After a KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Hi, after a KitchenAid stand mixer for my wife's birthday. Best I think I can find is the KPM5 model from Kogan at 699

My understanding is that the bowl lift ones can handle a bit more weight?

I have seen people recommend the Kenwood's, but my wife would really like a KA, and I know how I would feel if I wanted a specific brand product and received a generic alternative.

Any help appreciated.



  • Don't get the mini too small.

    Cheapest of the mixers would be the classic model KSM45 which we have at home and don't have any issues with. We paid $499 but there doesn't seem to be any that cheap at the moment. Set price alerts using Pricehipster and keep an eye out for Ebay discount codes.

  • The KPM5 is brilliant - got one for my wife for christmas and she loves it. The bowl life can handle more weight, which is good if you're doing dough etc. Highly reccomended!

  • I am in the same boat as you. Wife wants one too so am on the lookout. Two main models of the KitchenAid are the ksm150 & ksm160. I believe the 160 has two bowls and possibly different accessories. At the moment there doesn't seem to be any bargains to be had. Both previously have sold in previous deals for under $500 (some with extra attachments). Most places are currently selling both between $600 to $800. Hope this helps…

    • I am seeing the same, bit disappointed at current price when they've been that low + accessories before.

  • I've been asking about a stand mixer to a few of the chefs I know, and most prefer the Kenwoods. Apparently they have more powerful motors? Worth looking.

  • The KPM5 is excellent. I picked one up a couple of years ago and have had no issues. The juicing attachment and pasta rollers work great with it too.

  • I imported mine from the USA a 240v model.

    Edit: Looks like they have upped there shipping originally I paid USD $464, about 5 years ago I think.

  • I have the KSM150 and I really like it. That being said, I probably would have been just as happy with a kenwood, but I don’t know the difference.

    The one thing about kitchenaid is they do usually go on sale and definitely wait for one.

  • We just purchased a new one.

    After much looking and reviewing we opted for this:-

    Got to say I'm delighted with it. We mainly use it for dough / bread making (so the motor gets a proper workout) and after three months heavy use its flawless. Was considerably cheaper the the KA and IMO the quality is better.

    This was also the CHOICE recommendation last year.

    • I was gonna get this with citi points recently but the glass (boro, whatever) bowl had me worried.

      Have you looked into replacement bowl costs?

    • Hi, thanks for this. It has a similar look, so my wife might be okay with it (or it might be like her telling me the 1.2 TSI Polo is the same as a Golf R…); will try to ask without making obvious.

      Just doesn't seem to do all the attachments like the others, but don't think she would be into those too much (me neither, just more stuff that sits around and takes space).

      • Tell her this is the Golf R & the kitchen aid is the Audi RS. Same car essentially but ones 50% more expensive.

        Jokes aside, Breville is a local quality appliance maker & this one is excellent.

  • Just get the kitchenaid, don't try and change her mind… my wife got one for mother's day

    I felt dirty for doing it, but got it from Harvey Norman (they had stock) and price matched online (via WhatsApp)

  • I got mine from it's awesome!