Free Virtual Tour of Melbourne Zoo @ Zoos Victoria YouTube


Hey all - was sent this Virtual Tour of Melbourne Zoo from Zoos Victoria via email this morning.

15min official tour of Melbourne Zoo (Temporarily closed due to restrictions).

Production value is really good and great for kids or anyone interested in the different exhibits.

Virtual Tour of Melbourne Zoo by Zoos Victoria includes statistics, facts and best of all, no crowds.

Official link to the 'Animals hat home LIVE' is here:

Note from Zoos Victoria page: Join us for a tour of Werribee Open Range Zoo on Saturday 1 August, and Healesville Sanctuary on Saturday 8 August.

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  • Watch documentaries of animals free in their own habitats and social groups or tour of animals confined in cages? Hmmmm….

    • The sooner the normalisation of animal captivity ends, the better.

    • Melb zoo are not for profit, money is put back into conservation in varies forms. Sadly the only chance some of these animals have is in a 'cage'. Traveled east Africa a couple of years ago, visited 3 different national parks for several days each and despite the guide trying to find us a rhino we didn't see one the whole trip due to the poaches decimating the numbers that badly. As long as these animals continue to face poaching and habitat loss then conservation parks are the only chance some will have.

      • The height of human entitlement is expecting to be able to see other animals whenever we want, either caged or in the wild.

        There are not many free roaming animals in nature. Many people have this notion that we'd be overrun with animals if we didn't intervene. That's completely wrong. Non domesticated mammals make up a few percent of the entire warm blooded biomass on earth; humans a third and domesticated species, mainly "livestock" the other two thirds. Not seeing other animals is the norm, not the exception.

        • This sounds incredibly baseless, how exactly do you think the numbers of many wild animals have dwindled significantly particularly since the industrial revolution? There were about 500,000 rhinos in the wild at the start of the 20th century and we have seen that drop down to 21,000. It's not the expectation to be able to see animals on demand, it's the expectation that they can attempt to live in their own eco-system without human interference and my example was a sad reflection that they can't.

          • @donkcat: I don't disagree we have caused the problem, by both diminishing their numbers and increasing our own and our domesticates. Nonetheless the human fetish to demand access to other species is there. We destroy them, we want them, we can't make up or minds, invariably they suffer.

            The vast majority of, for example, deforestation of the Amazon is for animal agriculture. Hell, the vast majority of Australian bushland has been destroyed for animal agriculture. We destroy free roaming animals so we can have domesticates. We then cage the remnants of the free roamers in order to "protect them." In this respect our species is a monster, or a joke, or maybe both.

      • Melb zoo are not for profit

        Are they really? Couldn't find their ABN on the ACNC registry.

    • This time it's the humans in their cages/houses and the animals that are roaming free.

  • Can't I just google videos of animals? lols

  • wow, this is amazing. its like i am really there. wow.

  • @rawm damn tough audience hey :p
    just trying to share a freebie and you get a spanking.
    gotta love the ones who shout out loud but provide no real help at all… Roarrrrr im just here to help spread the message more and more, I don't really care if this can be fixed or not.
    p.s Make Weed Legal!!!

  • Loved our time in Melb zoo last year. Taronga zoo should learn from them. Make kids entries free during school holidays!

  • i thought the first animal was pretty, she even showed her backside, wonder what that means

  • Thanks OP watched it with the kids, it was good. Better than reading the above comments, thats for sure.

  • 100% mate.

  • Nice find OP, my kid really enjoyed it. And I grabbed a bowl of popcorn myself - the comments on this post made my Saturday.

  • Thanks

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