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New Balance 870v5 Shoes $65 (Was $170) + Delivery @ New Balance


Free shipping on orders over $100.

Sizes US 7 to 14 - Note: Wide (2E) width which is slightly wider than their Standard (D) size.

Don't forget cashback for further savings!

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  • 6mm heel drop. Not for me. But good deal, and shoe, if someone likes the slight tiptoe angle.

  • How does one buy shoes during a pandemic?
    I really need to try on shoes, so does one buy two sizes and return one?

    • New Balance have a 30 day free returns policy.

    • Ive owned newbalance before, so I know their sizing. they're very good at being consistant.

      So are Nike, so long as you stay in their same range (eg. Running).

      Their "fashion" line tends to waiver a bit.

      If youve bought newbalance shoes before, grab the same size.

      2E guarantees a little more room anyway, if you were previously wearing D.

    • If you were happy with the fit of an old pair that's just worn out you could check what model is was and order the same. They tend to fit more or less the same throughout each iteration every year or two

    • Thanks all.

      @bennythejet notices the returns. Good piece of mind then.

      I have Pumas right now and will get the same size.

      I haven't paid attention to the "width" but that is one of the biggest problems I have with shoes; so I should be safe with the 2E

      • Yes, 2e is wider than most regular shoes.

        Puma is especially skinny, historically.

        Newbalance also offer 4e, if the 2e ends up being too narrow; but coming from pumas, I think you'll be very very happy.

        • Thanks mate.
          Really excited to receive them.

          I will pay attention to the widths going forward as shoe shopping is a pain with "regular widths".

          • @String name: As a fellow wide footer, I suggest anything newbalance.

            Also Nike Air Pegasus is strangely wide.

            sketchers were basically built to fit Maori feet. So…. those too.

            Unfortunately we'll never get to be fashionable and wear cons or docs, unless we're happy to have flippers on :p

          • @String name: They also offer 6e on the 857 which is a full leather cross trainer.

  • I bought them a while ago, they are the best. I have really flexible ankle joints but these shoes help to stabilise my steps. I feel like a peasant if I couldn't wear them on my daily walk/jog, they are really comfortable. The only con I can think of is they are pretty ugly.

  • This is great, thanks op. Also keep in mind there's a 20% discount code on offer if you validate your unidays account. Got $13 off mine.

    Nice one.

  • if you have Amex offer saved. Spend 100 get 20 back.
    You can save more.I bought 2 pairs for $130
    Added these to the order which are also 50% off

    • I also have the same offer of $20 cashback on a $100 spend in the rewards section of the Commbank app for my Mastercard.

  • I'm not sure if I would be buying New Balance again where the top has very thin material. There's a thin bit of plastic that reinforces the toes underneath, and it has torn the top fabric on a couple of pairs of my Fresh Foam Zantes (or similar?) within the first few weeks. Not even a month. It's a real shame as otherwise the shoes are great. Apart from them looking battered.

    • That may be caused by one of two things, not necessarily a quality issue…. the way your toes point when you walk or run, and the length of your toenails. I have not had this issue with any of my shoes except for a very beaten up pair of Asics. I still have a pair of Zante 1980s that I use for casual wear and are still going strong.

      • It's right along the end of the plastic strip. At least I've worked it out. Obviously I've had dozens of shoes and a few pairs of NB over the years. Only this style caused me issues.

    • I have the exact same issue with my new balance shoes, its the thin lacey bit on top has been ripped right where the shoe creases (aroud the top of the toes, particularly the little toe and the big toe - i suppose where there's the most stress?)

      But happened very early, showed signs of tearing within 2 weeks, and now 4 months later it looks really quite ugly with lines going right across and loose lacey material coming off…

      Have owned NB shoes that haven't had this trouble, but will be avoiding these 'lace' top ones from here on out!

      • It's definitely the material being super light and breathable. I'm not saying to avoid New Balance, just not the ones with very thin material. At least mine are black and at glance it's not as obvious.

        • nah agreed, i didnt mean to say to avoid either. got a few NB shoes that have served me very well.
          I just think its a material issue, and may not be limited to my shoes alone

    • Have you shown NB, what did they say ?

      • Partly because at first I thought it was my fault. And it's been a long time now. I still wear them and as long as I don't look at them, it's fine. It hasn't ripped enough for a hole to open up.

        • I've heard of shallow "toe boxes" causing holes. Boot maker/shoe repairers should be able to patch it. No problems at DFO swapping my NB's a couple of times under 30 day policy, until I found the right shoe ( trying them on carpet at home).

  • Damn size 13 sold out whilst I stopped to sign into Unidays :( an additional 20% off makes them amazing value.

  • Thanks I have this exact shoe (inc. 2E) and it was just starting to wear thin on the bottom. I've ordered another two pairs. Should last me a few years on my morning walks and trips to the office.

  • I bought Wide (2E) balance showes before, and they are really wide.

    • I had a swollen foot once (foot injury) and picked up some 2E. Despite my foot being huge the 2E was perfect, 4E was way too big!