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OPPO A72 128GB/4GB (Optus Locked) $249 @ Australia Post


Differences to the popular A52:

  • 128GB rather than 64GB storage
  • Higher megapixel camera(s), will make a marginal difference once you've installed GCam.
  • Optus has restricted it to single SIM operation.

Phone is locked to Optus, can usually unlock if you have over $80 in credit, or for $25 after six months. Leave a comment if you know how else to network unlock this one.

Rest of specs on GSMarena or OPTUS.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • +1

    good deal

  • can you point me to more info on how it can be unlocked?

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    Does anyone know whether is this 128GB/4GB or 128GB/8GB?

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    I wonder if an Amaysim sim would work given its the same network? Looks like they have in the past https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/379179

    • +1

      Amaysim = Optus. So yes it will work.

    • +14

      Bought this last week from Optus for $299 and can confirm it works with Catch Connect.

  • +4

    Great price if you're already with Optus.

    I've had an A52 for over a month now (essentially the same phone as OP mentioned), if anyone has any questions then AMA.

    • +1

      Also had A52 about a month, the resent ota update that came out made a huge difference in how smoothe running everything is I found. Very happy with phone, came from a 1+ 6.

      • +1

        Yeah it definitely has felt a bit smoother since the latest update.

        I came from an OG pixel which stopped getting security patches, so feels nice to get these updates that improve the phone :)

    • Could you please comment about the call quality? Some review mentioned they were having hard time to receive phone calls.. Thanks.

      • +1

        No dramas for me, can make and receive calls just fine.

      • +2

        As with Mango, call quality is great, no issues from me.

    • How quickly does the camera load from screen off > launch?

      Shutter speed?

      Have you dropped it? How did it fare?

        1. I just tried with the default camera, loads up pretty much instantly. Though I use Gcam, that takes a bit longer (maybe 1-1.5 seconds at most).

        2. Shutter speed is pretty instant, like most other modern phones.

        3. I accidentally dropped it the other day actually 😬 fared well, I'm using the case and plastic screen protector that it came with, screen protector ended up getting a hole in it so I took it off, screen is unscathed πŸ‘

      • +2

        Can second mangos comments. Gcam is better than default, shutter is near instant, though the camera isn't as smooth as in my one plus 6, but lots of releases coming, haven't dropped mine, yet.

        • Would Gcam be recommended instead of default for Galaxy devices?
          Is this now named "Google Lens" in app store? would love to test for myself

          • @TheRedJar27: I've not used Samsung phones, can't justify the prices for their specs, but have heard good things from their cameras.

            Google your phone type A90 S10, note etc and gcam and you'll find a thread on the XDA forums pretty easily with a link to an apk file to download. :)

    • sorry.. just one more question.. is the GPS lock ok? and thanks in advance :)

      • +3

        Don't apologise! I haven't used it much for GPS, but the few times I have it's picked it up very well. Locks better than my OG Pixel I've found :)

      • GPS lock is very good for me, locks quickly even in the house which has a ColourBond steel roof.
        Use OsmAnd+ for track logging and it always seems to be accurate.

        Should mention, this is with the A52, (non-crippled version of the A72 ;) ).

  • One thing that puts me off the Oppo phones is the marginal signal strength as seen during testing by the Gadgetguy.

    Oppo A52/A72

    It picks up the nearest 4G tower at -101dBm. It does not find adjacent towers. Let’s just call it a city phone.

    Moto G8

    LTE (tested in a 3-bar area – dBm – lower is better) – EXCEED
    Signal strength is -89dBm, which is good and interestingly it finds the next nearest tower at -95 and the one after that at -109. This should have strong reception in city and country towns.

    • Does this mean more radiation emission with this phone?

      • +3

        4G is 4G… some phones have better antennas and tech.. that all it is.

    • I am confused how to read signal strength, but isn't A52/A72 at -101dBm better than G8 at -89dBm, lower being better?

      • +4

        No the G8 seems to have a better receiver/antenna as the closer the dBm number is to 0, the stronger the received signal.

    • +1

      Unless they properly document there procedure, I would treat it as purely anecdotal. Not much difference to hearing one ozbargainer having a bad experience. Just bcos they mention dBm doesn't mean its scientific. There is a lot of pseudoscience on the internet.

      • +1

        Agree they should be more specific but while not exactly scientific testing if the handsets are in the same location and connecting to the same base stations then this type of real world testing is still valid.

        • +1

          Just tried two phones side by side. Both with boost. Tested over 10 minutes. Got following ranges of signal strength.

          Nokia 5.1Plus = -87dBm to -91dBm;
          Samsung A20 = -92dBm to -98dBm.

