OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Black $37.85 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This Otterbox case is a really good price, on the Otterbox website it is $59. I got this one and it arrived today, very happy with it.
EDIT: The amazon algorithm kicked it after someone bought it and it is at $37.85, same price after I got mine but it might go back down to $30 soon but still a great price for it
And they have one for iPhone XS and X

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  • From my experience, most cases fits iPhone 8 plus and 7 plus. There are few which only fits on 7 plus but not on 8 Plus for some reason and this model was the one. However, this Otterbox defender case fits both iPhone plus models.

  • If you can, I'd recommend getting a Lifeproof Fre case instead. They're much less bulky and drop-proof too.

    • this one isn't really bulky, its only 49 grams and I won't be spending $80 on a case anytime soon

    • But they are like double in price. Also Lifeproof case might have an issue with microphone since it seals the phone overall.

      • This Otterbox case fits iPhone 8 Plus as well, I checked the Otterbox website so I am going to leave the post as is

    • Lifeproof Fre cases are garbage to be honest, had one for my S8 and every button on the case broke within like 6 months.

  • Good case but close to $40 is not a great bargain. $20 would be much closer to a bargain. I own one and love it, but at this price, no bargain, sorry. Irrespective of rrp. Old phone, old case.

  • I have Otter Defender for S9+, great solid case for $14 delivered a few weeks ago from HN.

  • Too expensive for an old Otterbox. If it was under $15 that would be a different story

    • AKA @ithinkeverythingisooldevena2yearoldiphonexscaseisoold So basically iPhone XS is old now huh? You are saying $25 for a USA made case that protects the iPhone well, even it is usually over $60 and apparently a case for an iPhone XS is old. even iPhone 8 Plus go for around $500 used or maybe cheaper, And someone wouldn't bother shelling out $30 for a case for it?

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