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Logitech G502 Hero Wired Gaming Mouse - $84.24 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was looking for a deal on this gaming mouse. Not the lowest price ever but still pretty good when most places are selling it around $100. This one is sold by Amazon but there are also some other sellers on Amazon who are a few cents cheaper.

Possibly could price beat @ Officeworks

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Amazon AU

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  • Link not working - I believe https://www.amazon.com.au/Logitech-G502-Performance-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B07GBZ4Q68/ is the one?

    edit: and it's now fixed!

    Showing $83.99 for me.

  • officeworks will not price beat as they have messed up with their MPN no. and will swear that this is a different product. May be try your luck instore. JBHIFI will price match as I have got it through them recently.

  • It’s worth paying the couple cents extra to get it from Amazon rather than sellers, Amazon provides the tax invoice straight away for warranty purposes. With a seller it’s a hassle, on the website, click on the get it faster option to get straight from Amazon

  • was at sub $70 from jb, hn, goodguys. if not in urgent, i guess it's not bad to wait for a while.

  • I am waiting for the wireless version to come down in price .

    • Same. I’m not a fan of the G903 shape, so the 502 is the best option for me

      • Check the G604 , it's similar to the 502 in shape

        • I currently have the 604 and its great! I just want to upgrade to a mouse that supports the Powerplay for piece of mind.

          Plus the amount of buttons on the 604 is a bit too much and makes it hard to press during games

  • what worries me is the left/right button double click issue as I saw so many post online about people with G502 hero and lightspeed as long with G903 and among other G series gaming mouse develop double click issue after a short use. anyone here had this problem?

    • Both my son and I have been using these for a while. For me it's been more than a year. His is second hand. No issues. But a sample size of 2 is not exactly significant. I don't doubt people reporting the issue are genuine. The only question is how common the problem is and that's very hard to tell.

      • In my experience it's definitely a problem, but I still vouch for this mouse, no other gaming or office mouse I've used has been as reliable and comfortable as this one - I am happy to be a consumer that just keeps buying the same one as it dies.

    • I absolutely love this mouse and have owned 3 of these so far to date!! That's how much I love it - once they eventually die, I just go out and buy another one of the same. The first one died because I was an idiot and destroyed it myself, that lasted about a year just fine. The current one I am using is my 2nd owned one, it started developing the double click issue about 2 years into it's life. The 3rd one I bought as a replacement for this one but my wife is using it when she WFH and that one is going fine that's about 3 months or so of use. So I have been learning to press the button on my 2nd owned one at different position to normally so that it is less likely to double-click. It definitely feels like something wrong with the microswitch button when it's hit by a particular angle after extended number of clicks perhaps? It's a real shame Logitech hasn't fixed this over the years.

      I have 2 other friends who have used or use this mouse at some point and both have experienced the double click issue too. It's really sad that this is a known thing with this mouse, it gets 10/10 across the board from me except for the usable-lifespan-without-being-annoying category :(

  • I bought the wireless version of this from JB a while ago, definitely a good mouse and i have used it with the charging cable.

    $84 is worth it, not sure if its the best price though.
    not worth the cost for wireless

  • Got this from JB for the same price - I bite the bullet for additional 2 years warranty for $18 so I got 4 years warranty in total. Not sure if that warranty worth anything.

  • Deal is back up