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[PC] Free - Borderlands: Handsome Collection | Ultra HD Texture Pack DLC @ Epic Games


The next freebie mystery game from Epic games has been confirmed via Twitter . As usual, live from 1am AEST.

Get Borderlands: The Handsome Collection free on PC until June 4. Yours to keep forever on the Epic Games Store. #EpicMegaSale

Here is the deleted tweet.

Tweet images

You might want to set yourself a reminder for Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection - available from 12/6 1am.

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  • Wow. Niice. Cheers

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      Some would even say Epic

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        Are you coping this comment to try and achieve similar results?


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          Some would even say Epic

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            @Andard: Some would even say Epic

            • +1

              @misterpotatomato: Some would even say…. wait, this joke has been done like 100 times, every time there is a good epic deal…

              • +4

                @wisc: It's a good joke. Some would even say it's an Epic joke.

                • @misterpotatomato: i commend your commitment good sir.

                  • @wisc: Haha thanks. Things can go either way in the comment section, people can say you're beating a dead horse and downvote you, or upvote you because of repeating the same thing over and over again.

                    I need those upvotes for my sweet internet points

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        Some would even say Handsome. ;)

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    Oh what a surprise, didn’t see this coming.

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      Some how I feel your not being sarcastic, this website has ruined my receptors

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    Awesome my favourite series. I play on Ps4 but can't hurt to play on PC.

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    I missed gtav by a day :(

    • +24

      Wow and you had only a whole week to get it.

      • +3

        Didn't find out till day after lol

        • +3

          If your Friday’s aren’t too busy you can just try get in the habit of opening the Epic game store every Friday and claiming the weekly free game.

        • +9

          This is why you should check OzBargain at least once a day… at least the front page deals

      • +1

        Ah shit, here we go again.

    • Set yourself a weekly reminder alarm in your phone until January 2021.

    • That's ok, I missed out on Farm Simulator. :p

  • I really liked no.2 except the dinosaur part, everything took forever to kill. So happy to finally play pre-sequel

    • Which dinosaur part? You mean the final boss?

      • You go though that Jurassic park area with lots of robot dinosaurs, I just remember everything taking forever to kill

        • I am totally lost now and you have me very intrigued. I played plenty of BL2 but I cannot remember anything like that.
          Do you know which chapter or the name of the main story mission in that part?

      • Lizards, robots, crystal creatures and spider things, skags, bullymoks, threshers, people, flying bat things… Can't think of any Dino's.

        Dragons… How good was Tiny Tina's dungeon crawl. 11/10.

        Maybe he means the Sir Hammerlock expansion. That area is tough if you are under geared.

  • +2

    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (March 2015)
    Includes remastered versions of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with all of their accompanying downloadable content. Plus the ability to import your saved games from the original game releases.

  • +1

    Damn time zones! I woke up bright and early to get this this morning. Didnt even think it was the 28th for them, not us.

    • +4

      Got a week, and no limit on the number of keys.

      No rush :)

  • This is kick ass. Thanks

  • +3

    On the same day they release the Borderlands collection for Nintendo Switch! 🤣

  • Bargain! I have bookmarked this one

  • Thanks, have played 1 and 2, enjoyed both. Now this collection for the prequeal. Only one missing now is 3.

    • +1

      Pre-sequel kind of sucks, at least the 1st 1/2 (it is as bad as the reviews say). If you can make it past the Australiana cringefest it gets better after that.

      • After playing for an hour, gee I'm glad I didn't pay for this. This is my first time playing a Borderlands game, and the "Pre-sequel" has turned me off the whole series already.

        I'm glad I saw your comment - I will give B2 a try before they both (maybe) go into the junk pile

        • What was so bad about it out of interest?

          • +1

            @badonde: Aussie bogans on the moon. Bad scripting, bad voice acting, cringy jokes. Quests drags on.

            2nd half is much better. Painful getting there though.

        • +1

          The proper Borderlands 2 is great. Very funny, takes a couple of hours to really get into it.

          The pre-sequel is a bad expansion pack. It does give does give nice background but yeah the 1st half is hard work.

      • Saw the rating on Epic site last night for the pre-sequal, decided not to get this free collection. Will wait for 3 to go cheap on sale, maybe in 3 years time…

  • Already got this from PS+, but free is free :D

      • +36

        He's just pissed that he missed out on posting the deal.

        • +13

          Yeah, I love when it happens too. He somehow always has a negged comment in the thread. Good shit

        • +11

          My thoughts too. Not even an upvote from him lol

        • -9

          Not at all. Remember how everybody gets upset when game companies sue Content Creators, Youtubers etc for revealing something early even if it is just a few hours and then their own employees do (when they are not supposed to as evidenced by their website).
          You measure with different standards here.
          Oh, and it's funny how me pointing out a fact is prompting you to make assumptions.

          Who do you think bears the consequences when people try to take advantage of a price error and insist the company honours it? The employee who made the mistake is history in 95% of the cases, especially if it costs the companies tens of thousands of dollars.
          In this case I was simply wondering how somebody who obviously cannot get dates right is left in a job where getting dates right is important. It is like leaving a blind person in charge of a 747 - not the right person for the job.

        • -5

          I feel as though every comment he will post in this thread will be negged, while others upvoted.

          Upvote this comment because turtles.

