Do You Think This Is Deceptive Advertising

I just received a "roll" of this film

Look at the screen cap of the catalog and how long do you think the roll should be?


  • Sounds like Linear metre measurement to me?

  • Yes but how many LM do you read it as in the roll? 1 or 15LM in a roll?

    • I read this as 1 roll has 15 linear metres that is 1220mm (or 1520) wide and is 0.2mm thick.

  • 15 LM…don't know what LM means though…

  • LM is linear meter. I got 1 LM in the roll…..

    • So you got a 1x1.22m or 1x1.52m piece?

      How much did you pay for it?

      • I paid 160 (+GST) for the 1m x 1.22m piece. Here i was thinking such a great price for 1.22m wide by 15m long piece

        • I have no idea what the price of the film should be, but from the catalogue, it should be the whole 15m roll.

          Have you asked for a refund yet?

  • 15 lineal metres

  • Did they send a different part? Should definitely be 15 metres of film on the roll either 1.2 or 1.5m wide.

    • They sent the correct part. The whole catalog is shocking actually. Surprising for such a big company to have such a misleading laid out catalog. Its very hard to read the lengths and quantities in their other items too. First time using Spicers

      • So you bought it from this Spicers? Badly designed website, Qty has * indicated but there is no mention of what the * means or how Qty is measured. There seems to be no option to purchase, only request for a sample?

  • Unfortunately in the invoice which they sent first (b4 shipping) it says in the description cut to 1m. However I just looked at the item count on the invoice and product code and didn't read the extra info. The order is for 1 roll. If the retailer is uncooperative to a refund, do you think its worth while going to consumer affairs on this?

    • Thats where you may find difficulty.

      They did sent you an itemized invoice and you confirmed against said invoice.

      That supercedes the catalogue, however, if it is my business, I would provide a refund and thank you for pointing out the problematic catalogue.

  • imo deceptive if you get 1m only

  • Based solely on that, 15 meters.

  • $160 for 1 roll of 15LM?

  • Good to know its just not me making a rookie error doing a first time order with the company. Lets see if they accept the return

  • Share a screenshot of the catalogue/advertisement/listing of the item you bought if you want people to comment on if the item was (mis)represented for sale (item numbers, unit of measurements, descriptions, photos, etc).

    The datasheet on its own is not meaningful for that purpose.

  • 100% I would expect to get a roll with 15m of film on it.

  • According to the technical specs sheet, a standard 3M full roll is 15 Linear Meter (LM). Possibly you could buy it in a smaller roll (ie not a full roll of 15 LM) so it depends on what was listed in the website that you bought it from.

  • +2 votes

    To me pretty clear that if you buy a roll you should get 15 LM

  • Yep, not sure who they thought would pay $160 for 1LM of film
    Op ya completely correct.

    • 3M Scotchgard Pro film seems to be pretty expensive. Some sellers on ebay, who look like they have obtained a larger roll and selling it cut into custom lengths. Pro seems to be the most recommended "self healing" film. I actually want it for my snowboards (not car) lol

  • Their spec/price list does not list per LM, it literally says "price per roll". A normal person would expect 15m.

  • Misleading 100%.

    I definitely wouldn't expect them to honour such a pricing error, but a refund and an apology for wasting your time is the least they could do.

    If you look at a different film (e.g at the bottom of page 21), it clearly indicates the prices are per lineal metre - and the price per roll is exactly the indicated length x price for that length. No confusion there.

    The other films are far closer in price per Lm to the price you expected here, than they are to $160/Lm - so it wasn't unreasonable for you to think it was for the 15m roll.

  • It literally states that a roll is 15m, and that the price of a roll is $160. Nowhere does it mention 1 metre.

  • I'd expect 15 metres in length.

    I'd take it up with them and expect either a full 15m roll or a full refund

  • Pricing on this site would seem to indicate the price you got quoted is in fact per LM (linear metre)

  • I would have expected a roll with 15m on it.

  • I think that $160 for a 15m roll is in fact not just cheap, but an absolute steal and should have been posted as a bargain…

    I have a feeling you may have known the price is ridiculously cheap & suspected it was an error and ordered with fingers crossed.

    The only remedy you will get is a refund, no matter who was wrong. Maybe they might let you keep that 1m and not require you return it…

  • All advertising by its very nature is deceptive.

    • So if somone opens a shop, it is fine.

      If they put up signage (hence advertisement) they've partaken in deceptive conduct?


    • Umm, no. For example, my local servo advertises small coffee for $1, and guess what you can buy there, and guess what it costs?

      Strange comment is strange.

    • No, by nature it's manipulative. It is not by nature deceptive.

      Deceptive: tending or having power to cause someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid : tending or having power to deceive

      Deceive: to cause to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid

  • Okay, so latest update, Spicers got back to me and admitted they really stuffed up on the catalogue and will offer a 2m length piece at no extra charge, as I needed a continuous piece longer than 1.60m. Its $160 per LM not for 15LM. From the pricing of this I can see why its so expensive to get a car wrapped in this film. Never looked into this stuff before until I heard of someone wrapping snowboards and bikes in the same film and that it was going to cost $150 to wrap a snowboard (that's with discount. Normally $250) (which seems stupid considering the price of the snowboard). Hence why I started looking into doing it myself.

    • I reckon that is a satisfactory compensation.

      It sounds as if it is a price error rather than a deliberate attempt at deception.

      • Yes. Good on them for recognising that there was an error by the people that create the catalogue. Even the sales guy that I made the purchase through was just going off the catalogue

  • What part do you not understand?

  • Okay, so latest update,

    All clear then. Just a humongous mistake from Spicers.

    But I found interesting they use a classic mm to express millimeters and then a not so obvious LM to indicate … meters.
    If not linear what other meter is there?
    Cubic meters have a 3, Square meters have a 2.

    Strange why to use LM unless is part of their industry jargon.
    Like linear feet in the timber/lumber industry.

    • Yeah real big mistake. I think they need to find a new person/team/company to create their catalogue. There are a few inconsistencies in the catalog and can be hard to understand

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