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Coffee Canister $39.95 + $8.50 Postage @ The Barista House


Coffee always tastes best when consumed fresh. However, once the coffee packaging has been opened, you immediately start losing its flavours, aromas, and taste. The solution is simply to invest in a dedicated coffee storage container. Our Coffee Canister is a fully airtight canister that will store your coffee in a way that keeps it fresh and flavourful for an extended period of time. It also is sturdy and made to last, you will never need to replace it. The Barista House Coffee Canister is an absolute must-have for anyone who loves fresh coffee.

Why choose our coffee canister?

Fresh coffee beans release carbon dioxide after roasting. The accumulation of CO2 can fundamentally affect brewing, making it challenging to get enjoyable coffee. To appreciate the maximum flavour of freshly roasted coffee, one needs to conserve the coffee's aroma and allow the discharge of carbon dioxide from the beans. Our coffee canisters are fitted with one one-way CO2 release valve, letting the C02 excape.

The Deal

All orders placed before Monday morning will get a free The Barista House Double Walled Glass Coffee Cup Made of high Borosilicate Glass, Insulated Mugs for Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Tea 350 MLS valuded at $9.95 for free.

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  • So a $50 thermos?

    damn me it's not even a thermos just a tin box with a lock 😐

    • -2 votes

      Its to store your beans not drink out of it.

      • Yeah, I literally wrote that underneath my original comment.
        Thank you, detective, good observation.
        Incase you're wondering , the edit to the comment was a minute after I commented and you cannot edit a comment once someone responded.

        Still ridiculous and the exact same canisters with different design , cheaper on eBay and Amazon with free shipping.

  • Can buy similar product on ebay for cheaper with free shipping.

  • Cheaper at Amazon. Even with delivery included.
    Prime members free delivery.

    No deal.

  • $29.21 delivered here. Not even close to a deal

  • I bought this from Amazon. Not very good. Beans seem to lose their aroma fast compared to another canister (Coffeevac) I bought at same time to get the free shipping on Prime from US. Coffeevac is grossly overpriced for the cheap plastic it's made from imo. I like the old DeLonghi battery operated vacuum canister over both of these.

  • what about …… a decent sandwichbag?

  • Hi OP, Will a 1.8 litre canister hold 1kg of beans?

  • Airtight containers don’t seem that great for freshness

  • I'm no expert, but this does the job for me just fine

  • +3 votes

    I'm lost for words, this is frankly ridiculous

  • I use a simple glass jar with rubber seal, one kg lasts me one month and the beans are kept in the cool and dark of a cabinet

  • Kinda looks like a small garbage bin.

    I find the IKEA glass jars with the wire locking lids works flawlessly for my beans.

  • For this price you can pretty much get the Airscape or the Fellow Atmos and they both have vacuums to remove oxygen to increase the life of your beans.

    I've watched and read a bunch of fairly subjective tests on canisters and most conclude that keeping your coffee in the original bag but sealed airtight is as good as one of these types of cannisters but the Airscape and Fellow Atmos are different and do extend the life of beans a bit (maybe a couple of weeks, which allows you to buy kg bags rather than 250g)

  • I bought a De'Longhi battery powered storage Jar it worked for about 14 months and then the seal failed . I now just buy coffee that comes with a one way valve after decanting what i need then i clip it closed tightly and make sure the valve is still free to work.

  • My partner got me one of these last christmas, just looking at the box now it says $59.95.. website is coffeeculture? what a rip off! They're identical to the $30 listed on ebay, probably just rebranded aliexpress crap

  • Not a deal. Looks like re-branded generic canister from China. There's cheaper options on ebay / amazon.