[Backorder] Fountain Tomato Sauce 2L $3 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This deal is back https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/535988
Still no S&S

Reposting due to previous deal being closed.

Mod: Same price at Woolworths

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  • Same at Woolies

    • But that involves moving

      EDIT: Yikes! "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months." <- Might have to get up and go to Woolies afterall.

      • Agree and save the earth by cutting the packaging and fuel wasted during delivery!

        • I wasn't the one that downvoted you, but this argument isn't as clear cut as people generally believe it is.

          After all, the product has to be shipped from distributors to each of their distribution outlets, there's all the handling that's done by employees to get the product onto the shelf (and what happens to product that doesn't sell, etc.), to you driving your own vehicle, carrying just yourself, to the store to buy the product and bring it home, etc. etc.


          The product going straight from a warehouse to your door via one driver who's also doing other deliveries to the same area (logistics economies of scale).

          • @zzyss: Another take. Woolies is Australian listed therefore everyone has some Australian shares as part of their super. Keeping a little bit money onshore.

            • @netjock: You're not wrong, but that's a different consideration. We're primarily talking about the green credentials of buying it online vs in store here.

              • @zzyss: Well you are pretty much wrong.

                You assume that Woolies is dumb and end up with a lot of stock on the shelf. Why is there clearance / specials to get rid of slow selling items.

                Employees to get items to shelves: you assume that you don't need staff to load it onto the shelf at the warehouse and pick it.

                Driving your own vehicle: you're also assuming that people are going to pick up 1 particular item. You see people who buy trolley full of goods more than $100+ where as Amazon prime members can buy $5 and get it delivered for free.

                Don't also forget the social cost of people not actually exercising will increase waist lines and likelihood of heart disease and diabetes.

                product going straight from a warehouse to your door via one driver who's also doing other deliveries

                I live in Melbourne CBD. I have a shipping label for can of 24 pack of drinks that went from Altona importer warehouse to Amazon Dandenong then obviously got delivered to me. I ordered 2 (12 & 24 pack) of drinks and they both came separately. I guess I'm the dumb person who would go to Woolies twice specifically to pick up two separate sets of drinks.

                You wish it is logistics economies of scale. I got told a story recently a colleague bought 4 items online and ended up with 5 packages from the delivery firm that operated and warehouse and did the deliveries.

                Deliveries are like clothing made in Bangladesh with slave labour. Smoke and mirrors of efficiency masking all the dirty stuff behind the scenes.

                • @netjock: shrug

                  Not interested in a pissing contest where the stakes just keep getting bigger for no real reason.

                  If it helps at all I absolutely believe everything you've said. I just have zero interest in taking the time to put together a counterargument.

  • I'd still rather pay for heinz. I think heinz uses more vinegar and sugar.

  • at least this doesnt cost 22k I guess…lol

  • woolies also has superior barbeque sauce for $3 too

  • Thanks OP, dinner sorted

  • Fair shake of the sauce bottle for this price

  • Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months. :o

  • Might cover myself in this for my next client meeting. If they ask, I will tell them my previous client meeting ended in a dispute over requirements, but that I settled the dispute.

  • This or Heinz Ketchup?

  • Mmmmmm sugarrrr

  • At least a whole 20% Australian tomatoes I think I'll stick with Fountain, Aldi or Beerenberg and support Australian farmers

  • Back in stock. Shipping within 2-4 weeks.

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