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AMD Ryzen 5 3500X | GTX 1660 6GB | 8GB Ram | 240GB SSD $788 + Delivery @ Techfast


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Base Specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500X
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB
RAM: 8GB (1 x 8GB) 2666MHz DDR4 RAM
Motherboard: A320M
SSD: 240GB
PSU: 550W
Case: Leaper Air Mini RGB case.

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  • Single channel and 2666CL19 with Ryzen? What a joke.

    • Ryzen does respond significantly better with faster RAM and in a dual-channel configuration, but this is a basic gaming config, you can upgrade in the provided options or upgrade at a later date when you have a bit more spare cash. Offering a cheap way to get a decent system is a good idea. If you have more money, you pay for a better configuration.

      2 x 8GB @ 2666Mhz for $89 ($877)
      2 x 16GB @ 3200Mhz with B350M for $178 ($966)

      Personally, I'd want to get a B350M, even if I couldn't afford the RAM upgrade now, leaves more options available.

  • how long is shipping

  • also is the psu safe or just cheap shi+

    • Bought this same build from Techfast in December last year. No issues with the PSU but the mobo bios is a little glitchy

    • It's a bomb. I'd strongly recommend upgrading the PSU if you're going for this deal. But then it won't be a sweet deal anymore.

    • It's probably fine. Just check what you're ordering, looks like they are building these out of a selection of whatever they can find, which is why they are relatively cheap. If you can figure out what mix of parts each build probably comes from then you'll be fine. I saw one on there with DDR3 listed, and AMD FX chip builds, so stop and think about the specs first. Also the cases on the cheap ones are tiny, you won't fit one 3.5 inch drive in them, let alone six. But for 90% of people that's not a problem. The cases are small and light, which is a bonus if you want portability.

    • Probably change, it just says 550W (no 80+, no bronze, gold, etc branding) so it's likely going to be a Raidmax or some other junk brand.

      • My friend bought a build from tech fast earlier this year and the psu blew up in under 3 weeks. He had to pay $100 for shipping to return the build just to get a refund and be without a pc for 6+ weeks.

        • I'm always more scared that it will start a house fire if it breaks and the pc has bad cable management - I generally stick to Corsair, Seasonic and EVGA branded psus with at least 80+ Gold efficiency. You pay a premium but the warranty, performance (cooling, noise and power) and peace of mind more than makes up for it.

          I still have an old Corsair HX520w psu from an old E8400 build (2007 - 2008 which) is still working today.

          • @Serapis: He was fortunate that the circuit supplying power to the outlet the PC was connected to was on an RCD and instantly tripped as it faulted. The fact it blew within a couple of weeks with not much usage is very worrying. I told him to refund it and I’ll help him build something proper.

            • @snakehawk: Would techfast really not cover shipping the rig back for that? Their own product failed after 3 weeks. That's poor customer service @Luketechfast

              • @worrierwan: At this stage he hasn’t been reimbursed no. They have acknowledged that the psu was indeed faulty, so here’s hoping they will cover the cost of return shipping, if not I would be very disappointed for him and recommend he speak to consumer watchdog.

                • @snakehawk: Dang that sucks, hope he does get the shipping reimbursed.

                  One time ages ago, I used a psu (non-modular) which came with a case I bought (won't name names since their reputation has improved since) and one of the molex connectors from the psu actually caught fire while I was playing battlefield 3. Lucky I was able to spot it, pull out the power and blow out the flame since the case was on the desk, had a clear perspex panel on the side and I was using the computer at the time. Much rather spend extra $100-$200 on a better psu and case than risk burning the house down again with budget parts lol.

  • Luke from techfast, stop advertising your pc's until the PSU you build with is safe. Sure this build is good bank for your buck but the amount of people complaining about their power supplies is worrying. Charge ~$840 FOR this pc and give your customers the peace of mind that it won't blow up the entire unit.