          Moved to other side of building, repeated.

          Nokia 5.1Plus = -91dBm to -96dBm;
          Samsung A20 = -84dBm to -91dBm.

          Seems to be a fair bit of variance over time and with location. I dare say that unless GadgetGuy did a test of multiple devices at multiple locations and averaged/trended the signal strength over a significant time period, then one of tests may be skewed.

  • +1

    Is it dual sim?

    • +1

      Unfortunately not:

      Network Compatibility: Handset has been modified to be optimised for the Optus network and performance on other networks is not guaranteed. Handset has also been modified to have its dual SIM capability removed and it is a single SIM device. Please refer to the Specifications section for specific network compatibility.

      From the Optus site.

      • Yep that is what steered me away from this when it was $299 and I paid $284 delivered for the lower specced, but completely stock/untampered with A52.

        My experiences with my Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 have made me wary of carrier modified devices. After unlocking it it could almost never get a gps fix and even when it did was so inaccurate you couldn't use it to navigate while driving (you'd be on the highway and it would think you were on side streets, and this is in Canberra, with full 4 bars of reception).

        Not touching a carrier "optimised" or branded device again.

        • +3

          The A20 hasn't been tampered with by Voda apart from some apps & the network lock.
          The GPS issue is common amongst all A20 variants. Some members commented they didn't have any issues at all.

      • Do you think it's actually a hardware change? Seems unlikely Oppo would produce an entirely new variant just for Optus, most likely if you flash the generic Oppo firmware onto it the second sim functionality may be restored.

    • +1

      Most if not all locked phones in Australia are single sim only.

  • +3

    They missed out on a marketing opportunity for the Greek community not calling it the Oppa!

  • +1

    I got this for $299 from Optus a couple of weeks ago. Very happy with it so far. $249 is a bargain.

  • Would it work with an MVNO using the Optus network? (Vaya in my case)

  • Do Optus-sold Oppo phones still have the 3G 850 MHz band (used by Telstra and commonly in the Americas) disabled despite unlocking?

    While the 850 MHz band band could be re-activated in engineering mode, this setting could not be made permanent in some models and the band would be lost upon reset (e.g. Oppo f1f).

    • +1

      It's not disabled in this one.

    • It lists 3G Band 5 (850) and 4G Band 28 (700) on the Optus site

      So I'd say if these didn't work, then grounds for a refund?

  • Can the Rom be flashed with an international Rom for A72 to restore the Dual SIM capacity

    • Does it even have a space for a 2nd SIM in the SIM tray?

    • Very good question

  • How to unlock this device as I’m already with Optus postpaid SIM card plan for $50 per month? No fee?

      • Thanks. I will try.

        • I would have thought there won't be unlocking required (I know there's not with Optus postpaid SIMs). It's network locked, not SIM locked so given you meet the criteria of it being a network SIM I can't see why unlocking would be required.

        • Did this work? I'm on an Optus post-paid SIM as well and keen to know if I can unlock this phone with that process :) Unlock as in removing the network lock so that in the future I can move to another provider if I wanted.

    • That's a lot to pay per month. Are you on a contract?

      Members have commented in the past if you have been with Optus for a while they will unlock it for free. Just contact them & ask.

      • +1

        Thanks. 80g data, unlimited call&text contract.

  • Possibly a stupid question but could I just put a family member's sim card (who is on a postpaid plan but did not purchase device with plan) just for the unlock process? How long does it take? Does the sim need to remain in the phone for some time? Thanks.

    • +1

      You don't need to put the sim in the phone, just get the family member who is with Optus to ring & ask to unlock it.

  • how to instal google camera? Cannot find on app store?

    • Try the xda forums, look for gcam.

  • Snapdragon 665

  • Gcam???

    • I've been using this one on my A52, seems to work well (can definitely use it on the A72 as well)

      • This file not opening.

      • I also need for A52, can you please guide . Also I am a samsung user , never used oppo any tips or tricks?

        • +1

          Oops, didn't link it properly, here you go
          Just download and install like any other apk file.

          As for tips and tricks, not too sure! This is my first Oppo too.

          I've noticed that if some apps are reloading too often, you can go to Settings > Additional Settings > Recent Tasks Manager, and "lock" apps to the RAM a bit more. Fixed my issue of Nova launcher reloading constantly.

          • @mangobango: Thanks for that.
            I restored data from samsung phone using clonephone oppo software, everything seems fine but not all messages are restored, any help will be appreciated.

            • +1

              @Mkm: For SMS's I used an app on Google Play called SMS Backup & Restore.

