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[Free] 10x Golden Keys for Borderlands 2 @ Gearbox Software


Edit: it seems the Code field has a character limit (thanks to figlia for pointing that out below), here are both of them in complete form:


If you grabbed a free copy of Borderlands 2 from the Epic giveaways then these keys will give you some good gear for your character. Note that it requires a SHiFT account to redeem. Both codes are universal and should work on any platform.

I don’t have BL2 myself so I can’t say how likely you are to get something good. Please feel free to comment below if you have it.

Source: The Unofficial SHiFT Code Archive

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    WTCJJ-5RX39-BTXJZ-T seems to be too short

    • Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!

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  • Excuse my ignorance but what are the golden keys for… noting that yeah I should probably just read the BL2 wiki.

    Still in this crazy mixed up covid world this is what passes for human interaction.

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      Just because this is the most human contact I've had this week;
      A golden key is used to open the "special" loot crate in your respawn room (kinda like your house, but in the middle of a walkway/mall). When you open the crate using a golden key, a "special" weapon is created for you. The weapon is of a similar level to what you are currently able to use and has extra perks (think: bonus DPS or anti-armor) over the loot you'd get from killing bad guys. The 'catch' is that you can only use each golden key once. So, if you, eg. use it at level 10 you'll get a level 10 gun which makes you OP now, but is useless at say level 20. Conversely, if you wait till level 60 to get the bestest guns EVER! , then you've played 60 levels of grinding with looted gear, when you could have done it with better gear.

      more golden key codes = more awesome loot

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        Thanks kind internet stranger, that's a good explanation of its use and its function within the game. Also your use of humour and grammar is excellent.

        12/10 would hope to read your comments again.

    • There is a chest in Sanctuary with a 'skeleton key' symbol on it. You use golden keys to open it and it usually gives 4 pretty decent guns/equipment.

      • Isn’t that BL3? I think BL2 is different.

        • I’m not sure about item count, but it’s the same concept for borderlands 2

  • bl2 best borderlands but free keys 8 years after release lol… already played the game to death XD

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      When this came out and I saw the reviews I was like sweet 8years from now I'm gonna nab me a bargain; free copy of BL2 and some dope free golden keys.

      BARGAIN. :)

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          On the one hand, more free loot keys for a free game sitting in my pile of shame is the last thing I need.

          But I am also an OzBargainer, and free is free.

          I'll take it.

          • @adamross: This exactly. +1

          • @adamross: If you ever do get a chance to play one of those games in your pile of shame, I fully recommend giving Borderlands 2 a shot. Great as a single player and can also be played co-op with mates. The story is fantastic and so is the DLC if you've been able to nab it. The graphics might take some time to get used to but it can be run on a entry level gaming machine.

            Enjoy it!

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks OP! I'm going to try a second run of the game in hardest mode soon!

  • Thanks

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