Free Downloadable Digital Care Packs for Kids @ Smiling Mind


This is a Victorian Government initiative to help support the mental health of kids aged 5-12 during COVID. The packs are created by psychologists and include worksheets and activities to promote mindfulness and to reduce stress and anxiety.

MOD: Direct link to download has been removed, as requested by Smiling Mind, which is a non-profit that requires a targeted number of registration to receive funding.

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  • Yes because I find nothing improves a child's well being more than reading small print, and filling out pointless exercises. If nothing else it will prepare them for what it's like to be an adult in our society.

    Pity too because skimming a couple of the messages are not terrible. (e.g. If you can't tell what the weather has been like lately you're definitely distracted and that could be a sign you're under a great deal of stress. But simply paying attention to the weather without addressing the underlying cause won't be enough.)

    Wow our politicians (and clearly some of our medical professionals) are out to touch. Speaking of out of touch, watch me get downvoted.

    • You're so out of touch you're not being downvoted.
      Or upvoted.
      It's almost as if people were completely nonplussed by your rant.

      Maybe you should try calling talkback radio or writing a letter to a newspaper next time?

      • See my other posts. I got 12 downvotes suggesting that a USB wifi adapter was more versatile than an M.2 and then a long useless argument. And it's far from the first post that's happened to recently.

        So maybe you could pull your head in. Also you should let the English dictionary maintainers know that you've redefined "rant" to mean less than a dozen sentences. Now if you'll excuse me I have to rush off and find some talkback radio and newspaper contacts because I'm going to do what you say right away eyeroll