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20% off All Blackvue Dash Cams | JVC kW-M150BT for $279 | 30% off Kicker and JBL @ Bankstown Sound


Happy COVID Everyone

Just want to get out of the gate and let everyone know that stock supply is impacted really badly. Those of you playing at home would have noticed that we didn't have a Midnight Sale this June; thanks COVID. So the offers that we've got are really the best offers that we can get for you but we're working over-time to get all the ducks in-a-row so that when we do go on sale… oh boy… it'll be worth the wait!

In the mean time, we've got this on offer for you until the end of this month:
* 20% OFF our entire Blackvue range of dash cams
* The JVC KW-M150BT for $279 with a free reverse camera and shipping
* 2020's upgrade of the DMX8019s, the DMX8020s for $660 with a free reverse camera and shipping
* 30% OFF our entire Kicker range of subs, amps and speakers
* 30% OFF our entire JBL Audio range of subs, amps and speakers

Please note that if your car can fit a double-din head unit, the two mentioned about, as well as any other, will fit your car. For installation quotes for both head units and dash cams, please call the store on 02 9708 5444 Monday through Saturday, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM and talk to the install team.

We know it's not much, but it's what we can give you at the moment. Just know that we're just as keen to have a door-busting sale as you are!

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  • Anyone have any experience with the JVC KW-M150BT ?

    • Not who you were asking lol, but we've seen a bunch of units try to be good at entry-level costing and this and the Axis AX1870CP are some really good offerings. We've had no returns and we've had it on the test bench for our own review (coming soon) for about a week now and we can't seem to find anything less than great with it.

      • Whoa that was a quick response.
        Nice thats good to hear. That Axis is probably not much use to me coinsidering my main phone is an Android.

        On another note would you be able to shed some light on plug and play touchscreen units that would suit a Mazda BL neo out of the box ? I am tempted to buy this Eonon but not sure if it's worth the risk

        Btw great service, keep up the good work šŸ‘

        • What's the story with Android Ready on the axis?

          • @Jackson: I'm really glad you asked. The AX is Android Auto capable. There's an option in the settings menu to simply turn on compatibility. There's something with Axis that we're not allowed to advertise that it is, but if you ask, we're allowed to say yes!

            • @BankstownSoundMarine: See my comment above, (Now appears below)

              Having a feature and not being allowed to mention it unless asked? - that adds to my already unreliable/shadyness thoughts of this brand. Next time you see the marketing manager, tell him to go find another job, that is, if they haven't already been let go.. wtf?

              edit: pointing out correct comment location

        • Please don't buy the Eonon. Not because it's from someone that's not us lol, but because although their feature list is long and it looks like a great deal, they have next to no QC and all Chinese brands after-sale service is either not there, or terrible. Give the AX another look, knowing that you can turn on Android Auto on that unit.

      • Whats the story with AXIS, I've seen their 1850BT/1860 units
        But there is little information on the company, the axis Australia website is basic and their specs don't line up with their device spec PDFs
        Os this a new brand? because their not doing a good job to get me to move away from the JVC/Sony names etc.
        especially at their price point, doesn't seem worth the risk..

  • OP, just bought a 2016 landcruiser 200 series (today) looking to upgrade the sound system. I am somewhat of a (profanity) audiophile so prefer clarity over anything. Can you recommend a full set up (excluding head unit)

    • Hey mate, a setup for the audiophile, you're looking at either Kicker or JL Audio. You're also looking at a lot more $$$. At the moment, we've got the 30% off all Kicker, so that'll save some dollars. But you'll be needing a great source unit first. We're expecting delivery of the Pioneer ZF9350BT early next week. It's one of the best units to come to market this year. As for speakers, subs and amps, I'll get you to call the store and talk to the install team about recommendations etc. We're open Monday-Saturday and the number is 02 9708 5444

  • Can you do the blackview 4k for $550?

    • Bankstown are doing it for $695 with parking mode. Amazon has it for $709 as a regular price. Other stores average around $750-$800 for the package. So its a decent deal but 20% off from a high price.

      • I really hate saying it, because it sounds like a cop-out, but COVID has really limited us in being able to do some crazy stuff for you guys. At the moment, 20% is the best we're allowed to do. We've got to be careful because although a 30% off would be great for you guys, it'd be the last one we'd be able to do, because Blackvue would delete us from their supplier list… So, the 20% off we've got now, is, at least for now, the best that can be done.

      • I've seen it on a previous deal for $533 but missed out. I have to add around $200 for installation so almost 1K

  • Has stock come in on your other units ?
    Everyone seems to be low atm

    • Yeah, it's been tough for the big boys to bring in stock from Asia, so everyone's a little light. We've been told that late-August/September is the time when everyone will be flush with stock again, but, it's a bit of time from here…

  • Im looking at the Blackvue DR900s 2-Channel.

    Do you still do free install?