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Samsung ProXpress M4530ND Network & Duplex Mono Laser Printer $385 (Was $510) + Shipping @ MediaForm


Price has been reduced to $385 from $510 + shipping. Buy 2 or more of the same printer and get a further $15.00 off each printer. While stocks last.

The Samsung ProXpress M4530ND A4 mono laser printer (SS397K) offers cost-effective printing. Its toner capacity enables more prints with fewer cartridge replacements. The high-powered processing supports fast, efficient performance for enterprises of all sizes.

  • Black and white printer - Perfect for Small and Medium Businesses
  • Print
  • Tray 1: A4, A5, A6, B5 (ISO), B5 (JIS), Oficio, Envelope (DL, C5, C6), Tray 2: A4, A5, A6, B5 (ISO), B5 (JIS), Oficio
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port, Host USB; built-in Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-TX network port
  • Up to 200,000 pages
  • SL-M4530ND/XSA

Full Specifications

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  • That's expensive for a mono can get a colour laser for under 400 for a mfc

    • This is actually a good price for these specs of a mono printer. You will find the specifications of mono lasers or mono multifunctions or even colour lasers/mfps under 400 are not going to be as high as this particular model.

    • It's meant to be a (small) business centric unit. So I assume (hope) it's able to handle decent printer queue and other business specific stuff. And produces better quality prints etc.

      It's not really a home unit, or I damn well hope not as my mono laser cost less than $100 with wifi and duplex lol

      • +1

        Yeah if you look at the specs you can see this isnt a home laser…. do you want a 22kg laser printer? That does 45 pages a minute with a monthly 200,000 page duty cycle?

        And check this out:

        Samsung MLT-D304E Black (Genuine)
        Type: 40,000 pages

        A 40,000 page cart for more than the printer costs.

        These are great for medium to large businesses… workgroup printers.

  • +1

    When I searched for it, It comes out to be a discontinued model. Perhaps, this company could not sell and may have some stock left. But most current mono laser printers are half the price of this printer. You can get higher resolution with more features (like wireless), Color laser printers for around this price.
    So its not a bargain!

    • The only thing I can see this printer may have an advantage is you can buy additional paper trays to stack under it, or so other websites imply. However for the cost, just but additional printers.

      • +1

        Actually my colour brother model that was under 400 can have additional trays added and the only way this one has a advantage of is the print speed but it is colour vs mono where mine has so many extra features and cheaper consumables

        • A quick google shows there's no way that can be true.


          Remanufactured High Yield Black Laser Toner Cartridge to Replace Samsung MLT-D304L (20,000 Page Yield)
          Write a review

          Reg. Price $259.99

          Our Price $98.99

          There's no way any colour printer can come close to that.

          • @tonyjzx: A full toner set of 4 is about $160 with 12k yield each. Laser colour printers are far cheaper then what they used to be with a high dpi, not inkjet level yet but you would struggle to see the difference

            • @Dezeption: thats 20,000 pages for $98

              $160 for 12,000 pages each ie. 48,000 pages is hard to believe but then you dont even give the model number of the printer, like as if you have something to hide…

              not calling you a liar but the burden of proof is on you

  • Hey everyone, this is one of the first deals we've posted. We've listened to your feedback and we have further reduced this printer to $385 + shipping.

    A few things though:

    • Please be aware this particular model is made for business which means the specifications are a lot higher and more powerful. Print speed of up to 45ppm which no lower end mono laser printer can match. Plus, the page yield of the starter toner cartridge alone will last between 15,000 to 20,000 pages. This is massive and will save you big time on print costs etc. in the long run.

    • Even though this printer is made for business and has business standard and performing specifications, it can also be used for home.

    • This printer is currently part of a warehouse clearance sale, which is the reason we are marking it down.

    • Yes, the replacement cartridge is expensive, however the page yield is 40,000. Compare this to other cartridges of other brands and you won't get a page yield this high.

  • -2

    Now, Samsung has not been making printers since.. 2017.. maybe 2018 at the latest since the printer arm was sold to HP at that time. They don't even support the printers anymore (HP does it as part of their transfer). This is a 3 year old model then? Aged stock that was never sold from a warehouse? Does Samsung/HP still even offer manufacturer warranty on this?

    • -1

      I was about to say that…all support (very limited) is by HP. Samsung doesn’t make printers anymore.

      • +1

        all support (very limited) is by HP

        Not too sure where you got this from, HP fully supports them. I've dealt directly with HP a couple of times for warranty issues (some user related) and they've been pretty top notch. They would usually send technicians free of charge for warranty related issues (one time the sent a technician out just to get some stuck paper out).

        The main appeal with samsung printers is that if you print A LOT, their ink is seriously cheap. When it comes to commercial printers, their genuine ink is usually even cheaper than HP's third party ink, which is why it's such a shame that they've decided to leave the printer business.

  • Just bought this for $298


    Does duplex print and scans.

    Wireless as well LAN and USB

  • +1

    Look, I can tell you that
    1. "Yes. These are being discontinued"
    2. These Samsungs are great printers.
    3. I bought the Samsung ProXpress C3060FR 30ppm A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer from this mob for the SAME PRICE 6 months ago… I think a better buy.

    • Lol..
      1. "Yes, they WERE discontinued 3 years ago. Not "being" discontinued now"
      2. "I agree - if they Samsung actually still supported them"
      3. "Plenty of better corporate printers out there as well for around the same price range"

      • Seriously?

        I didn’t upvote this deal.

        In fact, I stated that I’d bought a better, bigger colour Samsung MFP for the same price.

        Yes it was on clearance. But HP support it and the print quality and function is excellent.