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Hakushu 12YO Whisky 700ml $270 (Was $319) @ Vintage Cellars


First time poster

Found this deal while looking for a nice Japanese whisky,.

you can get an extra 2.5% back from shopback

The website might show out of stock for delivery, but call you local store, if it has stock change the delivery on the site to click and collect at the store that has stock and it will update the availability.
I contacted Carlton store and they have a few bottles.

Dan Murphy's does not have stock to price match.

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  • +19

    Hakushu 12YO $270 @ Vintage Cellars

    As an extra bonus, if you get it delivered bu Aussie Post, it will be 13YO…

    • Hiyo!

      But they (profanity) suck

    • +3

      unfortunately unlike wine. whisk(e)y doesn't age once it's bottled

      • +1

        You're right

        I need to start buying mine by the barrel

        Can you actually do that?

        • not this stuff

          • @Archi: i've seen things like jack daniels being sold by the barrel

        • +1

          The finished product is usually a blend of stuff from different barrels (with the exception of a few notable "single cask" releases from places like Sullivan's Cove in Tassie for example). A master blender will pick out the barrels and proportions to produce a consistent product over time despoite every barrel being unique. So even if you could buy a whole barrel you wouldn't necessarily get the character you're used to in the spirit. Some of the components in a bottle may be older than what it says on the bottle (the age statement on the bottle is the age of the youngest cask in the blend). Note - this does not necessarily make the whisky a "blended whisky" - as long as its all pure malt with no cheaper grain alcohol, and its all from the same distillery it is a single malt.

        • +2

          Yes you can

          Archie Rose in Sydney can sell you a barrel which you can determine the age, size of barrel, the type of barrel etc.

          Apparently starts at around $12000 but you end up with about 100 bottles after aging for 12 years less if 18 due to angels share.

          Not bad if you want to give your clients/friends something unique!

          • @Shiq1: so cool!

            Even Jehovah would accept that as a birthday gift!!

  • +4

    I invited a few friends over for a leaving party several years ago, and there was a mutual friend / friend of a friend (but we've hung out before). I asked if he wanted some of this, because it was really nice. He poured about 50ml and then shotted it. I died on the inside and I'm still salty about it today.

    • bruh.

      Otherwise - how did it taste? Is it worth the $'price? With 300ish bucks you can get a lot of good whisky.

      • +2

        I honestly really like it, definitely one of my favorites, I think it is worth it at this price. But i'm not a whisky expert and this is just my opinion.

      • +6

        Great whisky, but no, not worth it at this price. I'm a fan of Japanese whisky, but drink mostly Scotch now because of the way Japanese prices have appreciated.

        • Thanks mate - what are your Japanese recommendations with the current price climate?

          • +5

            @guccigang: Actually, you get way better bang for your buck with Scotch. If your curious, you can always try the Hakushu distillery reserve. It's a non age statement and goes around $120. Wait for one of those 20% flash cashback deals with first choice or catch. That way you can get an indication if this is your thing or not, and not break the bank. The Hakushu range is smokier and peatier than other Japanese whiskies, but still very smooth and well balanced. It's definitely not a peat bomb like whisky from Islay.

            • +1

              @griffith 101: I actually think the Hibiki NAS is not bad if you can find it at Costco, got a few bottles last year for $110 each and are still very tasty albeit aftertaste is a little thin

      • Tastes great, sweet with a hint of smoke. Really smooth and very easy to drink

        I recall 7 years ago going to Japan to pick up Yamazaki 18s for about $150/bot, always came back with as much as I could. Drank a few bottles and I’ve still got remnants of my stash now (about 10) but at $1k bottle it’s simply not worth it

    • -2

      He poured about 50ml

      That's around $20.

    • +3

      What an idiot. Everyone knows the Hakushu 12 year goes best with LA Ice Cola.

      • +1

        I use Pepsi Max Raspberry…

    • I would be salty everytime i see that friend

  • Hmmmm, sweet pretentiousness!

    (Yes, I realise this will get down voted, but worth it)

    • I'm probably pretentious but I got brainwashed by the Yakuza games!

      I don't think I even enjoy Japanese cuisine outside of matcha but you see the pictures enough and you give in!

  • -1

    use discount code "2777269688208" for a further 5% off! Brings it down to $256.50

    • This is someone's mycoles discount…

    • +2

      Don't do that mate. You or the employee (if not yours) can get into trouble for this.

  • +1

    A bit of stretch for a 12 year old

  • It's good but not worth this price.

  • +1

    Crazy pricing. I bought a few bottles of this for $50ish in Japan, as I knew it was getting rarer and expensive. It's nice but spend your $ elsewhere. For this price you can try a decent selection of 12-16YO whiskey.

    • +1

      I found it really hard to find Whisky in Japan for sale, wish i could have found it for $50

  • +2

    These prices are now at invest grade levels. Easier to taste it at a bar (albeit at inflated price for a nip) but at-least you then know the prices they command are not worth the hype, unless you want to simply hold onto the bottle to sell it in the future or perhaps flex.

  • +3

    Pricing of these Japanese malts have appreciated so much lately, seem overpriced. Thanks for the post anyway OP.

    Yamazaki 12 is available for $300 too before any discounts. Much cheaper than Dan Murphy or eBay sales.

    I personally prefer the Kurayoshi over these lately.

    • agree. so overpriced with the hype

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