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Heller 2 x 275W Silver Ducted Heater and Exhaust Fan $38.90 Bunnings


2 x 275W Heat Lamps
Air Flow - 320 - 340m³/h
Exhaust Fan with Side Ducting
1 x 6W LED Centre Globe
Stylish Design
The Heller 3in1 is a stylish 2 Heat Lamp Ducted unit with light, that makes it ideal for use in bathrooms and ensuites. This unit has the flexibility of being able to instantly heat using the 2 x 275W heat lamps, exhaust the steam with its powerful motor or light up your room with its LED light when the heat or exhaust.

The price of this product in white colour is $79.98 -

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  • Great price. I actually just installed one of these to replace a broken one and generally fine for the price BUT the single 6W LED globe is not very bright and tough to find a brighter replacement (manual stipulated 6W only, but i'm sure it can be stretched…?)

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      Man if the fitting is rated to house those 2 massive 275W heat lamps, then a few extra watts from the LED lamp isn't going to do anything. Just make sure you find a decent enclosed LED lamp as the steam will get sucked right over it.

    • Yes, I have the same. if anyone has any luck on the middle globe, let me know! the ones I found were longer than this one..

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        You need to find an appropriate R63 type globe which is the size/shape for the bathroom lamps.

        • Be careful, if they say "<6W", they probably used transistor switchto turn it on and off, so if you use a 10W globe, it will be stop switching the bulb on and off in no time.

          A single transistor is much cheaper than a transistor and a relay. These are usually built to a price, not priced to the build!

          EDIT: But others further down are using 15W for 5 years, so if the same unit… so clearly not a problem.

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      I had an extra 2 led downlights installed for this reason

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      Just chuck in a regular Edison 10/15w globe. I did this to mine and its been going strong for over a year.

    • Mind was also rated to only 6 watts, have had a 10 or 12 in there going fine, same globe for ~5 years now.

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    Great price but what you save with this, you'll spend on an electrician. Mine just died after 2 years and ended up replacing with a Ventair. Better off getting a more reliable brand as you'll have to get an electrician to replace plus inevitably if the replacement is a different size, you'll need to fill in the hole (Gyprock etc.).

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      Heller is cheap crap, get IXL

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      Mine has been running fine for 7 years and counting.

      My Heller ceiling fans on the other hand weren't the best, but the person installing them didn't balance them

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    Anyone know .. how much does it cost to fit this? I currently dont have one

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      It shouldn't cost anymore than a regular light fitting.

      My sparky charged me $100 with cert (the latter is a non negotiable)

      • Does the cert cover venting to the outside of the dwelling?

        • I can't imagine why it wouldn't- it's a component of the install.

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    Aldi had them, 4-lighter, discounted to $79 installed, was $149 normal installed

    AMAZING deal!

    • $79 for the light AND installation?
      [EDIT] Wait, nevermind

      • installation only if u already had an existing

        • existing 3in1? Or just any existing light fitting?

          • @Jackson:

            It was $169, but they had about 8 left at Mordialloc a few months ago, i purchased 2 for family member, believe they are still waiting for installation

            Confirm they where just $79. i should have purchased them all….

            • @8200: How much was the price including installation?

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                @Ash-Say: Normal was $169, the unit and installation

                I got 2x for $79/pc, the not to long ago old days where ALDI use to savage the clearance price of goods, now no longer :-( :-(

                Aldi will most likely do them again, they are doing the toilet [inc. instal] next? week so maybe not far off

                Maybe call NU they are the suppliers and ask them

                • @8200: $79 for the unit + installation is an absolute bargain.

            • @8200: Thanks, can definitely have installed anywhere there is an existing light fitting, no need for an existing 3in1

  • I have the 4 lighter one. Two of the globes went out and went bunnings and bought replacement globes but they wouldnt work. Is that because i need to replace the whole thing?

    • sounds that way. I'd avoid Heller, very low tier brand

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        WTF? I've never had to replace the heat globes yet, but doesn't that sound rediculous if you have to replace the whole unit if the lamps die? I'm sure they are just screw on lamps…

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      Electrician here.

      The globes for these fittings screw in (E27). The neutral is the screw thread, and the positive is a plate on the back.

