100+ Free Movies (Releasing Every Monday) @ YouTube Kids


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The service will gradually release over a hundred full-length movies, specials, and educational content until the end of August. Every Monday, starting today and for the next five weeks, YouTube Kids will release these titles in the app's “Shows” category, as individual videos and playlists.

Titles that will be available include Tayo the Little Bus, Baby Shark and Pinkfong, The Wiggles, Masha And The Bear, Oggy & the Cockroaches, Paddington, Hair Love, and a wide variety of educational specials like Sesame Street’s Elmo’s World News, and selections from BBC Studios’ hit series, Hey Duggee. Original content such as Spookiz, a new movie produced by Wildbrain in collaboration with South Korean studio Keyring Studios and Disney's complete series Shook and two Simon's Cat will also be available.

For the time being, YouTube has made announcements in Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam, but we're pretty sure the US will also be part of the initiative.

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  • Oggy & the Cockroaches! that's my favorite animation of all times.

    • haha it's annoying and I was enjoy it when I was a kid

    • It's French originally. The French makes some very good kids programmes compared to the US series. The latter treat kids as dumb

    • My 4yo kid loves it! Thanks for recommendation!

      • I got introduced to it when I was in uni! haha I had four friends raving about it, so I had to try it

        it gave me hours of fun! and it's truly funny, with its own French charm

        oh the episode when they ride a train? or tge one when Oggy is struck by lightning and gets an ability to walk through the walls, and the other cat os terrified in a variety of ways? I literally almost died laughing

    • On Netflix. There is a Korean cartoon called lava.

      Omg I've never laughed so hard

  • There are many kids channel not on youtube kids like "Emma and Jenny" or "Adeley" (m not sure of exact names of channels but thats what my kids call them) due to which kids are not interested in YoutubeKids … is there any work around or m missing something ?

    • I think it's a money thing, there's no ads on youtube kids so maybe the payment for having stuff there is a lot less or non-existant. Also I think something to do with some video creators having paid subscription channel memberships which then means they aren't eligible to be on youtube kids.

  • There's also the ABC kids app with quality content

  • What happens after the end of August, will we still be able to access these movies?

  • Contains free indoctrination for Kids as part of this. Conveniently all indoctrinating content will rise up due to “algorithms”. The entire offer “event” just a cover up to their ends.

  • Guide to parents. DO NOT INSTALL YT KIDS ON THEIR IPADS. Its a drug for kids and loaded with crap English and non-English speaking kids doing dumb mindless things.

    Get your kids onto ABC iVIew (kids app) instead, and as if you don’t have Netflix Kids on it already? These are FAR better option than the mindless content within YT Kids.

    Delete it now!

    • YT Kids has whitelist and blacklist functions so you can restrict it to just the videos and channels you have picked out for your kids. I'm quite happy to use it alongside ABC Kids and Netflix.

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