              Always use it when I get a new phone or do a factory reset, works like a charm. If you still have your Samsung handy then definitely check it out.

              • @mangobango: Thanks. I will look into it.

              • @mangobango: I tried that and created local backup on samsung mobile, copied that file onto oppo and tried to restore but still the same.
                I used oppo clone software before and during restore process that 42500, of 82900 messages have been restored and nothing next , and it also says the process has been completed. And also in messages the messages are till june only , and only the ones I received not which i send.
                Can anyone please help.

                • @Mkm: Hm that's strange.

                  FWIW I've always done a Google drive backup with that app. Also when you start the backup, make sure you tap advanced options and check that "all messages" is selected.

                  Let me know how you go.

                  • @mangobango: I will try again.
                    In samsung when we plug in it says fast charging, how do we know oppo is fast charging or not?

                    • @Mkm: If you're using the original charger then it is fast charging.

                      It doesn't really tell you on the phone I don't think, but it's an 18W fast charge if you use the included charger (should work for other third party chargers too that support fast charging, but always safer to use the included one).

                      • +1

                        @mangobango: Got it. But in samsung it shows fast charging so i though may be oppo will be same. Thanks for your help.

                  • @mangobango: The applications data on andriod is stored on locally or online? For example if i play a game on one mobile , and it saves progress in that mobile. If i sign into another andriod phone using same email and instal it does the game continue where i left on other mobile?

                    • @Mkm: It depends on the game, some games sync up with the server, while others require a data transfer (one example is Fate/Grand Order, I've needed to transfer the data for that each time, but it's an easy in-game process).

                      It might be best to load up your games on the new phone before wiping your old phone and check each one to see if the save data moves across. If not then you can search online for each game to see how to transfer from your old phone (whether it's a simply sync or otherwise) :)

      • +1

        thanks Mango. Will give it a go

  • Great specs! 273 GFLOPS, 4x A72 2Ghz
    Any downsides to the computing hardware?

    • +1

      No issues on my end, phone performs really well once you turn on the High Performance mode.

      Pretty impressed by the performance for such a cheap phone.

  • I need a budget phone for my nephew.

    Budget Android phone (this or A52/72) or Refurbished iPhone 7 from Kogan?

    • What does your nephew want?

      • Most likely iphone 12 max pro and airpods pro

  • Whats the best way to get this phone? Do Auspost launch their catalogue deals online straightaway? Can order from there first to secure and pickup later?

    Every time I try to get electronic stuff from Auspost, my local one doesn't seem to stock any of the items.

  • +1

    Does the camera do good night shots? Tossing up between this and the upcoming Google Pixel 4a.

    Obviously the latter doesn't have ultra wide camera, and is more than double the price, but if the Oppo camera quality is decent I might go for that!

  • Is it live?

  • +1

    It's available online now.

    I've added this phone to the Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2020

  • Just assume there are wrong specs for this mobile on auspost website as the followings, otherwise it is big joke.

    SIM card type nano
    Chipset Mediatek MT6739 (Quad-core A53, 1.28GHz) IMG 8XE 1PPC @420MHz
    Rear camera resolution 8 megapixel
    Front camera resolution 5 megapixel
    Rear camera flash LED flash
    Battery capacity (mAh) 2460 mAH
    Talk time up to 8 hours
    Additional features Capacitive touch screen
    Connectivity 2G, 3G, 4GX, WiFi, Bluetooth
    Operating system Android
    Screen size (inches) 5.34 inches
    Screen resolution 960 x 480 pixels
    Battery Charge hours up to 240 hours
    CPU Quad-core processor
    Dimensions 147.5 - 70.6 - 9.15 mm
    Internal Storage size 16GB
    Operation System Version Android 8.0 Oreo (Go)
    Weight 150 grams

    • Under "features" it has the right specs, but under "specifications " it's wrong so I would assume they just updated an old OPPO phone page with this new model and forgot to change the specs.

  • Which color do we get from Australia Post?

    • yeh the website doesn't mention it. I ordered one this morning anyway as either colour didn't bother me.

  • I bought from my local Aus Post at 9am this morning, only one on the shelf (scoped it out last week, my back up store only had one as well). After using a Samsung Galaxy S5 with 16GB for nearly 3 years I'm hoping for improved experience, storage and battery life. Now I just need to get a replacement amaysim nano sim (didn't realise I needed it when buying the phone this morning).

    • take to your SIM with scissors - remarkably simple.

      • Pretty sure Amaysim sims are already cut to nano size, you just have to pop it out.

        • +1

          My sim is older, 3+ years at a guess, doesn't have the pop out for nano

      • Yes, that has been suggested by my workmates, might try that first.

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