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Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid | 240GB Data | Unlimited Talk | International Calls* | $260 @ 3 Brothers Mobiles


Boost Prepaid Sim Starter kit - RRP $300 [Deal price $260]

Unlimited calls & texts + 240GB data for 12 months

Telstra network

*Free international calls to select countries

Boost Sim card Expiry Date - 26/11/2021

240GB and 12 MONTH EXPIRY. UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers. UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 30 selected destinations +3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected destinations.
$300 Boost Mobile Pre-Paid Trio Sim Starter Kit 12 months expiry. SIM Card you have to activate before Nov 2021.
Condition is Brand New
More information Please check boost web: https://boost.com.au/shop/300-prepaid/

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  • I think I have asked and forgot. Can I use this to renew my current number or it has to be a new one?

  • I know its been asked before, but i can't find it now… I'm with Telstra (not boost):
    * can I buy this deal and then port my number from telstra once I get the sim?
    * the boost website says I need to call and ask for a special blank SIM…
    Really, my question is when do I have to ask for the blank SIM:
    * can I call and ask for the blank SIM after I buy this deal; or
    * do I have to ask for the blank SIM when/before I buy this deal? (I hope that makes sense).

    • Simply get a free Optus SIM from any Optus store (or $2 from Woolies/Coles etc), port out to Optus, once done, port to Boost. Whole process will complete within an hour.

    • I did this a month or so ago, Telstra prepaid to Boost. They were able to port me across with my number but I did need to call customer service and spent a while on hold. It couldn't be done online. I was in similar situation with blank sim info unclear.

      YMMV, good luck

  • do they provide e-sim?

  • Wished I had ordered mine from this mob. Purchased mine direct from Boost on 30/06 and have not received it or heard a thing from them other than order confirmation. Live up near Maitland NSW so not to far out in the sticks.

  • I got mine for $250 from Southern Telecom or Tovmobile, it is advertised for $300, but offered 250 and got accepted

  • Just a bit of advice, if you're thinking about porting your number across you may wanna visit the boost forums and look at threads relating to porting before purchasing.

    • The worst experience is (ironically) porting from Telstra to Boost… Although once ported to Boost the mobile service is Telstra level with better value for money.

  • Tried to port my number across and their identity check is broken. It won't accept my driver license, medicare and valid passport. I had to get a new number to get the thing to work. Boost mobile system is sh!thouse.

    • for me westpac is shithouse, i used my medicare and passport and it was rejected like wtf, how can my passport be incorrect its literally the most sensitive id avaliable you literally use it to cross borders

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