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GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0 $109.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO via Amazon AU


Back in stock with $40 off using the coupon. 6% cashback should apply too.

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  • Have been $99 many times this year.

    • agreed.

      I foresee myself needing this in the next week or so, thus not minding the extra $10ish.

    • Agree but for 10 bucks I am in. Bought the 800A version that won't start my 3.0l diesel when fully flat; wife now has that one.

      • This one may seem s to have issues for starting 3L+ diesels too, until you hit that boost button and let it sit for a few seconds.

        Remember to Boost!!!

        • I did boost but had no luck. Ended up using an extension cord and plugging it in to the mains, using boost and trying a few times and bingo. May not always have the mains around ;-). Was completely flat though.

  • Got one yesterday and was going to post the deal and the coupon vanished and stopped working.

    • The coupon is single use only, so once you have used it, it disappears. I think you will not even be able to re-use it to buy another unit.

      • Ahh right, makes sense thanks. I will save any coupons next time so i can at least share them. This jump starter has been out of stock for a while and only just came back in yesterday.

  • I can't remember what I got mine for but it was cheaper than this. Nonetheless, it's an amazing piece of equipment to have with you in the car. It works a treat.

  • 6% cashback should apply too.

    Not if you use a non approved (by the cashback companies) coupon

    It sucks that it is not less than $100 as it usually is on special, but nonetheless it is a great piece of kit.

  • Got one of these and i must say it works !!! started an ASX twice when the battery was totally flat because it hasn't been started for 6 months.

  • I ran my BMW 120i with a dead battery with one of these, refused to buy a "special" overpriced battery, bmw can go to hell

    The non oil dipstick is a insane idea, the electronic oil level checker is all over the place…had 7L of engine oil in it, and blew out a seal, pissed oil everywhere lol

    Crap as it was, i do miss that 120i

  • Bah, I couldn't wait any longer and bought the 1200A version. I expect it to be enough for a 3.0L Diesel but without intentionally flattening the battery I'll have to gamble I guess.

  • Got the 1500A in 2018. Saved me a few times this year when the 3.8L Commodore battery was on the way out.

  • Are we ever going to see the Gooloo 4000A model available in Australia again any time soon???

  • Having 15V/10A DC Output would this work with standard 12V appliances
    or would you need a step down converter like this one

    • The 15V is a bit unclear how regulated that is, but it's obviously for things already designed to run from a car battery which can be anywhere from 12 to 15V, particularly when the alternator is running. If your 'standard 12 appliance' is designed for car batteries then you should be fine. Keep in mind it's only 19800mAh so don't expect to run a car fridge off it for very long :).

  • PSA: Charge the Jump Starter every 3 months.

    If you don't, it will eventually refuse to charge and you will have a paperweight.