        • It's beyond pathetic lol

          • +3

            @Baebs: Yeah lol
            Never expected this level of salt from the guy. I don't think I will ever up-vote his deals again lol

            • +2

              @Scythic: It has got nothing to do with salt - why do you think they deleted the tweet? And if you had read the replies to the tweet before it was deleted you would seen many replies that stated the same sentiment I did - another Epic failure.

            • +2

              @Scythic: Should see how sweaty the fella got when the deal popped up - title and description'll was an incoherent mess with typos everywhere, all so he could be "first."

              And the promo wasn't even official yet

              • +1

                @Baebs: I never posted this deal buddy but that's fine. You just keep believing. Better check to see if you are not thinking of the guy who posted based on an unconfirmed leak and rumour.

        • +4

          this. he is the guy who always posts the deal one week earlier now just because the games are more popular, he thinks the servers will be crashed and people will lose their job. lol. "people will lose their job" is one of the most popular and lamest excuses.

          • +1

            @baldur: Can you really not differentiate?

            If Epic put on their website: Next week Kingdom Come Deliverance is free that is different to when they do not put the name of the game up but have a countdown timer and then the game is leaked/revealed early by error.

            In case 1, they put it up because that is the agreement with the publisher.
            In case 2 it is a mystery because that is what is agreed with the publisher and they want people to come and check. Leaking/revealing early negates the foregoing.

            The two cases are very different but of course you do not want to see this.

            Re people losing their job: I know quite a few people who lost their job due to making mistakes that cost their employer money.
            But anyway, all I said is that I wonder how someone who obviously has problems with dates gets to keep a job where getting the date right is important. The losing the job argument was introduced by someone else.

  • +2

    God damn it. I bought this on Humble Bundle about a month ago. I should have waited.

  • +1

    So the rumour was true.

    • +3

      Yep, we can expect ARK for the following week!

      • +1

        I almost bought the complete edition of ark the other day for $30 so this will save me 30$ and scratch the ark itch haha

        • +2

          You made the right choice.

      • +1

        Needs to be confirmed though - they have pulled and changed games before (For the King, Pandemic etc.)

        • I guess the agreement with those game publishers must have fallen through. Yeah and also ARK hasn't yet been officially announced.

          • +1

            @hollykryten: With For the King it was lost sales I believe and with Pandemic it was also about sales opportunity.
            During Covid 19 sales of Pandemic related games have shot up.
            Plague Inc is the prime example.

            I mean, if I was the publisher or dev I wouldn't be happy about lost sale days. We have seen it with The Witcher 3 which at first was eligible for the coupon and then CDPR told Epic to make it ineligible as it would have cannibised their own sale.
            This early reveal will net 2K extra $$$ and Randy will be happy about such a mistake.

  • If I own BL2 and TPS on steam already and my friends get this, will I be able to play with them or do i need to get the handsome collection on Epic to play with them?

    • +1

      Why not have both?
      Worst case you have to reinstall and spend 5 minutes cloning the save file to the Epic install.

      • Are you sure this will work?

        • +1

          I imagine it would. Borderlands 2 steam stores save file in the users my documents folder. I modified mine plenty of times. Don't see why they would change it for epic. It is just a DRM launcher after all. Game files should be the same even if install location is different.
          As for cross play I doubt it as it's handled by steam overlay not external servers.

    • https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/49520/view/170736...
      from this update in February, i believe u just need a shift account to play together regardless of steam/epic games account.

      edit: not sure how this affects inviting friends, etc.

  • damn, love Borderlands series, shame i already got them all :) guess it doesnt hurt to have them in epic either.

  • do you think some people started making many accoutns and adding gta so they can sell it later after for a profit? i bet many people did that shit, i barely had time to add a copy to my library (which i did at the end of the day)

    • I think there was an article about Epic checking IP addresses or something like that to prevent those people from doing that.
      There is also a chance people did that for chesting in the game. If they got banned in one account which they paid nothing for the could just use another.
      But I think Epic did something about it.

  • +1

    Weird how Epic are deleting tweets for announcements like these

    • +1

      Not weird - the tweet was a mistake as an employee got the dates wrong.
      Announcing early only causes problems for Epic due to agreements with the publishers and their site crashing.
      It was totally unintentional as evidenced by the countdown timer on their own website.

  • What's the deal with epic studios, what card are they playing from Microsoft play book? I mean unreal engine 5 is a stunning real.

    But just curious, GTA 5 for life? And now this, maybe gearbox studios has now been given free full access in advance for unreal engine 5, but if that's true what does rockstar get from selling a free copy on epics storefront.

    Just curious on the marketing behind it.

    • +5

      Rockstar gets more players on GTA V Online, leading to perhaps more micro transactions etc. Just attempt at milking it further I guess.

      • If that's true why delist it from gamepass and cannibalise your sales, hell why not just go free2play like cod.

    • +1

      They will get players into the franchise ahead of the release of GTA VI in 2023/2024

    • The games are 7 years old so have really squeezed out their sale lifespan.

      Both are likely joining/joined the various subscription "Netflix of gaming" platforms anyway so their days of being sold for upfront payment are already over.

      GTA5 has made far more cash selling shark card currency than on game price. F2P still gets them a few whales.

      BL2 introduces people to BL3, which is still a new game on the market.

      • Yep. Works for crack dealers too.

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