      The first set of globes were probably screwed in too hard and bent the plate back at the base. It will just require tweaking to pull it forward.

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          Tis but a tickle…

        • This can't be more stressed, absolutely do not try to bend back those tabs without turning off the power and checking it's off!

        • Shocking advice

      • Thanks for that! Do you have a pic of the back tabs? Should I turnoff the main power before doing it?

    • I found the wires to the globes had come off/ broke off. Re soldered back on and it was fine. But not a job for the average person.

  • Is there a way to include a backdraft damper or something to prevent heat loss with these?

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      The exhaust has a damper flap and optional ducting.

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    This would be great over the toilet on cold nights.

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      I switch these on after a shower on a cold day (don't keep them on during the shower - no point really), and for the straight out of bed loo visit on cold mornings. The bright light helps wake me up too.

  • Good price. My Bathroom Heller's Heat lamps aren't working when I bought my place last year. Wanted to replace it but finding the previous model to this one required a huge cut out (44x22cm) whereas this one is only 37x20cm. Need to find something same size or bigger but don't want to go for a 4 lamp one though. :(

  • awesome deal. now i need a matching house deal to go with this.

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    The fan on these things is crap

    • I think it's excellent. I had a 10 year old Lucci unit and it struggled to clear the steam from my bathroom. Was going to go IXL as I've had them before but saw this one at Bunnings had a higher extraction volume than most of the IXLs. Its been in for a couple months now and its great.

      • I have the one with 4 heat lamps / extraction ports and it clears almost no steam

        • I wouldn't be surprised if it yours has an issue but that being said - what model is yours exactly and is the exhaust fan rated at 320 - 340m3/h?

          I say that as when I built this house 10 years ago, I bought two Lucci heat lamp/fan units (one for each bathroom). One works fantastically coming on 11 years in August this year where as the other was never great to begin with. The inbuilt exhaust fans actually sounded different despite being identical models. Perhaps a quality issue?

          • @akyeeeahdude: You might be right, it is around 320m3/h I believe which should be sufficient to clear all steam for the room size. It definitely isn't performing correctly.

            • @t-money: If you want a video of mine in action (to support a warranty claim if needed), feel free to PM me.

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    Can you put in non-heat lamps in the main socket?
    Don't need a heat lamp but trying to find an exhaust fan with built-in light that doesn't cost >$100 is hard

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    I put one of these in my toilet, back of my head gets nice and warm when I'm scrolling my phone.

  • If anyone prefer in white color and does not bother with 4 lamps, then you can try the white-4-heat lamps one for 69. I got one couple weeks ago and installed by myself (no cert at all) with no problem. Bit noise with the fan and working not strong as the noise sounds :(, but for that price so what…

  • Hi All, I am really not aware of how to fix these stuff, before buying and calling an electrician have a doubt,if it has to be installed as new one on upstairs bathroom which does not have a ducting as of now. Do they duct it or leave it into the roof area?

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      You don't need to duct it anywhere technically. It can just vent/extract the steam to your roof space. I've got two whirlybirds and a very large roof space area (~300m2) so it's not a concern for me that it's not ducted externally.

      • any concern if the house does not have a whirlybird? roof area of approx 170 m2?

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          Personally no but feel free to obtain your own advice. 170m2 is still a substantial roof area. Is your roof tiled or Colorbond/tin? Unless you're having super hot showers for hours on end, then there wouldn't be enough vapour/steam extracted from your bathroom and pushed into your roof area to cause any problems whatsoever.

          Colorbond/tin roofs aren't even close to being sealed - there is a gap from where the sheet of metal connects to near the gutter. Often to close this from animals, they put wire mesh along it but it's still significant enough to allow great air flow.

          • @akyeeeahdude: thanks for the reply, its colorbond/tin on the second floor so it gets quite a good breeze every day…plus we probably only use the exhaust during winter when the bath steams up…on normal brisbane months we only use it maybe 3x a week.

  • Thanks op, mine went in on Saturday - Anyone else think the fan is loud. Its way louder than the similar one it replaced.

    • Yes it is loud but this is because it shifts a lot more air than most other units, even the low to mid range IXLs.

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