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Free Sample of Nescafé Blend 43 @ Nescafé


NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 sample sachet
Looking for a delicious cuppa that can help inspire your BOLD and SMOOTH moment? Click here to get a free sample of NESCAFÉ BLEND 43.
Limit to one person and valid only from 6th July to 17th August 2020.

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  • +6

    Wow… All this effort for a single portion of coffee?

    • +3

      And it's possibly the worst instant brand that tries to pass itself off as good coffee. At least international roast doesn't pretend that it's a nice coffee in their ads. It's just plain bitter coffee.

    • +2

      Very little effort with auto fill.

    • Moving fingers for like a minute is effort.

  • +10

    Ok it may be a freebie but a free cup of Nescafe instant is neither a bargain nor a good experience.

    Anyone who hasn’t tried it is unlikely to want to drink it.

    Whoever posted this is doing Nestle’s work for free.

    • +2

      Anyone who hasn’t tried it is unlikely to want to drink it.

      Why do you say that? Look how much flies off the shelves at Coles and Woolies, every week.
      We're not all coffee snobs.

      • +4

        They could have given us five sachets and called it a weeks worth. Linda Evangelista doesn't get out of bed for less than $10,000, and I don't fill out a form and open an envelope for a single teaspoon of nescafe.

        • Agreeing with everything you said (and very unsure how your reply relates to my comment).

    • While I hate instant coffee, you just managed to come off condescending to a huge crowd that loves this stuff.

      I don't use tampons, would it make a tampon deal bad?
      Dog food?

      I am at awe at the idea this post managed to get you riled up…

      • +6

        A teaspoon of coffee..?

        Nestle are the archetypal unscrupulous multinational corporation, shilling for them is like putting in a good word for Trump.

        They want to privatise water reserves in Africa ffs and they’re willing to lobby governments with their enormous financial resources to achieve it.

        Clean water is not a human right should be their catch phrase.

        • But…free coffee.
          It's free :(

          Come on that has to make up for stealing our natural reserves :(

          No? :/

        • if you hate them so much, why not at least spoof a bunch of random addresses, names and emails and make them pay postage a bunch of times to send coffee to nowhere and waste their time? There's still good to be had from this deal

          • +1

            @Arty.R: If you honestly believe that that might have some measurable impact on a company like Nestle then you have a bit of learning to do.

  • Love a freebie but I dont get why people want to watch other people watching tv

    • It harkens back to an age where all there was to do was sit around the TV and try to act like what you're watching is interesting. With only five channels you were guaranteed to find something someone in the household didn't want to watch.

    • +3

      Because we've failed as a species

  • +2

    Burnt43…No thanks.

  • +1

    Just go to the landscaping store. You can get the same thing for 30 bucks for a 1/3 cubic metre.

  • Get it for free at work! Waste of time folks

  • +1

    I’ve always found that Blend43 has a chemically taste to it, but a lot of people love the stuff. I guess maybe like VB? I don’t like it, but it’s a very popular beer. Most instant stuff is pretty bad, but the Nescafé Gold in mild isn’t too bad.

  • -1

    Amazing to see a free sample easy to register for being negged.

  • Try adding salt to take the edge off

    Here's a video explaining how it works

  • +1

    Just go to bunnings tradie area and grab a packet, but they always give me bad looks when I get a free coffee.

    • Where is the tradie area?

  • +1

    I value my personal information much more than a single cup of this dirt-resembling "coffee". Especially when said personal information is going to Nestle, perhaps the most evil company on the planet. No thanks.

  • +1

    Why are people complaining about FREE food? srs