    • Got up to the T-Shirt design then won't proceed :(

      Website would be getting hammered I'd say. Probably wasn't that good to begin with anyway

  • +6

    Website is more cooked then Ben Cousins

    • +2


      • lol didnt evan notic and I am teecher as well you woldnt beleive it

      • is it me or is this mistake evvvverywhere lately? I see it on a daily basis, any-and-everwhere online and I don't like to think of myself as super pedantic but it just gets me lol…I feel like we're watching the English language change in real-time! I asked a friend of mine about six months to a year ago if she'd noticed it too and she said yes. I swear I heard a person on a news or panel show the other day SAY 'then' instead of 'than'…It's the new 'their/they're'. I feel like I'm gonna start accidentally doing it myself with how often I read it written wrongly

        • +1

          The one that always annoys me is when people write "would of" instead of "would've".

          I would've bought that.


          I would have bought that.


          I would of bought that.

        • Languages evolve over time, that's why we're not speaking like people in the Elizabethan era, but I agree that it seems to be happening very quickly. Personally double negatives annoy me more than others, but it's culturally ingrained in some parts now. Like "I ain't doing nothing". These bother me more than others because it is literally the exact opposite of what is intended.

  • +7

    F***king diabolical

    • +1

      jokes aside, but does anyone else get stuck at the "Confirm" page?

      • Yep, exactly what happened to me. Can't be bothered now hahah

  • +6

    It appears the "next" button is broken after entering my details :(

  • worked for me :) now to see if it actually comes :P

  • T-Shirts are up to size 2XL in case anyone was wondering.

    I tried for a tote. But as others have said, got stuck at the adress part, it wouldn't submit. Turned my ad blockers off and tried again and it went through until the confirm page where it looks like its doing something, but then nothing happens. Not sure if this means it submitted or not. : (

    • +1

      you'll get an email if the order goes though

  • Free is free, however I have dozens of tote bags and refuse to wear white t-shirts so I’m out.
    Good luck to those that are trying.

    • +1

      refuse to wear white t-shirts


      • Lol. You can’t be racist against white t-shirts.

    • ah dang it's white? I'm too fat for white hahah. Your problem too? ;)

      • Nah my weight is good. My issue is that I can’t keep white shirts clean, I must have a dozen stories about staining them yet I can work on the car wearing an earth tone shirt and it remains spotless.

        • Heh okay. Maybe is the colour and how easily white stains, but just thinking about it, it is funny how that works; few hours bumming round at home sometimes renders a shirt unwearable but a whole active day and it's all good. Most stains besides sweat would be food/wine/snacks and stuff I spose so I guess if you're bein slovenly - and I will sometimes be slovenly ;) which might be a clue re the weight issue hah - then that shit just gets wrecked. Versus being industrious and active, notsobad. I mean geez gimme a fresh BLACK tshirt then five beers and some beer nuts and I'd havta brush my shirt for half an hour like it's an adorable kitten before I could go down the street ;)

          • @Popid: Haha, for a second I read that as “I'd havta brush my shirt for half an hour with an adorable kitten.”

  • +1

    Could be oz bargained, it wont load here

  • I like the tv show

  • Site hammered not loading

    • damn you Captain Hammer!!! wait wrong show ;)

  • +1

    Such a good show.

  • persistence paid off - just got my conformation email, when stuck on the next button I just clicked the shit out of it in random spots until it worked.

  • Tote bag worked, shirt doesn't seem to be working

  • not sure i will get one.. confirmed but no email… now out of stock

    • +3

      Same here, finally got the "thanks" url but didn't load correctly.

  • For those who received emails, how long did it take you to get the email?

    • I also want to know this

    • Mine only took a couple of minutes.

  • THANKS, bloody love this show - no dice yet in getting one hah, but will keep tryin!

    edit: so page just loaded i click on shirt then click next then it asks me size…then nothing happens? if I click Next again it asks again for size..?

    edit 2: i know im late compared to everybody lol but the page IS LOADING n letting me select.. just then doesn't do anything seemingly

    edit 3: worked made my absurd tshirt, entered address but now Next doesnt do anything again right now hah

  • Landing page now shows 'event has ended'.

    • aw man but I made my shirt! hah. just the 'Next' button won't work after filling in my address

      • +1

        I feel your pain, had the same issue on the design page.. Might've got it through, no email though. Guess we'll see what happens.

  • I get a massive Sold Out stamp across the page when accessing. Nothing to click on that I can see.

  • before it was sold out. to…it said no shirts left….not sure why it went back into stock on ozbargins… i dont think it ever went back…

    • wasnt saying Sold Out for shirts anywhere that I could see about 20-30 mins ago..I dunno

  • +1

    damn it! the 2 hours I was not looking at the internet today, this comes up and I miss it :(

    • +1

      yeh :( if it's any consolation, the options provided to make the design were…limited to say the least hah. All of us who missed out, let's collab on one or two designs ourselves and have em printed through one of those recent cheap tshirt printing deals ;)

    • Its still available. Seems to be working now

      • BUT I CLOSED THE TAB. Gaaaah. Landing page now tells me SOLD OUT in big letters. Thanku though

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    It took a while… but I got one last night.

    I liked that you could pick which logos and how you want to put them on the shirt.

  • When's season 2 out?

  • Just got a tot bag

    • Same link?

  • "We'll send you your items free of charge once the event ends. "

    "You will recieve tracking when the order has been shipped. Expect 10-20 business days."

    Just wondering if anyone has recieved notification this has been shipped yet? I'm not sure when the event ended.

  • I just got a confirmation email saying it’s been posted!!!

    Thank you for your order from Amazon Comic Con ! We wanted to let you know that your order (#89604) was shipped via APC, APC Priority DDP w/ Delcon on 8/21/2020. You can track your package at any time using the link below.


  • Mine just shipped. :)

  • just got shipped….. i never got a original confirmation….. also my shipping confirmation says QTY: 0

    any get that?

    • Same just got the shipped note. Had to think about what the heck it was for a moment!

    • yes same.tracking deets not updated yet, but what tracking for 0 qty !?!

  • +1

    Initially thought it was another spam email, had to google what the hell it was given the description of the item that was being posted lol.
    Seems legit then that we are getting something at least
    Similar to other qty says 0

  • Same here.

  • +1

    Got a shipping notification from Aus Post saying that a package from "APC Postal Logistics" is on its way, must be this one

    • Nothing for me, I did get shipment notification from "family Industries" but nothing after that.

  • Wearing my t-shirt now!
    It is very light material (you can see my singlet outline) but still pretty good for $0.
    Cannot believe it actually worked.

    • Pic or it didn't happen. ;)

  • Received a shirt, but not one I designed! Still a free shirt nonetheless, so can't complain. Agree that it is very light material.

  • Free shirt arrived today :)

  • +1

    My tote arrived today, and I was actually surprised by the quality. It's a thick canvas tote. A little narrower than I was hoping for, but the quality is top-notch.

    Anyway, in case anyone is worried about theirs arriving, my timeline was:

    23rd July - ordered the tote
    26th August - received shipped email from "Family Industries" with a Qty of 0.
    14th Sept - got an Auspost notification that my delivery from "APC Postal Logistics C/ SEKO Omni" is being prepared
    15th Sept - Auspost app says on board for delivery today, and it was delivered!

  • +1

    Got it today as well (t-shirt)

  • +1

    Got my tote yesterday and I must agree with bratgirl; surprised by the quality of this. Came in time for picnic/beach season :)… Now what can we do about this lockdown…

  • +1

    Got mine yesterday.

  • got mine today. Exactly what i asked for!

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